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Apr 19, 2018, 31 tweets

New Q 04/19! 00:17 Are You Awake!! Q asks why Democrats are aggressively attacking Pruitt (EPA)!! Based on the linked article it seems they’ve been using the environment to line their pockets!!… #QAnon #AprilShowers #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld @realDonaldTrump

New Q 04/19 16:50 Q says Rudy/NYC/relationships high! Joining @potus legal team!! YES!! I’m hoping Insurance file is “Weiner” file it’s been quiet until now! Now that he’s not under investigation can have direct discussions w/Mueller!! Q says enjoy the show!! #QAnon #BOOM

Q continues and says, They. Never. Thought. She. Would. Lose. So they were CARELESS!! #QAnon #AprilShowers #DownSheGoes #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld @realDonaldTrump

New Q 16:55 = Q 17!! Q Posts last drop & says we have everything!! How can we use what we know legally injecting it & making it public as evidence? Q asks what we’re witnessing unfold!! Look at the news today, Patriots!! 😊 We do #TrustThePlan !!! #QAnon #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld

New Q 94/18 17:03 Q replies to last drop & says: EO, Treason, Update, Read! Study the EO’s & follow the pen! Look at RO’s post pen pic!! Connect, learn!! SKY Event!! Previous Q’s w/pen pic below! One of the Big EO’s:…

New Q 04/19 17:09 = Q 17!! Q says the push to divide is strong! He says to think about pre vs. post 2016 election! Why do they want us divided? Because we are strong together!! We need to stay strong & together! #WWG1WGA THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE!!

New Q 04/19 18:53 =17Q Q says that Nancy Pelosi has made a big ERROR admitting on video she traveled to NK in the past! Q says archive offline right away as they’re trying to cover it up! Q asks why it’s relevant & says these people will lose everything!! #QAnon @POTUS

New Q 04/19 18:53 [0] Marker Q drop!! Q replies to last drop & adds that she says this at the 13 minute mark of the video!!… #QAnon #AprilShowers #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld #ThesePeopleAreStupid @realDonaldTrump

New Q 04/19 19:04 Q says the importance of this can’t be expressed more clearly & to archive OFFLINE only immediately!! Future events re. Intel trip to NK will make heads roll!! Q asks if Pompeo is the most Sr. Official to visit since!! #FutureProvesPast #QAnon #AprilShowers

New Q 04/19 19:12 Pelosi describes her trip to NK and what was discussed in Pyongyang! She says they talked missiles/MIAs/POWs/home,& more! Missiles because of Nat. Sec. concern. They told her they’d sell her some!… #QAnon #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

New Q (continued) Q says that the words Peolosi’s used regarding Intel and buying/selling missiles will bury her!! He says think her net worth and says CLAS level highest!! #QAnon #AprilShowers #ThesePeopleAreStupid #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld @realDonaldTrump

New Q 04/19 20:03 Q says: Engineers.
Data mine NP +1 +5
Build profile 1XD x7
Eyes only. #QAnon #AprilShowers #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld @realDonaldTrump

New Q 04/19 20:05 Anon posts @Breaking911 tweet & asks why someone connected to 911 would be arrested in Syria!! w replies with, “Who captured”? #QAnon #AprilShowers #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld #911 #Syria @realDonaldTrump

New Q 04/19 20:11 Q says the Coney Memos are FAKE!! They were all written at the same time guided by Loretta Lynch + 3 CLAS!! Q says think SC!! #QAnon #AprilShowers #FakeMemos #SlimeballComey @realDonaldTrump

New Q 04/19 21:11 Anon posts Reuters article about man involved with 911 caught in Syria with caption “Who captured” Q responds, What makes a good movie? So was this an act?…

New Q 04/19 21:13 &?21:15 Q gives Anons 5 minutes for Q & A’s!! First question is about the supposed video of HRC floating around on the dark web! Q says it’s Fake and they control (the real video)? #QAnon #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

New Q 21:16 Q and A continued!! Second question: Anon asks if the Federal Reserve is ending! Q replies Structure! So it appears the structure will change! #QAnon #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

Q and A cont. 21:21 Third question: Anon asks when we’ll find out about Seth Rich & Las Vegas. Q responds SR connected to DNC, implies MS_13 killed him & he gave info to Assange. Q asks why D’s pushed rep on the family & says ETA is June!! #QAnon #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

New Q 21:23 Q and A continued!! Fourth question: Anon asks if Europe will really be broken from its chains! Q responds that this is Worldwide!! #QAnon #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

New Q 21:29 Q and A! Fifth question: Anon asks if the election fraud will be revealed soon! Q responds with, yes and midterms are safe!!!! He says to watch California!! #QAnon #AprilShowers #ElectionFraud @realDonaldTrump

New Q 04/19 21:36 Q says they’ll do another Q and A but the time is limited! He says to keep up the good fight!! #QAnon #AprilShowers #KeepUpTheGoodFight @realDonaldTrump

Some Anon comments so far in the Q drops yesterday, 04/19!! #QAnon #AmericanRevolution #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

Some Anon comments & THEORIES so far on the Q drops yesterday, 04/19!! #QAnon #AmericanRevolution #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

Some Anon comments & THEORIES so far on the Q drops yesterday, 04/19!! #QAnon #AmericanRevolution #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump @YayNarwhals

Some Anon comments & THEORIES so far on the Q drops yesterday, 04/19!! #QAnon #AmericanRevolution #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

More Anon research on NP familiy!! #QAnon #AmericanRevolution #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

More Anon research on NP familiy!! #QAnon #AmericanRevolution #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump

More Anon research on Nancy Pelosi!! #QAnon #AmericanRevolution #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump Pelosi_Nancy_HOUSE_278-financial-disclosure-2012-submitted-May-15-2013.pdf

More Anon research on Nancy Pelosi!! #QAnon #AmericanRevolution #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrum

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