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Apr 2, 2018, 36 tweets

Part 1/2 part Sanatan Thread.
1] Purānamulu, piece presented in Medical College’s Sanatana Dharmam Group on 25th April 2016. What is a Purānam? In Sanskrit it means that which is new. In Hindi and Telugu they mean ancient or old.
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2] Each Purānam composed new during a particular time. Purāṇamulu are of same class as Itihāsamulu. Purānamulu don’t come under Shruti. Mahārishi Aurobindo called them as Smritis, meaning those that can be written from time to time. They have 5 characteristics (Pancha-Lakshana).

3A] The pancha-lakshana are:
1. Sarga: The creation of the universe.
2. Pratisarga: Secondary creations, mostly re-creations after dissolution.
3. Vamśa: Lineage of the Devi, Devathās, Rishis, Maharishis etc etc.
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3B] Panch-Lakshanas Contd:
4. Manvantara: Creation of human race & first human beings. This is the period of the Manu’s (Human) rule consisting of 71 celestial Yugas or 30,84,48,000 years.
5. Vamśānucaritam: The histories of the patriarchs of the Chandravamśam and Sūryavamśamulu

4] Since Purānamulu also come under the same class as Itihāsamulu, they are also called Suhrit-Samhitās.
Vyāsa is the compiler of the Puranas from age to age, who in this age is called Krishnadvaipayana Vyāsa, the son of Parāśara.
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5] Narrated by a Brahmin travelling from 1 place to other usually settles down in a village or a town, mostly in a temple for more than few days or weeks. He narrates contents of Purānam generally in parts. Bhakti is probably most important ingredient of these Katha sessions.

6] The texts were collected from all over India because of similarities that are found throughout the texts, it is not possible to trace line of influence of 1 Purāna upon another, so the corpus is best viewed as a whole, signifying Integral Unity of various dhārmic traditions.

7] For an understanding of what is meant by Integral Unity please read the book Indra’s Net by Shri Rajiv Malhotra. It is a deep philosophical book on Hinduism and seekers of authentic knowledge on Hinduism SHOULD read it.
#HindutvaRevival #VedicKnowledge #VedicTimes

8] Purānamulu were written to promote teachings of Vedas. Aim of Purānamulu is to impress on minds of masses, teachings of Vedas. To generate in them Bhakthi towards their Ishta Devathas, through concrete examples, stories, lives of Rajas, Rishis, great Hindu historical events.

9] The Purānamulu are not meant for people with scholarly bent of mind. These are meant for the average/common Hindus who understandably find it hard to grasp the complicated philosophy in the Upanishadic part of the Vedas.
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10] Dharma, its principles are taught in a very easy interesting way through these Purānamulu. Even to this day, Purānamulu are very popular. The Purānamulu contain history of remote times. They also give a description of regions of universe not visible to ordinary physical eye.

11] They are very interesting to read & children hear stories from their grandparents. Pundits, Purohits, Dharmācāryās hold Katha sessions mostly in temples & on
banks of rivers.
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12] Katha sessions serve as great Dhārmic retreat for anna dāthās of Hindu Society – Agriculturists, businessmen, people of Hindu society. Sadly this tradition almost completely eroded defaced with well-designed toxic angst against our traditions imported @ overseas in our minds.

13A] There are 18 Mahā Purānamulu:
*Vishnu Purana
*Naradiya Purana
*Srimad Bhagavata Purana
*Garuda Purana
*Vamana Purana
*Matsya Purana
*Kurma Purana
*Padma Purana
*Varaha Purana
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13B] 18 Maha Puranamulu Contd:

*Brahma Purana
*Brahmanda Purana
*Brahma Vaivarta Purana
*Markandeya Purana
*Bhavishya Purana
*Linga Purana
*Siva Purana
*Skanda Purana
*Agni Purana.
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14] Purānamulu are divided into Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic with 6 Purānamulu in each category. The Sattvic are written in praise of Vishnu, Rajasic for Brahma and Tamasic for Śiva.
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15A] Toddlers (Metaphorical only. Not age-dependent) into Sanātana Dharma get disturbed &surprised when they go through Purānamulu. Because if you take Purāna which praise Vishnu, in those Purānamulu Śiva is held at a lower pedestal.
#HindutvaRevival #VedicKnowledge #VedicTimes

15B] The converse happens in Śiva Puānamulu in which Śiva is held at a higher pedestal & Vishnu at a lower. So, 1 might ask, what’s rationale for putting down 1 & exalting the other or for pitting 1 against the other?
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16] Well, the reason is to increase the Bhakthi towards the Ishta Devatha of ones choice – which, as I said above, is the purpose of Purānamulu.
Highest Accord has been given to two Purānamulu - Srīmad Bhagwata Purana & Vishnu Purana.
#HindutvaRevival #VedicKnowledge #VedicTimes

🏹🏹🚩🚩Part 2 will be up shortly. Jai Shri Ram! Jai Shree Krishna!🚩🚩🏹🏹

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