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Apr 4, 2018, 23 tweets

1. #QAnon just now pointed out that it's only been 1 day since he told us April's to be a "BIG month": Already we learn that Rod Rosenstein wrote secret memo to post-authorize jack-boot raid Manafort's home, realizing they violated special counsel law. #Q…

2. #QAnon also points to it only being (less than) one day since he told us "Border.
Wall. Military start. BIG month." till we learn of the President's announcement on military's imminent border defense.…

3. #QAnon confirms suspicion's that today's shooting may be another #FalseFlag op needed for #ClownMedia "narrative change on release of damaging news."
#Q notes that "people are waking up." Though shooter's name not yet released, evidently #Q knows her.
"Trace..[her] Father"

4. An anon asks if P = Pope and #QAnon puts [Pope] in the kill box [brackets indicate target or "kill box"] saying May'll not be a good month for the Pope. "Dark to LIGHT. TRUTH. #Q"…

5. #QAnon posts that "[Pope] will be having a terrible May" because "those who backed him will be pushed into the LIGHT" and that the "truth" will come out. #Q…

6. An anon asks how many are connected to the Rothschilds. #QAnon answers:

The "Chair" serves the Master.
Who is the Master?
P = C.

Saying that the Pope is the Chair who serves his Master?

7. Re the #youtubeshooting #QAnon told us to

"Trace background of shooter. #Q"

#NasimAghdam was enraged over #YouTube's censorship of her channel. She was Iranian orig from San Diego, against "abusing 'non-human animals', polluting environment, & promoting sexual degeneration"

8. #QAnon had asks us whether it were a "coincidence" we get "another MSM narrative change upon release of damaging news?" (to #DeepState). Evidently the "boyfriend" story was #FakeNews. ABC reports that #Aghdam had no relationship with anyone at YouTube.…

9. #QAnon's suggestion that we "trace the background" of the #youtubeshooter reveals that #Aghdam was angry that #YouTube took her channel's revenue. She complained about receiving 10 cents for 300K views, despite her main English channel having more than 15,000 subscribers,

10. Pertinent to #QAnon's suggestion about both #Q telling us about archiving and the shooting, #youtubeshooter #Aghdam's media content is being rapidly censored across the internet. Here, she outlines her #YouTube rage.

11. Related to #youtubeshooter #Aghdam #QAnon had told us to:

Focus on Father.
20 years.

All we know so far is Ismail Aghdam warned police #NasimAghdam might be heading to YouTube & hated them. Police called back that everything was 'under control'.…

12. #QAnon then dropped some very strange info asking

"Why is Epstein spending $29mm to bury the tunnels underneath is temple on Epstein Island?
Phones were allowed in.
These people are stupid.

Convicted pedo, Jeffrey Epstein's demolishing Orgy Island tunnels?

13. Note that #QAnon said "...underneath is temple". We wonder what is the meaning of the missing "h" followed by the capitalized "H"? #Q uses such literal devices intentionally to convey things not yet ready for explicit declaration until maybe "future proves past".

14. After #QAnon's 1000th drop, w the "H", it gets even weirder. #Q's next drop tells of "Pure EVIL" in context of Epstein's Island temple. He alludes to the 4 directional Princes of Hell after Pope supposedly told us nevermind there is no hell. #HRC

15. In #QAnon's next next drop he tells us that

"Symbolism will be their downfall.
The BITE that has no CURE - #NSA.

16. Next #QAnon drops that

"We are under attack.


17. Following on the above, #QAnon refers to a "UK.ROGUE_FAILURE." but that @POTUS declined it. Looks like May went rogue & chose wrong side, but we're prepared "at all costs". 188 exclamation marks = Poisoned Skripal & daughter to cover MI6's role vs @POTUS? #ReconnectJulian

18. #QAnon then posts:

+ ++ +++

19. #Qanon post with the +'s are represented by this say the anons:.
+ = Soros
++ = Rothschild
+++ = House of Saud…

20. #QAnon once again shows how "Future proves past". #Q told us 4/2/18 of "RR problems" & 4/3/18 we learned about the secret 8/2/17 memo to Mueller post-authorizing illegal authority on Manafort - 6 days after the jack-boot house raid on Manafort 7/26/17.…

21. #QAnon's BIG April is panning out very well according to #Q's "Future proves past" so far!

22. #QAnon spoke of the April "MOAB". Is #Q referring to what we learn today that the National Guard Presence is done through the respective governors through a


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