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Apr 23, 2018, 51 tweets

1. Huge #QAnon drops
“MOAB incoming”:
“Five Eyes”
“Learn our comms”
“Treasure Trove”(s)
Saudi Palace Blackwater
Armenia freed from #Clowns
“Iran is next.”
"US sends billions"
"GS fund WW leftist events"
"slush fund.EPA."
"Red Cross"
"Awans..Bin Laden"
"Huma/Valerie Jarrret"

2. #QAnon had posted Saturday that this week we would have a "MOAB (mother of all bombs) incoming". Are we seeing it now with the revelation that there was no "official" intelligence to start a Trump-Russia intel coup attempt? #Q #Brennan…

3. #QAnon's link to this reveals what a #Q bombshell this is. The American Spectator summarizes the background nicely: The CIA Director John #Brennan Colluded with Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump:…

4. So, Nunes' revelation linked by #QAnon comes from yesterday's interview by Maria Bartiromo. Nunes: "So what we found now after the investigators have reviewed it is in fact there was no intelligence."

"No evidence to support POTUS targeting.

5. #QAnon asks "Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?
She had to win at all costs.
You know why.
How do people support/vote 4 these people?"

6. So #QAnon's pointer at this lets crumbs to a rabbit hole thru the American Spectator article & back to last week's in The Guardian- very revealing! Although written as a fluff piece designed to flatter its "sources" the upshot of it is devastating. #Q…

7. #Qanon had alerted us previously to this mechanism of the Five Eyes, where NZ, USA, UK, Canada, & Australia can skirt their people's law to share intel on each other's citizens. #Q Reading the Guardian piece carefully COMPARED TO the Nunes revelations makes the (Mama?) Bomb.

8. The Guardian article is a mouthpiece for it's GCHQ sources trying to save face: "GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said." #QAnon #Q

9. #QAnon notes Nunes' revelation of no "official intel through Five Eyes", no "official" basis for surveilling Trump's campaign. BUT, Guardian piece says in that "This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a -routine- exchange of information", but later reveals that...#Q

10." ....Robert Hannigan, passed material in summer 2016 to the CIA chief, John Brennan", directly. So, we're to believe that intel seriously believed Page and Papadopolous were Russian agents and that such was discovered in routine GCHQ surveillance, yet....#QAnon #Q

11. ....there's no record Nunes can receive of any such "official" intel, while Hannigan & Brennan are bypassing their governments protections by sharing this "intel" directly, because it is "so sensitive" it has to go right to #Brennan, and through Brennan, to the NYT. #QAnon #Q

correction: last month's

12. So from this #QAnon drop, we can now see why GCHQ's Director Hannigan resigned 3 days after Trump's inauguration. No one's accused that head of the UK intelligence agency of not being intelligent. Wise move. #Q…

13. Wow!! #QAnon has again reminded us over the weekend to "Learn our comms." Over the weekend through yesterday, there were 3 occasions where references in the President of the United States' tweets followed #Q's references minutes to hours afterwards!

14. "Learn our comms":

First, #QAnon's drop on "Wendy" was followed 8 minutes later by @POTUS tweeting on "Wendy" (later corrected). Coincidence?

When it comes to memes, QAnon'd meminded us memembers of the #GreatAwakenening to memember that (pic 2)

"Misspellings matter" - #Q

15. #QAnon used "Wendy" as the "pet name" for Hussein's underage girl pictured with him between age 10-12, named Maggie Nix(on). (Maggie a few months later became active in "Knocking out abuse against women").

14. #QAnon: "Learn our comms":

Second, QAnon's drop on "Maggie" was followed 11 hours 33 minutes later by @POTUS tweeting on "Maggie" (Haberman). Coincidence?

#Q refers to #maggiehaberman getting European Union $$ to trust funds & press using secret burner phones changed wkly.

15. #QAnon: "Learn our comms":

Third, QAnon's drops yesterday on "Witch Hunt" was followed 13 hours 34 minutes later by the President of the United States tweeting "Witch Hunt". Coincidence?


16. #QAnon: "Learn our comms":

Fourth, QAnon's weekend drop on "Maggie" as Hussein's "pet" was followed 14 hours 24 minutes later by @wikileaks tweeting about "Maggie" Haberman having been shown to be a Clinton campaign "pet" almost 2 years ago from emails.



17. So what is #QAnon's connection between 1.) #Q's link to stunning revelation of CIA #Brennan working w GCHQ to spy on Trump w no official intel to start it, and 2.) his post on #ClownMedia clobbering Bachman's prior research on foreign extremist infiltration of our government?

18. #QAnon: "She had to win at all costs" because their plan to destroy the US from within & every treason committed'd be exposed without a win. Fake intel, blaming 5 Eyes, was concocted to spy on the Trump campaign. "MOAB"? #Q

19. #QAnon responds to an anon noting that Michele Bachmann's careful 2012 work detailing House intel findings of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of our United States government was met with immediate derision by #ClownMedia, so severe it curtailed her.…

20. #QAnon on this reminds me how surprised I was then of how immediate the smear upon Bachmann. A rising star fell abruptly from her trajectory. It was like the end of the Tea Party momentum. "#WitchHunt!" they cried. Lots of MB Saudi $ in DC to both parties, you see. #Q #Clowns

21. #QAnon's pointer reminds how effective was the #ClownMedia reprisal of Bachmann for daring to suggest such a thing. Her request for at least an investigation into whether foreign governments, foreign movements had infiltrated our government was regarded w wide derision. #Q

22. #QAnon reminds of this effectively. His next drop points to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan For America – Court Document #Q…

23. #QAnon's link to the MB Plan for America: #Q quotes it, “The process of SETTLEMENT is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad...."

24. #QAnon quotes (cont) "..Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…” #Q

25. #QAnon's MB quote bears repeating: A mission of "‘sabotaging’ [our] miserable house by [our] hands.." Like for example the hands of our ex-CIA Director #Brennan? A man who'd not swear on the Book that says "Thou shalt not bear false witness."? #Q

26. #QAnon: Songbird slammed Bachman & was cited by Snopes as source to smear her. #ClownMedia downplayed Huma's MB ties for 2016 election. AWAN & Jarrett = MB. Alwaleed paid for Hussein's Harvard ed. All sold US out to MB. FBI knew Enemy's within us.…

27. #QAnon confirms: Is the Salon hit piece on Bachman's "Witch Hunt" the reason why @realDonaldTrump often uses the particular term "Witch Hunt" for the attempted coup through Mueller? #Q confirms.

28. #QAnon: Hijrah (jihad by emigration) in Europe & Hussein to "fundamentally transform" America, not to assimilate, but to destroy Western civilization from within. "Why would a @POTUS embrace MB whose creed is to destroy us; & change to Sharia Law?" #Q

29. #QAnon: Is @POTUS saying the MB Witch Hunt is complete? #Q

30. Or is is #QAnon's mention of the "MOAB incoming" to mean that @POTUS is saying the retooled White House is now ready to roll? #Q

31. Pertinent to #QAnon's previous drops linking Armenia to #Clowns Now #Clown chains are broken & Armenians are celebrating! We have operators on the ground. Armenian PM resigns amid widespread cheers. #GreatAwakenening…

32. #QAnon drops reminder that Iran is next. Hussein sent $250B to Iran with no inspection of nuclear sites for compliance. No missile tech prevention. State Dept was funding Soros via pgms like USAID, EPA. Think Paris accord. Who audits / tracks the funneled money? Kickbacks.

33. #QAnon drops: SA purged their corrupt leaders, now NK chains cut, now Armenia, then Iran. Pakistan next? #DeepState, banksters protected by rogue nuclear states, holding us hostage, protecting themselves. Border states hubs for trafficking. The loudest've most to lose. #Q

34. #QAnon "When US sends billions aid, climate, etc who audits receipt? None. How does Soros fund WW leftist events?American taxpayer (subsidize). Define nuclear stand-off. Who benefits? How do you ‘squeeze’ funds out of US? Threaten humanity? #Q…

35. #QAnon on Red Cross "What's smuggled? What funds're used to pay for goods? These people are sick." Travel unhindered. Donations for smuggled kids, organs, drugs, weapons, missile tech, nuke tech?. EO'll allow seizing of assets. Haiti news: #QAnon…

36. #QAnon: What happened to the corrupt Al Gore on Earth Day? #Q…

37. #QAnon: Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan 2011 close to top Pakistan Military Academy, but the AWAN's op to infiltrate our congressional servers went green in 2004 with help from Huma, Valerie Jarret, AWAN and 3 others. #Q

38. #QAnon We'd been sending Pakistan 2.5 billion dollars a year through 2010, well before the Pakistani Awan mission op to infiltrate congress went green in 2004. #Q…

39. #QAnon: Pakistan funding taken because of their deadly acts… as overseen by SEC of STATE… but efforts to protect them in US…
"Who is protected? #Q"

40. #QAnon: Pakistan's Aid ceased in 2010, UBL killed in 2011: Coincidence? In 2011 veterans of Libya's war against Gaddafi travelled to join the uprising against Bashar Assad in Syria in 2011.…
Define ‘Exchange’: al Qaeda for ISIS
"Sick yet?

41. #QAnon shares a video precisely articulating our mission in the President's words: #Q

42. #QAnon shares President Reagan's thoughts about surrender to the Enemy as an option. "We Must Fight" for peace: #Q

43. #QAnon Confederate monuments removed to erase Dim racist history. They need poor, dependent constituents for Dim voting power. They want to silence people like @kanyewest, @w_terrence, @DiamondandSilk. No free-thinkers allowed!

44. #QAnon repeats today what he said yesterday. "Iran is next. [Marker]. #Q"
Now look today at the President's words: “Mark it down. Bigger problems than ever before.”

45. #QAnon states Macron's sole purpose in visiting the White House was to convince @POTUS, on behalf of the EU, to remain in the Iran deal. Why is the stunning progress in North Korea getting no attention? #Q

46. Nonetheless, we'll be a "Hostage no more"

47. Most recent prior #QAnon thread unrolled here:…

please unroll this latest #QAnon thread

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