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Mar 28, 2018, 25 tweets

THREAD: breakdown of the juicy bits in Mueller’s “Sentencing Memorandum” of convicted felon attorney, Alex van der Zwaan‼️ 1/


Reminder: the disgraced former Skadden lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan pleaded GUILTY to lying to the Feds (a felony) and he also DESTROYED & failed to produce requested documents.🤨

And van der Zwaan is a LAWYER, so he *knew* his actus were ILLEGAL‼️ 2/


van der Zwaan LIED & tried to cover up CRIMINAL acts by Manafort & Gates (money laundering, #FARA violations, etc) relating to their unreported work as foreign agents for Ukraine, specifically regarding Yulia Tymoshenko.🤔 3/

Yulia Tymoshenko is pro-Western & became Ukraine’s prime minister in 2007👉🏼tried to shut down #Russian🇷🇺money laundering & corruption.

Manafort/Gates lobbied US politicians in a SMEAR campaign against Tymoshenko, who was FALSELY imprisoned‼️ 4/

(Note: my plane soon will land, so I may lose internet unexpectedly.) 5/

Back to van der Zwaan, who LIED about his communications w/Gates (who flipped) & w/a “Ukrainian business associate of Manafort & Gates = “Person A.”

v.d. Zwaan was *warned* that it’s a CRIME to LIE & he could go to JAIL. Plus he’s a LAWYER, so he has ZERO excuse‼️ 6/


“Person A” is Konstantin KILIMNIK, a “former” GRU officer who STILL has ties w/#Russian🇷🇺intelligence.

Kilimnik worked for *more than 10 years* for Manafort & Gates in the Ukraine & is close to #Russian🇷🇺oligarch, Oleg Deripaska‼️🤨 7/


Now you get why these people are LYING and trying to COVER UP👉🏼they *know* that they were engaged in illicit & likely illegal acts with a #Russian🇷🇺intelligence officer‼️ 8/


van der Zwaan lied & denied communicating w/Kilimnik (Person A), then claimed he had no idea why he didn’t produce an email Kilimnik sent to his LAW FIRM email address to the government.🙄

Kilimnik told v.d.Zwaan to use WhatsApp or Telegram.🤨 9/ this is SHADY. van der Zwaan LIED & tried to COVER UP the fact that he discussed using encrypted communication apps w/the *known* #Russian🇷🇺intel officer, Kilmnik‼️ 10/


🔥van der Zwaan had MULTIPLE calls w/Gates & Person A/Kilimnik (and the firm’s lead partner) in Sept & Oct on potential CRIMINAL charges in Ukraine for them about the Tymoshenko SMEAR report, and how the firm was paid for its work. 11/

💣 van der Zwaan RECORDED his calls w/with Gates, Kilimnik, and the senior partner who worked on the Tymoshenko report, b/c they were so “memorable.”🤨

And Mueller has ALL of these recordings‼️🤗 12/

Sorry, friends. Need to take a break for a bit, because we just landed.

Will pick up this thread on “van der SWAMP” in a bit, after I hug the kids and puppies.🤗❤️ 12/

van der Swamp spoke #Russian🇷🇺in his RECORDED call w/Kilmnik (Person A).🙄

Kilimnik said “there were additional payments,” “[t]he official contract was only a part of the iceberg,” and the story may become a blow for “you and me personally.”🤨


v.d.Swamp’s law firm was paid >$5 million for the Tymoshenko report via 3rd-party payments by a Ukrainian oligarch, laundered through a Manafort & Gates Cypriot account.🤨

The potential criminal case was that the then-government of Ukraine allegedly LIED about the payments.🙄14/

Of course, the media has reported on this👇🏼

v.d.Swamp *knew* that Kilmnik was a “former” GRU (#Russian🇷🇺military intel) officer.🤨

Laundered money, secret talks w/#Russian🇷🇺intelligence officer👉🏼NOT NORMAL and NOT LEGAL‼️ 15/

v.d.Swamp also was shady during his work on the Tymoshenko (Ukraine opposition leader) SMEAR report.🙄

His law firm decided NOT to hire a PR firm👉🏼they did NOT file #FARA, so they wanted to hide their association w/the report, commissioned by Ukraine‼️16/


Although his law firm CLEARLY told him NOT to share the SMEAR report w/the PR firm hired by Ukraine, one witness says v.d.Swamp had “gone native”👉🏼grown too close to Manafort, Gates & Kilimnik.🤨

Meaning: v.d.Swamp was turned into a #Russian🇷🇺agent‼️17/

This latest filing for v.d.Swamp raises some *serious* concerns on the legality (or lack thereof) of #Skadden law firm doing work for the gov’t of Ukraine w/o filing #FARA, and receiving cash LAUNDERED thru Manafort/Gates’ bank account in Cyprus‼️ 18/

Despite CLEAR instruction NOT to share the report w/Ukraine’s PR firm, of course, v.d.Swamp *leaked* a copy to them. He also coached Gates on talking points on how to SPIN the report.🤨

Then he LIED to his firm’s senior partner about it.🙄 19/


🔥Mueller twists the knife & tells the judge that v.d.Swamp is LOADED & can “pay any fine” b/c he’s the son-in-law of German Khan, the #Russian🇷🇺oligarch co-founder of AlfaGroup (which includes AlfaBank, whose server communicated w/Trump Tower).🤨

Another “coincidence”⁉️20/


Mueller also reminds the judge that v.d.Swamp LIED and only started telling the truth AFTER he was confronted w/the evidence against him & does “not deserve credit for adhering to the law.”🙄 21/


Mueller continues to CRUSH v.d.Swamp, essentially saying that he DESERVED to be fired from Skadden law firm b/c he LIED & withheld/destroyed documents, which are FELONIES & faces other punishment (disbarment, etc)‼️🤗

NONE of this negates CRIMINAL punishment.😎22/

Mueller also adds that although v.d.Swamp’s wife is pregnant (I feel for her!), this should NOT impact criminal sentencing.🤨

Besides, the recommended sentence would actually allow v.d.Swamp to return to the UK for the birth of his child in Aug’18.🤔 23/

Expect more fallout for Skadden (potential #FARA violations) and Manafort (too many alleged crimes for 280 characters).😎

ANYONE involved w/this Tymoshenko smear job, or ANY other “business” w/Manafort had better call their lawyer‼️



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