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Apr 30, 2018, 8 tweets

1. News today suggests #Songbird ("No name") would try to finish his term. But, on a lighter note, #QAnon gives us better news, i.e.,

"No name out.

2. And, for even better news, #QAnon tells us that #Songbird's BFF is now also singing:

"We love good singers.

3. #QAnon drops that Iran nuclear deal didn't even define confinement of Iran's nuke effort. So, they grew a nuke facility in Northern Syria. We knew & can trace planes, cash & U1 material. U1 (Uranium one) deal was foreign cover of giving 'em nukes, but

Patriots in control.

4. World's changing fast! #QAnon drops that @POTUS has declassified the Syria/Iran + #U1 connection!! How's #EU fit? They're getting 5% of $250 billion we've been sending Iran! Netanyahu's disclosure's just now's after last night's #Syria #BOOMs & just after Pompeo's visit. #Q

5. #QAnon: Much happeing today's detailed by #Q long ago. In pre-political days, why did Al-waleed bin Talal (ABT) pay for Hussein's Harvard education? ABT's arrest last fall was significant. #TheGreatAwakening…

6. #QAnon. Hussein received a Columbia BA in 1983. In 1985, Prince ABT gave $20M to Harvard. In 1988, Hussein entered Harvard Law.…………


7. Tne most recent prior #QAnon drop thread can be found here:…

8. @threadreaderapp please unroll the latest #QAnon thread from #Q here

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