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Yezidis are ethno-religious group.1 of the world oldest religions. #YezidiGenocide #YazidiKidnapped #YazidiPlight

Apr 16, 2018, 11 tweets

Mohmmad Rawndzi(mirê kur) is a Kurdish Muslim Sunni same criminal like Abu Bakir 1832 he attacked Yezidis and Assyrians (Christian) he killed about 132,000 Yezidis,killed 1000s of Christians and enslaved their women. @Kurdistan made a statue 4 him @POTUS

1)Muhammad Kurdi is Muhammad Basha AlRawndzi born in Ra andz in 1783 and was the Governor of Suran emirate which lies in northern east of Iraq between 1813-1836. Suran emirate capital was Rawndz during Ortmanns empire
This area considered as a border between Persia & Mesopotamia

2)Muhammad Kurdi who is known as Mirê kur(lost one of his eyes) Kurds call him as a nationalism hero for killing Yezidis ,Christians and enslaving their women.he was number one criminal who Genocide Yezidis during his governing
He started his attacks(killing)starting 1813-1836

3)during his attack on Yezidis.He attacked all areas where Yezidis lived,villages were burned and destroyed in Shickhan and Nineveh Plain
He killed abt 132,000 Yezidis bcz they aren’t Muslim & refused to convert to Islam.He wanted to get ride of Yezidi Prince who fought them back

4)Muhammad Rawndzi wasn’t able to kill Yezidi prince so he made a trap to kill him.Rawandzi invited Yezidi prince to capital of Suran to negotiate with him! When they didn’t get an agreement,Rawandzi Army made a trap abd killed Yezidi prince Ali Bik in an place calls Kali Ali bik

5)After getting ride of Yezidi prince he prepared his army who were about 40,000 and started his attack on Yezidis and Assyrians.
He killed a great number of Ezidis and Assyrians.the rest tried to run away,some to mountains Judi abd Taur Al3ain abd shingal mountains #YazidiPlight

6)some ran to top of mountains and to valleys.some tried to run to Mosul to ask for help but the bridge was already moved and they couldn’t cross the river bcz water level was too high
Yezidis headed to Kuainjq area near from Tigris river abd tried to protect themselves #Ezidis

7)a small group was able to swim to cross the river to arrive in safe areas,but Mirê kur army chased them and surrounded them where they tried 2 protect themselves and all were killed after days of being surrounded.Yezidi prince was also killed but his son survived #YazidiPlight

8)Mirê kur attacked Xatri Yezidi village and killed all of them. He wiped out all Yezidis In this village. Abt 10,000 Yezidi from this village were killed and all women were raped and enslaved.he collected 1000 heads of Yezidis and asked imam to go and call for prayers #Ezidxan

9)after short time Rawndzi attacked Yezidis in shingal who were massacred by his army.he killed 75% of Yezidis from shingal at that time.Yezidis who ran to caves were surrounded and killed with guns and burned. Rawndzi killed in this short time abt 100,000 Yezidi from all areas

10)Yezidis have always fought back and killed 100s of Rawndzi army. Yezidis fought back to die and didn’t agree to convert to Islam.
Ottomans have helped Rawandzi to massacre Yezidis
#YazidiPlight #YazidiGenocide

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