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Apr 25, 2018, 11 tweets

1. #QAnon has dropped intel on the 2-pronged strategy to defeat our #GreatAwakening: 1.) Sow fear and repression of the anon community (where #Q posts) with a distributed denial of service attack against the chans, &, 2.) Promise jobs & money to all.

2. #QAnon points to the story of the mentally ill Toronto van attacker being active on the chans. Anons note #Q's intel on #Clown ctrl of Armenia going down. Anon: attacker was an Armenian who'd been in the Canadian army for 2 months, and attacked right after the Armenian coup.

3. #QAnon links a ridiculous NBC story implying that Toronto van attacker's spawned a following of sexually frustrated men who could take to murderous reprisal against women by pumping it up on the chans (where #Q posts). One anon memes a book cover.…

4. But on a more hopeful note in response to #QAnon's drop, another anon posts a list of the crime referrals on Comey, Clinton, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok, & Page by House members to DOJ. #Q…

5. #QAnon notes that collectivist Dims are so desperate for midterms they're promising free stuff to all by raising everyone's taxes! #Q

6. #QAnon is asked whether #Macron's on our side. #Q says "Politics" & "Think movie" acting. The French people are not to blame. @POTUS dealing w/ruling class (leaders/controllers) strategically one by one. President Trump makes a power shift deal to have the rise of the people!

7. #QAnon gets thank you letters from around the world, & the anons on the boards regularly express our gratitude to #Q . It's an all or nothing take down of where the money corruption's been coming from: Saudi Arabia/Roths/Soros (+++ ++ +).

8. #QAnon reveals that "We knew FLYNN would be challenged. Part of the plan?
Flynn JR recent “did not lie to VP.” Will Flynn get back a "WH position]?" Or, will #Flynn have "Role outside of WH?" #Pompeo's cleaned up CIA. State next. #Q

9. #QAnon notes that the #ClintonCrimeFamily "tried to delete the proof" of crimes not expecting @POTUS to win & take power 1/20. #DeepState tried to clean the evidence of their crimes, but "Nothing is deleted. with the NSA. They will tackle evil "Treason / corruption 1st." #Q

10. Link to most recent prior #QAnon thread, unroll here:…

11. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here

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