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Apr 28, 2018, 7 tweets

@dbongino expressed that the once the FBI had the evidence, it is EVIDENCE and belongs to the DOJ to use.
covert way to introduce evidence, and think of all the evidence Mueller has to have by chance on #HRC, #BHO #DNC
Muel may not charge it but DOJ CAN!!

#Qanon major post...……… <<<Where #anons go to search for sealed indictments.… <<because he doesn't have to investigation over.…

Q trying to suggest Mueller is on @Potus team all along?
Covert action, after all the d's demanded the investigation...
If R's had started it everyone would scream bias, and consider it a HRC hunt………

@GenFlynn charge was a ruse?
Sure would remove the eyes off him and everyone consider him null/void to work through back channels to a certain Ambassador he met with previously? (just guessing here but plausible)

more on @GenFlynn
Done in 30, Flynn to be exonerated by the new Judge and his guilty plea set aside?
He is a Patriot and deserves full restitution and returned to @WhiteHouse by @realDonaldTrump

Forgot the add, at the very start of this ordeal it was rumored that @GenFlynn got a long high ranking list of #pedophiles from the Russia Ambassador from more than one report, but slept since then and can't remember I heard/read it.
The reason #Traitors had to get him out

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