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Apr 20, 2018, 24 tweets

1. #QAnon notes Giuliani's "Relationships High." in NYPD where Abedin "Insurance File" from Weiner's laptop, "Quiet until now.", when IG rpt corroborates AG Lynch used Eric Garner case to threaten NYPD to protect HRC prior to "Direct discussions avail [now] w/ Mueller." #Q

2. #QAnon: "Rudy. NYC..Enjoy the show." #Q's mentioned Erik Prince who told us the NYPD's Huma work'd been pushed "back, to the point of coercion, from Lynch's DOJ threatening to charge NYPD in the heart attack death of Eric Garner."…

3. #QAnon tells us that the Huma '“Insurance File.” Quiet until now.' #Q Now? Now the OIG corroborates Prince's account: AG Lynch was threatening NY office with Garner death in what "McCabe told [OIG} that he “never heard her use more forceful language.”

4. #QAnon's drops point to awareness that US AG Loretta Lynch used the DOJ to threaten the FBI and NYPD into obstructing evidence of Hillary's crimes in a striking abuse of power. #Q…

5. To #QAnon's point: When "NYPD first got [Weiner's] computer. They saw how disgusting.. They keep a copy & pass a copy to FBI.. money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, & sending/receiving classified info" Prince said. #Q

6. #Qanon asks:

"How can we use what we know?
How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?
What are you witnessing unfold?"

History being made. Criminal referrals starting.

"Trust the plan.

7. #QAnon: "Study EOs. Follow ‘pen’ pics."
3 EOs:

Dec 12 pic follows May EO on Election Integrity:…
Dec 21 - Blocking Property for Human Rights Abuse:…
Jan 26 - Lawful Detention of Terrorists -…


8. #Qanon says EO's are responses to "Treason." This update exhorts reading and study to connect them and learn in context of "SKY Event." - The meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch at Phoneix SKY Harbor Airport.


9. #QAnon notes that the "push to DIVIDE us is strong..Stay TOGETHER.
Stay STRONG. We, the PEOPLE.

10 . #QAnon says Pelosi's mention of her intelligence mission to discuss missile capability with North Korea is a "Big ERROR." Her
"words used re: Intel & buying/selling will bury her.
Think net worth.
CLAS Level Highest.
#Q" video 13 minute mark:…

11. #QAnon seems to have this one directed to Q team to mine all the data they can on Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional cohorts [+1 +5]. He wants them to build detailed profiles on whereabouts every day for 7 days [1XD X7]. Eyes only to designated personnel. #Q

12. #QAnon stresses importance of archiving things like this video offline where Pelosi reveals her intelligence committee visit to North Korea. #Q

13. #QAnon points to Syrian-born German nat'l, Mohamed Haydar Zammar captured by Syrian Defense Forces being interrogated, accused of recruiting 9/11 hijackers. #Q…

14. Wow!! #Qanon drop indicates the redacted Comey memos released tonight are FAKE, crafted after he's fired, with FBI & DOJ assistance, guided by #Lynch & 3 others (classified), purposely leaked to trigger Special Counsel (SC) Mueller. More criminal acts.…

15. #Qanon said Loretta Lynch & 3 others (+3 CLAS) helped Comey construct memos. They reveal astonishing amt of deception & betrayal, w constant, secret #DeepState surveillance reporting on @POTUS, lying he'd not leak, & betraying confidence always. #Q…

16. #QAnon: Mohamed Haydar Zammar had been previously captured. Are we to believe that McCain's forces are saving the day? Well, at least this movie has happy ending. #Q

17. #QAnon gave 5 min Q&A time: Anon asks about a video allegedly showing HRC & Huma on dark web.#Q says it's fake. They're in control of the one he mentioned in the past.

18. An anon asks if the Federal Reserve would be ended.
#Qanon suggests perhaps it is a matter more of structure than of termination.

19. Anon asks about #SethRich. #Qanon says June ETA for truth on #SethRichMurder ties to the DNC & (MS-13 hit men later found dead). Julian Assange. #Q asks, "Why Dems push legal representative on the family?", to sue anyone promoting "conspiracy theory".…

20. #QAnon's asked if Europe will ever be free of tyranny. #Q responds it's a world wide effort. #GreatAwakening

21. #Qanon says election fraud's to be exposed and #Q assures us midterms are safe & to watch CA.

22. #QAnon's Q&A was a a big hit.

"Time limited.
Keep up the good fight!

23. Prior #QAnon thread, unroll here:…

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