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THREAD: here’s a breakdown of the JUICY details in the sentencing memo filed by lawyers for Alex van der Zwaan (“v.d.Swamp”), the son-in-law of #Russian🇷🇺oligarch, German Khan (AlfaGroup/AlfaBank co-founder)‼️1/


Link to court document👉🏼…

In this thread, we will focus on what v.d.Swamp said about his case, specifically what info he tried to COVER UP.🤨

For details on the CRIMES that convicted felon v.d.Swamp committed, see👇🏼this thread👇🏼on Mueller’s sentencing memo.😎 2/

Of course, van der Zwaan’s attorneys try to spin a sob story about how v.d.Swamp’s “world has collapsed” and “his career has been destroyed.”🙄

Well, yeah. That’s what happens when you LIE to the Feds and DESTROY EVIDENCE‼️3/

van der Zwaan’s dad is Dutch, and his mom was born and raised in the Soviet Union. He and his mom spoke their “secret language” #Russian🇷🇺at home. 4/

van der Zwaan’s wife was born in #Russia🇷🇺and is a citizen of Russia and Israel, but NOT of the United Kingdom, where she lives (this be relevant later).🤔

Unfortunate timing, given his impending prison sentence, she is pregnant. 5/

van der Zwaan’s felonies center around his (lame) efforts to COVER UP his work at #Skadden for the Ukraine government (via Manafort & Gates) on a report to SMEAR Yulia Tymoshenko, an opposition leader.🤨 6/

v.d. Zwaan worked closely w/Gates & “Person A” on the Tymoshekno report / smear job.🤔

Person A is Konstantin Kilimnik, a “former” #Russian🇷🇺intelligence officer w/the GRU, who (of course) has ongoing ties w/Russian intel services.🙄 7/

When v.d. Zwaan was interviewed by Team🇺🇸Mueller in Nov’17, he LIED about his communications w/Gates & Kilimnik, whom he *knew* was a #Russian🇷🇺agent.

v.d. Zwaan communicated *w/a Russian agent in Russian using ENCRYPTED apps*

His lawyers say there’s “nothing unusual.”🙄 8/

Now, here’s where things get (even more) interesting. In Sept’16, Gates told v.d. Zwaan to contact Kilimnik👉🏼told v.d. Zwaan that the new Ukraine govt might file CRIMINAL charges against v.d. Zwaan & “other #Skadden personnel” for their work on the Tymoshenko report‼️ 9/

v.d. Zwaan told a “senior #Skadden partner” about the potential CRIMINAL charges in the Ukraine.🤔

Due to the “unusual & unnerving” discussions, v.d. Zwaan started RECORDING his calls w/Gates & Kilimnik (understandably) — but also w/the PARTNER‼️🤨 10/

v.d. Zwaan found the Ukraine case so “alarming,” that he RECORDED the *#Skadden senior partner* when s/he provided assurances that Skadden “was aware of & dealing with” the Ukraine case.🤔

So he secretly recorded *his own partner*‼️ 11/

v.d. Z’s firm, #Skadden, received more than $5 million for their work for the Ukraine govt on the smear job/Tymoshenko report.

Skadden was PAID via Manafort/Gates’ bank account in CYPRUS, even though they worked for UKRAINE.🤨

Did they file #FARA⁉️12/

The Tymoshenko report was written by former Obama WH counsel Gregory Craig.🤨

#GOP Vin Weber (Mercury Group) & Democrat Tony Podesta used the report to lobby US lawmakers to justify the unjust IMPRISONMENT of Tymoshenko by the Ukraine govt‼️13/…

Mercury & the Podesta Group were included (as Company A and B) in the #indictment publicly revealed for Manafort & Gates last year.🤔

Both claimed to work for a shady “nonprofit” (really, Ukraine) & paid via Manafort’s OFFSHORE account.🤨14/


Back to #Skadden law firm👉🏼paid MILLIONS for he report written by Obama’s fmr WH counsel, Gregory Craig.🤔

Is Craig the “senior #Skadden partner” whom v.d. Zwaan recorded providing assurances that Skadden was handling the Ukraine matter⁉️15/…


van der Zwaan’s case raises *serious* concerns about #Skadden.🤔

👉🏼Who is the “senior partner” at Skadden?
👉🏼Why did van der Zwaan believe it necessary to RECORD their convos?
👉🏼Did Skadden file #FARA?


Clearly, Manafort was tight with #Skadden, because HIS DAUGHTER worked there during the Tymoshenko affair‼️🙄 17/

Speaking of Manafort, van der Zwaan DELETED emails that detailed his discussions to leave #Skadden to work DIRECTLY for Manafort and Gates‼️🤨 18/


This whole #Skadden angle is being probed by Team🇺🇸Mueller, who now have ALL of van der Zwaan’s notes, recordings and electronic devices‼️🤗 19/


And van der Zwaan’s father-in-law, #Russian🇷🇺oligarch German Khan, is the co-founder of AlfaGroup👉🏼includes AlfaBank, whose server “just happened” to be communicating w/Trump Tower *during* the election‼️

Stay tuned for MORE on #Skadden.😉


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