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Apr 7, 2018, 34 tweets

1. #QAnon's intel drop today had included a line:

"Connect via past religious leaders (re: Hussein)...#Q"

Many are aware of 44's connection to the Rev Jeremiah "God-Damn America" Wright, & the suppressed photos of his association to Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan, but...(2.)

2. Before #QAnon's intel drop today, in context w #Q's ref to "past religious leaders (re: Hussein)", I was unaware of mention of his mother's, Ann Soetoro's, close assoc with members of Indonesian Subud cult founded by Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo. #Q…

3. #QAnon's breadcrumb leading to the Subud cult info finds that the Indonesian Islamic cult was introduced to Hawaii in the 1960's, was headquartered in Chicago in 2001, but is now said to be hq'ed in suburbs of Washington DC since 2012.…

4. #Q- Further follow-up of #QAnon's bread crumb reveals that it is common for Subud cult members to change their names. Hussein's mother Ann Soetoro crossed out Barack Hussein Obama (Sorebarkah) when she decided to exclude Barack from her passport renewal in 1968. "Sorebarkah"?

5. Further, the #QAnon leads show that Subud USA was based in Seattle from 2006 to 2008, and the Chairwoman of Subud USA was known as "Deliana". #Q…

6. #QAnon's reference leads to seeing that "Deliana's" real name was Loretta Fuddy. Loretta Fuddy, the Chairwoman of Subud USA, was appointed to a new post as Director of the Health Dept in Hawaii in time to be involved in the documentation of Obama to've been born there." #Q

7. #QAnon had suggested that 7/10's of plane crashes are #Clown hits. At the height of clamor for an original, physical certificate (which never yet's been produced), Fuddy was the only person who purportedly died in a very mysterious plane "crash". #Q

8. #QAnon had mentioned:

"Google kill.
YouTube kill.
FB kill.
Twitter kill.
Yahoo kill.
Bing kill.
Instagram kill."

Very shortly later was taken down, then

"That didn’t take long.
Strength test.
For God & Country!"


9. #QAnon shows take down of . Headlines cite “sex trafficking” but charges are sealed. Progressive left fascists want of censorship of conservative speech, but freedom of trafficking speech. Interesting strategy, #Q. (DON'T sign):

10. #QAnon tells of the value of our trust & faith in them enough in our electing them to do the heavy lifting, and suggests we "enjoy the show."



11. #QAnon - BackPage founder Michael Lacey, 69, of Sedona, AZ's charged yesterday as part a 93-count indictment that remained sealed late Friday, according to his lawyer.…

12. #QAnon notes Corpus Christi Republican Blake Farenthold abruptly resigned from Congress yesterday afternoon, almost immediately after sex trafficking website went down (both hq'ed in Dallas).

"That didn’t take long.
Border state - coincidence?

13. #QAnon posts Prince Andrew w/Virginia Roberts who claimed she was forced to have teen sex w Price Andrew (& Alan Dershowitz) thru convicted pedo Jeffrey Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell in doorway. Ray (Rachel) Chandler's an alleged "handler" for Epstein.

14. Now that we have Royal family involved (above, 13.), #QAnon next posts pic of Ray(chel) Chandler w Bill on Ep's plane, "Lolita express". An anon links to her being likely used to lure elite figures to Epstein's Island for sex vids w/minors 4 blackmail.

"Follow friends.

15. Next #Q confirms another anon's find on Instagram of Eminem pictured with Epstein "handler" Rachel Chandler. #QAnon confirms and tells us to find one male, one female, one who got a presidential pardon, and one who was killed by MS-13.

16. After #QAnon's tip, an anon finds a Ray Chandler site that looks like trafficking young people in plain sight on Instagram? #Q recommends reporting this to the FBI/DOJ to see what happens and spotlight results.

17. On someone reporting the the appearance of a Ray Chandler Instagram trafficking site, #QAnon says

"Operators on standby.

18. #QAnon indicates Rachel Chandler's sex trafficking site is done, now that anon community found in it response to #Q. Now they have grounds to prosecute with the phone calls made to FBI/DOJ in response to QAnon. Where we go one we go all. #WWG1WGA

19. #QAnon reminds us that he had told us to "watch the news" earlier this week. Woo hoo! Trump signs memo ending 'catch and release' immigration policy #Q…

20. LOL! Did everyone know that @Roseanne "confuses Twitter"? Must be true. #FakeNewsCNN said so. 🤣 #QAnon #Q

21. #QAnon posted this, noting Twitter's lack of release of @jack's Pizzagate bots in response to #Q's Rachel Chandler traffic drops. Maybe on Mon. @Snowden has censorship algorithm?

22. #QAnon posts are getting the #Clown media mobilized against #Q, with things going so well, & really taking shape! NYT, CNN, FB, YT all whining "conspiracy". Yes, we are "conspiring"! #WWG1WGA

23. #QAnon notes we should "buckle up" for new media tactic even MediaMatters goin' 4ch with a "Narrative + anything #Q. #Clowns due for a twitter push.

Gee whiz. "All 4 a LARP?" 🤣

24. #QAnon responded to post about NBC interview to get ahead of upcoming bombshell story about #LorettaLynch's tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton to preempt the bad news about which #Q's hinted. Q also reiterates April will be a "BIG month".

25. #Qanon posts link to Instagram image which #Q says was taken by #RayChandler on #Epstein's island at night.

26. #Qanon: Chongqing, China on Tues. #Q Chongqing's been in headlines with stories of "gangsters", " Vast Web of Corruption" and "Human trafficking of children".

27. Unfortunately, there was yet another military crash again this week. #QAnon posts:

Statistically impossible?
Day [1]

28. #Qanon reveals that traitors, insiders in former administration sold out the U.S. to foreign powers, by importing cheap steel to weaken our military equip, selling out our technology, & selling our uranium for graft.

"We are in control.
Those awake can see.

29. An anon noticed @realDonaldTrump said "It's happening" at the end of @POTUS' weekly address today (3:16). #QAnon confirms that that was for us. "The Storm" is happening. #ItsHappening #Q

30. Eric Holder [EH] being retained by the California state Senate (but not the Assembly) to help craft their "anti-Trump" legal strategy seems to be on #Q's radar. #QAnon

31. #QAnon indicates that the #Clowns' pipeline, "The pipeline" of drugs, & sex trafficking, terrorists, MS-13, etc, is huge cash, "Bigger than you can imagine."

"CA is special.
Public will learn.

32. #FakeNewsCNN is referring to 8 chan, where #Qanon posts, as the "dark web"! #Q posts link to a CNN article claiming that the Trump campaign sought Clinton's missing emails "on the dark web".…

33. New @QAnon post confirms "They are trying to start a war." for the purposes of "Deflection." The #DeepState #Clowns not happy about the Syria (when did we vote to go to Syria?) "Pullout announcement." "Chem attack. Coincidence?"…

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