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Apr 25, 2018, 14 tweets

1. #QAnon mentioned MSM knocks against chan boards "is about us" & we can "expect more". We're being targeted for denial of service attacks (+DDoS). Shortly after an anon notes a website blamed for launching >4M cyber-attacks' taken down.…

"Stay awake.

2. #QAnon noted that because of the #NSA, their "insurance" plan, their coup attempt to unseat an elected President is "w/o cover." #Q asks us is it a "Coincidence?" that that the "Speaker of House is resigning!", and tells us we
"have more than you know."

3. #QAnon notes the relative MSM quiet over Army Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone being already confirmed to be #NSA Director & the leader of U.S. Cyber Command, to replacing Admiral Rogers who's been planning for some time now to retire this spring. #Q…

4. #QAnon asks who are the true fascists, the true racists? "They are losing control." #Q

5. #QAnon asking "who are the the true racists?" has interesting timing, given the left's heads exploding over @kanyewest DARING to admire our #VeryStableGenius.. They are already plotting to again declare #Kanye mentally ill. #Q

6. Wow! #QAnon just revealed that release of 6 months of missing texts located by IG between Strzok and Page has already happened BUT they've not been made public. They're buying time because they're so toxic, & dangerous with threats that there is a debate how to handle them!

7. Whew! #QAnon elaborates on the toxic, & dangerous threats associated with
6 months of missing texts located by IG between Strzok and Page: MURDER!!

"Note 187.

8. #QAnon's "murder" drop's followed by his repost from Jan 22 drop, #Q: "What'd happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several [internals] discussed the assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or family member? What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved?"

9. #QAnon suggests it's no coincidence Giulliani met w Mueller today. Revelation of an FBI/DOJ/Dim assassination plot would effectively end Mueller investigation, revealing collusion to stop @POTUS by any means necessary. Corruption/treason investigations continue, as planned. #Q

10. #QAnon's told of MOAB this week. Tommorrow's deadline to release the remaining JFK assassination files. Would releasing Strzok/Page assasination texts at same time cause one story to eclipse other or would hostile #DeepState media combine themes?… #Q

11. #QAnon shows similarity of the fascist National Socialist German Worker's Party (NAZI) flag to the fascist group "Antifa"'s flag. Fascists are fascists though the latter devoid of any new idea, copying old flags. But conveying the same idea nonetheless. #Q

12. #QAnon asks us if we are

"Ready for tomorrow?

Can't wait!

13. Most recent prior #QAnon today, unroll here:…

14. @threadreaderap please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here

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