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Apr 6, 2018, 28 tweets

1. Another huge intel drop from #QAnon tonight - a night that #Q refers to as
"Night [2]". Last night #Q told us that "@POTUS will be up all night." and to
"Pray", which, aside from my conviction in prayer, and my prayers, sounded a bit concerning.

2. #QAnon's drop last night made ref to a "Traitor", after his revelation that someone had prematurely leaked @POTUS not being under criminal investigation. The anon's've been abuzz as to who the "Traitor" may be. Mueller? RR? Hussein? #Q referred then to a "Massive intel sweep."

3. Amidst the #QAnon's anon buzz, one posted a VERY interesting linked piece finding that "UK intel services fabricated evidence of collusion in order to create the appearance of a Trump-Russia connection." w much more than the Clinton/Steele/Fusion piece.…

4. Last night, #QAnon had revealed that both Page and Manafort were "plants". Connected to #Q's revelations, the above piece by Vos shows how #Papadopoulos was developed for the task as well, by #Mifsud and #Downer culminating w ex-MI6 head Hannigan meeting w ex-CIA head #Brennan

5. #QAnon thanks us for our prayers. #Q tells of Night [2] tonight, last night said "@POTUS will be up all night." Did last night's Mueller leak relate to the "forced reaction" to vehicle involvement, planes, resulting in military show of force projection?

6. #QAnon suggests there is a silent war now going on, and tonight, #Q asks again that we "pray". There have been a lot of "accidents" lately.…

7. #QAnon opined on "coincidences" (as he has often) early last month as he gave a tantalizing clue as to his identity. #Q asks the "c" word again tonight in connection with all of this.

8. Bad actors have the capability to hack into electronic systems on vehicles. "This should not have happened," David Barnhart, a satellite designer who is the director of the University of Southern California's space technology and systems"… #QAnon

9. #QAnon notes that Obama was in China last Nov, just after @POTUS was there. Why? #Q.

10. #Qanon had posted about Jared Cohen "Coming soon to a theater near you." #Q has prompted the anons finding some very interesting information his #Clown role in our internet discourse.

11. #QAnon's reveal prompted some at Wiki's description of Cohen where citation notes him as one of the "architects of" "21st century #Statecraft". He's been a key player in the Council of Foreign Relations, and #Clown work at Google.…

12. Since #QAnon mentioned "Cohen coming to a theater near you", revealed is a fact on sheet on him, revealing his work in many tentavles of #DeepStater control of what people write and read about on our internet.

13. Once #QAnon'd tagged him, others've highlighted @JulianAssange's @wikileaks intel on Cohen, who's covert role as Director of Google Ideas's heavily involved w #DeepState social media manipulation receiving #NSA $$ for Google to harvest our data, manipulate our search results.

14. #QAnon had told us (no surprise) that there'd be a "'Conspiracy' push to norms' in response to his reveals. Just now, #Q responded to the New York Times writing about him and our Very Stable Genius President. "Here we go", says Q.…

15. Ha ha!! #Q now tells us that the New York Times even called the White House first before publishing their pathetic "Conspiracy" hit piece on #QAnon, #Roseanne, and our #VeryStableGenius President!

"Would you believe they called the WH for comment prior to publishing?

16. #QAnon makes mention again just now of the string of US military crashes. Evidently, Fox called the WH for comment about this as well. #Q…

17. OK here we go. Now we see what #QAnon's saying. Despite unprecedentedly whopping military budget, the #Clown #Bezos #Wapo's using the military "accidents" to claim there's no mil $$ for NG on border. We know #Clowns can crash vehicles electronically.…

18. Just now #QAnon gave confirmation of this by responding to an anon's mention of it. #Q…

19. #QAnon drop just now states that

"Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.
One of many."

And that in response there will be a

"Net shut down.

20. #QAnon had warned of us Apr 4 of #Clowns, "false drops", and something called #QT2810C, which we had no idea about. Now anon sleuths found where someone posted Jan 20 QT2810C supposedly as plan to use social media AI against. #Q

21. #QAnon elaborates that in response to the pictures he just mentioned, that MSM will push the idea that they're "Fake", but that they have "Videos / backup". Nonetheless #Clowns in social media will all "kill" it to amount to a virtual internet pause, but - HAMMER on time. #Q

22. One anon asks #Q "How soon?" the picture will release.

#QAnon responds in classical Trumpian/Sun Tsu fashion that

"We don’t inform our enemies of the specifics.
We instead instill fear in them to make unplanned and disastrous countermoves.

23. #QAnon refers to their full team at the center of command on duty always with much enjoyable in store to come. #Q

24. One anon complains to #Q that people wouldn't care about another picture of Hussein in Moslem garb even if he were holding a gun. #QAnon reassures why he thinks rather it would be of great interest.

25. #QAnon reminds that we can understand 44's mission by connecting the dots via past religious leaders (re: Hussein)." Remember, "We have everything." and, "They know we do." They are at "RISK." #Q

26. I think #QAnon is exhorting us to remember the good progress we can expect now with North Korea situation, and consider what it could mean in that step of freedom from the "Nuke stranglehold." The plan proceeds on a timeline. Can we think? Are we awake? Or ....


27. #QAnon Words of brotherly love between two patriots encourage and support our hope and commitment of good things to come, thinking how close we've been to losing our nation and culture to the depravity that abounds. #Q

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