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Mar 29, 2018, 29 tweets

1. #QAnon made new, amazing drops last night constituting another 3 BOOMS: a.) Release of new Strzok texts, b.) outstanding exposé by Michael Doran in National Review, c.) timed coordination with IG opening up investigtn into Obama admin's FISA abuses to spy on Trump .@POTUS #Q

2. #QAnon last night dropped a link to a Fox news report about the release of new Strzok texts, asking "Wonder who leaked this." #Q Hannity then told us the texts were uncovered thru Congressional investigators of the Freedom Caucus.

3. But wonder who leaked to them? New texts #Qanon references appear to be BOMBSHELLS. FBI Strzok is texted by his DOJ adultress 8/2/16 referring to first interagency meeting discussing coordination between FBI & DOJ on public deception using fraudulent Trump "collusion" nar. #Q

4. #QAnon's pointer reveals to us that the texts indicate FBI/CIA/DOJ was briefing the Obama WH in earliest stages of the phony Trump-Russia deception, with McCabe being concerned with public knowing the truth as early as 8/3/16. #Q…

5. Days later, on 8/8/16, Strzok texts Page re. plans for "cyber" information management in preparation for the Trump campaign intel report to the Obama White House. #QAnon… #Q

6. Then, on 8/25/16, #CIA's Brennan "briefed" Harry Reid, who's retiring after 2016 election, & would "do whatever it took" for HRC "to win" [Dolan]. He gave Reid info from phony dossier; & complained of Comey's recalcitrance to spy on Trump.… #QAnon #Q

7. Two days after the CIA prompts Senator Reid with the #FakeDossier, Reid pens a letter to Comey requesting an investigation into potential "collusion" between the Trump campaign and "Russia". #QAnon #Q…

8. The FBI then used Reid letter as cover for intel op on surveillance of Trump campaign. By framing imaginary suspicion of Carter Page with phony dossier falsehoods, they had free access to Trump campaign e-mails, computers, etc. #QAnon #Q

9. The NY Times reports on Reid letter to Comey on 8/29/16, before Comey gets it. Next day 8/30/16, Strzok texts: “Here we go,” sending link to NYT report, “D [Comey] said at am brief that Reid called him & told him he would be sending a letter.” #QAnon #Q…

10. Congressional investigators indicate that the cover given by the Reid letter freed the FBI & DOJ from criticism inasmuchas they had already begun investigating Trump campaign in mid-July on “questionable ethical and legal grounds.” -Fox #QAnon #Q

11. “The ‘here we go’ text between Strzok and Page indicates that FBI/ DOJ/CIA knew the letter from Reid was coming,” and so had the "go", with cover of public calls for investigation, to knowingly cover their abuse of government power, and go spy on the Trump campaign. #QAnon #Q

12. The outstanding exposé by Michael Doran (.@doranimated) in National Review that #QAnon cites is quite a piece of literature - destined to be a classic on the order of Bernstein's 1977 classic "CIA and the Media". Actually, its better!… #Q

13. The Doran piece is a pleasure to read, though it is quite long. I'm going to exposit some of the key quotes from it in this #QAnon thread since I know it is too long for some to have time to read, perhaps. (But thanks for staying here this long!) #Q dubs it as "truth".

14. The National Review (NR) article walks us through the revelations how the Obama administration not only framed Carter Page, but framed Donald Trump.
#QAnon #Q…

15. “James Comey had to sign off on the decision [‘to prosecute a campaign of innuendo against Carter Page in September, and place him under surveillance in October’] and that fact implicates him in a serious abuse of power."… #QAnon #Q

16. "Well-intentioned but careless, said the commander in chief. Three months later, the FBI finished its investigation, and James Comey arrived at an identical conclusion."… #QAnon #Q

17. "Obama used a dummy email account to communicate with Clinton via her private server," likely making "Obama complicit in Clinton’s malfeasance".… #QAnon #Q

18. "Strzok & Page ...routinely leaking to the press to shape political outcomes. 'Still on the phone w Devlin,' Page texted to Strzok, referring to former WSJ reporter. 'You might wanna tell Devlin he'd turn on CNN, there’s news on,' Strzok" #QAnon #Q…

19. "Christopher Steele’s report was, in a word, junk." And, the intel community knew it. #QAnon #Q

20. "BHO officials, & allies in Congress, & their FBI/CIA leaders have developed .. 'non-verification verification', statements that distance the speaker from the laughable fantasies of Steele dossier while still suggesting that the tale [ought] be taken seriously." #QAnon #Q

21. "The 'non-verification verification' is central to the distinctive nature of the Obama administration’s abuse of power." #QAnon #Q…

22."Most debate's focused on how FBI used Steele dossier to validate investigation of Carter Page..but ..the reverse is also true: The administration deliberately used the investigation of Page to validate the dossier." - .@Doranimated article revealed by #QAnon #Q

23. "Brennan’s somber and self-righteous appeal to hidden secrets is the oldest con in the book." .@Doranimated article linked by #QAnon #Q

24. “The framing of Trump required elaborate orchestration, the work of many hands. The key was for Hillary Clinton team to channel it simultaneously to press and government”, a reverberating circuit, one verifying the other. .@Doranimated NR article linked by #QAnon #Q

25. "The New York Times insists on calling Christopher Steele “a whistleblower” despite all contrary evidence." .@Doranimated NR article linked by #QAnon #Q

26. "Mueller’s indictments're just the latest form of the non-verification verification.....a phalanx of crack investigators armed w nearly unlimited resources, a grand jury, & an expansive mandate that can draw blood almost at will. The Mueller probe is the cover-up." #QAnon #Q

27. The collusion farce “is a textbook case of denial and projection — most perfect imaginable....opting for dishonesty & deception over truth...mere acknowledgement that “dossier” is junk'd constitute admission either of malfeasance or gob-smacking gullibility.” #QAnon NR #Q

28. “The Steele dossier has proved to be as consequential [to its supporters] as it is asinine: Choose your poison, Hillary enablers: You either duped people and abetted a gross abuse of power; or you were yourself badly duped.” #QAnon #Q…

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