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Apr 10, 2018, 14 tweets

1. #QAnon. Seriously? During @POTUS presser tonight he said "I just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys." #Q says this actually happened during the fire at Trump Tower. The fire was a distraction that cost someone his life!?

2. In response to #QAnon's April 2nd checklist of coming April happenings, an anon highlights already "Sessions public attack" & "RR problems". #Q's reply, "Amazing coincidence + Military start/Wall" also to be highlighted off the list. Pace of drops increasing bigly

3. #QAnon confirms an anon's query whether #Q's prior mention of "BABY ON FLOOR HANDS IN MOUTH [THE START]" were hinting at the #SyriaHoax #FalseFlag attack.

"Learn our comms.

4. #QAnon confirms anon explanation that not all drops are meant to predict future events (would compromise future ops) but are intended to provides the validation necessary for Great Awakening is legit. #Q accomplishes without giving up details about the ops. Genius.

5. #QAnon shares piece on Trump Tower fire. #Q notes Cohen. No evac order given, but Cohen called, warned friend to get out of the building because he knew of fire? “It just smelled like sulfur.” Was the fire intentionally set?

6. #QAnon had a mysterious post on Sat April 7 re

Chongqing. <---i.e., "CQ"

Tonight Q writes,

"Thank you (President0 Xi.
Good start.
China/CQ cancel.

7. #QAnon's Saturday post about today, Tuesday's Chongqing development is related to Ford Motor in Chongqing to double production by opening two more assembly plants & one of the world’s largest automatic transmission factories there in China. #Q #VeryStableGenius #GreatAwakening

8. #QAnon clarifies his Saturday "Chongqing.Tuesday." drop to indicate I think that the demand on Xi now confirms as tariff reduction Tuesday from China on our cars.NYT article provides foundation for a major import into China from US to start for Ford. #Q…

9. Now, #QAnon tells us that the Mueller's "actions today [raid] (on President's atty Michael Cohen) will be met w/ swift action", & "FBI burning midnight oil" on this.

#Q also tells us at this juncture that we can

Horowitz, &

10, #QAnon told us Saturday:

"Apr 7 2018 02:23:35 (EST)

Now, Tuesday, here it is, Dow +2%:…

11. And #QAnon says last night:

"Thank you Xi.
Good start."

12. #QAnon responds last night to an anon's question about this picture, and within 69 seconds of its posting he responds that it is


13. Finally caught on #QAnon's latest posts from here on:


please unroll

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