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Apr 14, 2018, 30 tweets

1. #QAnon just dropped ahead of Syria strike. Some anons imagine that Red Sparrow could reference movie, implying a double agent involved in chem attack. ???? #Q says @POTUS has solid intel. About what? Exact location, evidently. Missiles only taking out chem plants?

2. Of course many of the anons on the #QAnon boards aren't buying the absurd notion that Dr. Assad would cause himself this problem just as the Saudis, Israel, France and UK objected to @POTUS announcement to leave Syria. #Q

3. A visit to the hospital in Douma, Syria reveals "not a single admission for chlorine, sarin, or any other gas poisoning admissions". Video footage from the visit to the hospital here with closed caption English: #Syria #SyriaCrisis #SyriaHoax #QAnon #Q

4. My prediction 3 days ago made from #QAnon's posts turned out to be exactly what's now happened. Let us pray that will be all. #Q…

5. Another interesting interpretation of #QAnon's "Sparrow Red" #Q:

6. #QAnon tonight posted "Trust POTUS" So even though Douma hospital'd no toxic gas poisoning admissions, we're to believe video essentially uniquely of children, in a basement, from an area where anti-Assad jihadis're holding children as hostages, transported through tunnels. #Q

7. Also in regard to #QAnon's post, we learn from General Mattis tonight that "we're very confident that chlorine was used" as the poison gas.

8. Further digging through #QAnon's post tonight to "Trust POTUS", we're to believe that the ordinance chosen to eliminate poison leakage, by burning it, not dispersing it. Chlorine is an element, it cannot be burned, only deactivated through halogenation, or dispersal. #Q

9. Earlier in the year #QAnon had reminded us that great actors make for a great movie. #Q

10. On March 10 #QAnon said that,

"This is not about religions or party affiliation.
EVIL is everywhere.
There are no drawn lines.
No boundaries.
Good vs Evil.

11. Four days after #QAnon posted that, @POTUS had met March 14th with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin-Salman’s, just a couple of weeks ago before all this started.…

12. To #QAnon's post re. this not being about religions or party, that, EVIL is everywhere, without "drawn lines", @POTUS's been working with the Crown Prince on a long term plan to rid the world of a true evil, bigger than any one country or conflict.… #Q

13. #QAnon has been pointing to "SA" all along, and it seems the Crown Prince brought his wallet with him. #Q

14. Then, a few days ago, Apr 8 #QAnon asked us:

"Why did Obama protect ISIS? Why did @POTUS focus on ISIS focus and destroy them in 1 year vs their growth during Obama's 8 years? @POTUS "vs GWB? DC access. Sold out.

15. Additionally, leading up to all of this this week #QAnon'd had emphasized #DeepState's role in promoting extremism. #Q

16. So much of #QAnon's posts over the last few months were pointing to the amazing progress @POTUS was making with the historic denuclearization of North Korea. But, 1 day after Prince MBS's Mar 14 visit w @POTUS #Q posts "Iran next []"

17. So #QAnon has told us, first North Korea, and then Iran. But leading up to this, #Q had told us that his "pedo drops" earlier in the week were "necessary" to "set the stage".

18. #QAnon has gotten us woke to some true evil going on in government, #Clowns. #Q……

19. #QAnon'd asked us about Operation Mockingbird peddling the narrative. Leading up to all of this in Syria, 10 days before the Prince's visit & 2 weeks before his election we're to believe Putin poisoned an agent & his daughter in UK March 4th. #Q…

20. Re. #QAnon's metion of #MockingbirdMedia "peddling narrative": Enter the "evil" Putin. No wonder he won his election by 77%. (Thx to @Alexander_Avg for much). #Q

21. Just like Trump is America first. Putin is Russia first. #QAnon

22. Maybe the #DeepState & global elite hate Putin so much because he is calling out the evil? How many of you have actually listened to the man speak before? 2 minutes: #QAnon

23. Here is how MSM reports Putin's sentiments to us. #QAnon #Q…

24. Putin's been fighting ISIS in Syria and didn’t want another Libya on their border. #QAnon #Q…

25. Pertinent to #QAnon's asking about Hussein Obama's role, we note that Hussein sent ISIS in to fight Putin from Mossul. #Q…

26. So #QAnon told us last night
"Intel good.
How much more incentive has Russia to continue the fight in Syria?
Everyone must save face.…

27. #Q, So here we are. #QAnon's told us about the March…

28. And, now, the
"April Showers"

29. Connection to prior #QAnon thread:…

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