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Apr 27, 2018, 10 tweets

The story on @HeraldTribune’s controversial gun writer is getting some attention. The @NPR station in Tampa @wusf aired it this morning.

Conflicts Cloud How Audience Perceives Journalists

THREAD @HeraldTribune and @GateHouse_Media have Website Terms of Use. Senior Editor Lee Williams frequently violates his own company’s rules in his Herald-Tribune social media posts. See the highlighted areas below. @Indira_L @poynter @AlanMCohn

2) #Sarasota @HeraldTribune gun writer Lee Williams calls someone a “pu**y” in his Facebook post. (image below/left)

That word is abusive, obscene and misogynistic, in direct violation of several of his company’s terms of use. See highlighted areas on image below. (right)

3) This is a Facebook post by @HeraldTribune senior editor Lee Williams. He calls Dick’s Sporting Goods “a bunch of dicks,” when the retailer announced it would stop selling assault-style rifles after the #Parkland shooting. This directly violates his company’s terms of use.

4) In this post, #Sarasota @HeraldTribune gun writer Lee Williams inappropriately jokes about a man’s ethnicity/religion. @Indira_L @Poynter @NPR @MatthewESauer @PennyRiordan1 @BillChurchMedia @pdorsey

5) In this post, @HeraldTribune senior editor Lee Williams makes an unfair, judgmental remark about someone’s mental health, saying he’s “off his meds.” Mental illness is nothing to joke about.

6) This inappropriate tweet by @HeraldTribune’s Lee Williams jokes about someone’s nationality and references World War II.

Also, a Herald-Tribune senior editor retweeted Breitbart, which doesn’t violate the rules, but is offensive to anyone with integrity and common sense.

7) In this post, a @HeraldTribune senior editor uses foul language and a disgusting, inappropriate image. It’s unnecessary and extremely offensive.

8) The @HeraldTribune’s very own @HT_GunWriter enthusiastically praised a posted image that uses a derogatory, misogynistic word to describe @DICKS Sporting Goods, after the retailer announced it would stop selling assault-style rifles following the #Parkland massacre.

9) In this post by @HeraldTribune senior editor and gun writer Lee Williams, he alludes to the fact that he’d like to see gumball dispensers filled with bullets. Gumball machines are generally associated with children. What’s his point? This is tasteless and inappropriate.

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