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Apr 16, 2018, 22 tweets

1. #QAnon drop indicates Loretta Lynch was offered a seat on the Supreme Court if she'd make the Hillary email investigation go away. @realDonaldTrump tweets about Comey throwing her "under the bus" today-setting theater stage, coming soon. #Q

2. #QAnon's responding to his Feb 6 drop re the "Tarmac meeting targeting Supreme Court/Loretta Lynch deal succeeding Antony Scalia being murdered ("187")". #Q now asks is it coincidence @POTUS tweets tonight about SC seat being offered to Loretta Lynch at tarmac meeting? #Q

3. #QAnon says that "side by side graphics are important. To be clear, Loretta Lynch was promised the Supreme Court position of Ruth Bater Ginsburg (RBG)". #Q tells us that all of this was "Coordinated. Planned." and says, "RBG big problems."

4. #QAnon responds to an anon posting Loretta Lynch memes about getting a seat on the SC. #Q clarifies that "The Plan" (tarmac deal) was for Lynch to remain AG while Hillary as President would appoint a Scalia replacement. Then Lynch would replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg retiring"

5. #QAnon exhorts the anons to perhaps better decipher his drops on the LL SC deal since #Q mentioned Anthony Scalia's murder (187) more than once, and one would need "Think (of the) timing (for) Lynch (needing to) remain AG for Hillary" first.

6. "Important going forward.": #QAnon explains we need: "Side by side graphic" of #Q's prior intel drops on the Clinton Lynch tarmac deal with the original timestamp(s) compared to today's @POTUS’ tweet.

7. An anon quickly responds to #QAnon's comm creating side-by-side graphic showing that #Q mentioned the tarmac meeting and Scalia's murder 2/6/18, and then told us 4/2/18 tarmac'd be on the April menu before @POTUS then now tweets about tarmac/Lynch/Clinton/SC today on 4/15/18.

8. #QAnon responds that the side by side graphic timeline builds are

Important because "Proofs being lost." otherwise.

"Perfect example of why we are here.
Thank you, Patriot.
Thank you ALL!

9. #QAnon instructs that the focus should also be on the fact that the Supreme Court promise, bribery, had only been dropped by #Q , until @POTUS today's "validating drops via Twitter per plan/timing."

10. #QAnon approves of another side-by-side SC/LL tarmac deal graphic reminding us of more FBI files on the tarmac meeting not released. #Q

11. #QAnon states nothing tweeted by @realDonaldTrump should be discounted, in response to an anon noting that @POTUS didn't use a question mark re: Lynch being offered a seat on the Supreme Court. #Q

12. WOW!! #QAnon's intel drop indicates Antonin Scalia's murder ("187") was a #Clown Black Op (#Brennan)! #Q: So, "we made sure a reporter was there to capture" tarmac meeting where Lynch was offered Supreme Ct seat if she made HRC investigation disappear.

13. In response to an anon posting Ruth Bader Ginsburg memes about her views on age of consent, #QAnon shared her testimony to Senate Judiciary on age of consent and many other progressivist fascist issues. #Q

14. #QAnon: "Re_read Five Eyes. Avoid US data collection laws.
Hussein." @Snowden described Five Eyes as a "supra-national intel org that doesn't answer to the known laws of its own countries" spying on one another's citizens & sharing the info. #Q

15: #QAnon reveals that "Hussein" Obama was using the "Five Eyes" to spy on Trump. We know about "Dossier FISA." But, what's not been made public is how the "Five Eyes UK/AUS" were used by Obama, "targeting [Trump] using pushed Russian decoy meetings / campaign insertions." #Q

16. Breaking: #Qanon reveals how Hussein (Obama), Hillary Rodham Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Brennan, Clapper, and the NATional SECurity team in the White House SITuation RooM executed the OPeration to spy on Trump with United Kingdom & AUStralian assistance/set up." #Q #AprilShowers

17. With #QAnon's bombshell drop, about Australia's complicity in Obama's surveillance of Trump, it is now no wonder #DeepState was listening in (and then, foolishly, leaking) Trump's early presidential call Australian PM #Q…

18. With #QAnon's bombshell drop now about UK's complicity in Obama's surveillance of Trump, it is no wonder UK's (Government Communications Headquarters) GCHQ Director abruptly stepped down 3 days after President Trump's inauguration.…

19. With #QAnon's bombshell now, we see Napolitano last March said 3 sources'd said Obama sought #GCHQ assistance in transcribing intercepted conversations involving Trump, so there wouldn’t be ‘paper trail’ evidence of Obama's treasonous crime.…

20. #QAnon says: "Re_read Five Eyes."

"Past proves future"
#Q #WWG1WGA #AprilShowers

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