Starting in 2018 together with @KateScopelliti & @tamaraleighllc, created the #ClearFlynnNow Social Media Movement. Recognized by Time Magazine.

Apr 7, 2018, 8 tweets

1) The cast of characters necessitating the #ClearFlynnNow movement is too large to keep track of. Just a few are pictured here. The great defense our opponents employ is the question of "vast conspiracy." When so pressed, I always say YES. Precisely.

2) But the logic of the attack is far easier to delineate. Contemplate a newly appointed - and freshly employed! - National Security Adviser to the President Elect of the USA, being challenged AS IF HE WERE NOT A FEDERAL EMPLOYEE. If we weren't crying, we'd be laughing.

3) Let's pretend the Logan Act applied. Then @GenFlynn was 100% compliant within it. But, as a tool to attack one's enemies, its use has been futile for 219 years, ever since its inception. So, it could not possibly have applied to a duly appointed National Security Adviser.

4) The attack itself was that @GenFlynn was, due to the Logan Act, vulnerable to Russian blackmail. On this patently ridiculous pretext, he was interrogated without notice, no attorney present. And on this pretext he was attacked by...the DOJ's Sally Yates.

5) Please sit with it. The logic is not logical. It's an obvious attack, with absolutely zero basis in fact of any sort. There is no crime here. And yet, the attack itself destroyed the career of @GenFlynn. How do you make the logic logical?

6) Answer: The opponents of MAGA had to do all they could to weaken @realDonaldTrump. We could discuss the Iran Deal, and other matters, but like the cast, it gets too complicated, too fast. Rather, the simple truth is that weakening POTUS is sufficient. Destroy his best man.

7) This is why we who would #ClearFlynnNow must begin preparing for #MAGAVictory2018. We will take many steps between here and there, but we must recognize that we must strengthen @realDonaldTrump and fight for our movement's destiny. The vote is our voice.

8) Finis. What we must realize is that this, for us, is OUR Field of Fight. The battle is not abroad. It is for the soul of our nation. We must step up to the fight, and win. If we would #ClearFlynnNow, we must be ready to do our part.

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