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Mar 29, 2018, 29 tweets

#Iran: several thousand people gathered o the central market in the Arab city of #Ahwaz to protest against the Iranian regime and what they describe as "discriminating policies against the Arab people"

#Iran: the situation later turned violent after Iranian police tried to break up the Arab protest in #Ahwaz, using tear gas and rubber bullets on the people.

The protests are a response to insults being made towards the Arab people on Iranian TV

#Iran: the Arab city of #Ahwaz today. Women are facing off against the Iranian police as they protest the regime's discriminating policies

#Iran: protesters in the Arab city of #Ahwaz today, chanting against the regime

#Iran: the Iranian regime has arrested several women in #Ahwaz who were participating in protests today. Their current whereabouts are unknown

#Iran: Ayesha Hassan Nissi (19) was arrested in #Ahwaz yesterday simply for attending a protest.

Her family needs to pay 4 billion rial (86.000 euros) for her release

#Iran: protests continued today in the Arab city of #Ahwaz as well as in other Arab cities throughout the #Khuzestan region.

Video from a protest tonight in the town of Sheyban.

#Iran: this was the town of Hamidiyeh (located NW of #Ahwaz) tonight.

Once again this oil-rich but marginalized region is rising up against the regime in #Tehran

#Iran: the city of #Ahwaz tonight.

People shout "with our blood, with our souls, we will sacrifice for al-Ahwaz!"

#Iran: people fill the streets tonight in the city of Abadan to join the #Ahwaz protests against the regime.

This city was the site of heavy fighting which caused its near destruction during the Iran-Iraq war.

#Iran: #Ahwaz today, woman holds up a sign that says "I am Arab".

People in the region are tired of Iranian regime which even tho the country is ethnically diverse continues to be dominated by the Farsi speaking majority.

#Iran: streets of Sheyban are filled with people tonight. Another wave of protests has arrived in the #Ahwaz region

I hope our media is just a little slow and will pick up on these protests in #Iran eventually.

We cannot ignore the people of #Ahwaz once again.

#Iran: protests once again erupted in #Ahwaz as tonight people are demanding the Iranian regime releases Arab activists it arrested a couple days earlier

Can already tell you not to bother.


#Iran: protesters started to block roads tonight with burning tires throughout #Ahwaz as the unrest in the region enters its 4th night

Based on all the photos coming out it looks like #Ahwaz is experiencing its own little Arab intifada.

Very hard to predict how the situation in this marginalized region of #Iran will develop.

#Iran: these were some of the tear gas canisters being fired by Iranian police on Arab protesters in #Ahwaz last night

#Iran: Arab protests resume for a 5th night in a row as people are gathering in the city of #Ahwaz to denounce the regime

#Iran: women are taking a prominent role in the current #Ahwaz protests.

Dancing in the streets as they chant against the Iranian regimr

#Iran: Arab youth are speeding down a highway in #Ahwaz, covering their face as they wave the Ahwazi separatist flag.

#Iran: Arab youth marching down the streets of #Ahwaz as they protest the regime. Showing no fear as they pass by police

#Iran: nighttime protest in the city of #Ahwaz.

Very view videos are coming out as it is reported the are me has cut off internet to the provincial capital.

#Iran: from the Arab town of Malashiya (west of #Ahwaz) tonight. "We demand the release of political prisoner". #Ahvaz

#Iran: Arab civilians marching down the streets of Malashiya as protests in #Ahead enter their 7th night. #Ahvaz

#Iran: last night a massive fire erupted in a cafe in al-Thawra district of #Ahwaz (stronghold of the protest movement.

Local activists blame the Iranian Iranian regime for the fire meaning the situation will surely escalate in the coming days.

#Iran: according to sources from #Ahwaz these are 5 of the 10 men who died in the cafe fire in al-Thawra district.

They're being described as 'martyrs' on Arab-Iranian social media

#Iran: streets of al-Thawra district in #Ahwaz are filled with protesters tonight.

People are obviously furious over last night's cafe fire which killed 10 people.

#Iran: al-Tawra district (also known by it's Farsi name Kooie Alavi) is the main stronghold of Arab resistance in the city of #Ahwaz.

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