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Apr 30, 2018, 26 tweets

For the 2nd time after the #Douma nonsense Eliot Higgins plays dumb to appear smart. Let's see how the psychological in depth analysis applies:

Either they recreated it or the creation was some kind of hell canon theme variation or they used some old and previously dropped modifications. In fact no image is known of an helicopter dropping yellow cylinders and only very few presented cylinders show those modifications.

You find hardly more than maybe 5 images of similar modification. Khan-al-Assal, Aleppo, Kallaseh. SAMS provided an image from Latamneh showing a cylinder with scratches maybe caused by such modifications. However, the wheels appeared in 2018 but maybe existed earlier.

Most of the time the presented cylinders show no modification but sometimes believable damage.
However, in Douma 2 such modification were found. One bounced onto a bed and under the carpet without serious damage while the other one is too deformed to fit the undeformed cylinder.

The modification itself is not very plausible. Two ring on the upper side suggest soem kind of suspension that apparently doesn't exist while the wheels suggest a dropping from the open door of the helicopter. Therefore Al Jazeera had a problem to animate a plausible scenario.

For some reason Higgins missed one possible scenario.
The modifications (corset, fins, rings, wheels) used in the Douma fake attack can be old ones taken from the junk yard of war or replications of originals. There are some possibilities which do not contradict natural laws.

Neither of both cylinders smashed through the roof. Both were placed in position.

Indeed only the one that is looking down into an old sooted hole was placed next to some damage done. In the small room below was neither dust nor rubble on the furniture and some stuff on the floor. This situation is very different to the appearance of the bed cylinder room.

IF Higgins' attack narrative is true THEN the following happened before the video of dead bodies was taken:
- impact (a lot of rubble and dust)
- a curtain fell slower that the dust
- a pack of fiberglass rolled on top of the rubble but after the dust was settled
- something...

...on top of the rubble started to burn, ignited the paint on the wall, sooted the ceiling including the concrete inside the hole
- at the same time fluid chlorine spilled down into the room
- all people in the cellar hear the pssst of the valve

- in panic they leave their shoes behind, run out of the cellar door, back in the front door, up the stairs into the biting smell of a greenish fog
- meanwhile the fire dies out and the cylinder freezes
- most of the people die in front of the toilet

- a young family with baby lay down in the laudery room, one boy makes it into the carpet room
- someone alive goes up to the 3rd floor stepping over the bodies of two girls and cleans the furnitue
- he tries to wash away the burnt paint on the wall and hits a hole into it

- the Jaish al Islam propaganda activists storming up the stairs without any protection
- the gass is completely gone, no caughing at all
- no remaining blaze or smoke from the fire
- just a frozen cylinder is looking down in the blackened hole

In a variation the gas creeped down the stairs, out of the front door, made a turn into the cellar door and all the people died in the cellar.
Someone found them in the cellar and carried them upstairs just to collect them in front of the toilet before the video team arrived.

In a third variation someone collected bodies from all over the house in front of the toilet but stopped any effort when the video team arrived. Two flats on the 1st and 2nd floor were already completely empty. (no dust, no gas, no smoke, frozen cylinder...

Both variation are possible scenarios without violating time and gravity.
I personally believe that a lot of people suffocated in the basements that day. In a desperate try to stop Assad an idea might be born to take the dead or almost dead and some stuff from the junk yard.

It is not clear if chlorine was released in the other building at all. The chickens are fine. Alleged indications like "frozen" or "green bed" are "likely" wrong.
The ice on the cylinder is just dust or powder or sugar and the greenish bed appears a little later just brown.

The first greenish image (above) seems to imply that the entire bed is frozen while a lake of green gas tints the bed around the cylinder. It might be physically possible but why should the bed be frozen while the cylinder is not?
And what colored the white pillow?

In the next tweet Higgins might be dangerous close to the truth. In fact, the White Helmets were out to pull the bodies from the basements and a lot of them might be Jaysh al Islam activists too (e.g. like in Idleb). No timing was needed just a whisper into the ear but...

Higgins ignores (for ideological narrowness) the witness account from e.g. Hassan Diab. His family was called to the hospital. The cameras already waited. Most surprisingly some hospital official tweeted just minutes before the hosing that the hospital is damaged and out of duty.

The last tweet of the "last hospital" in Douma might be a hint that the idea for a staged attack wasn't just a spontaneous enlightenment by some activist but maybe a plan at a higher level.
However, the hospital videos show no victim of a CW attack. Instead kids waiting...

...to be hosed and beaten and to get some Salbutamol spray in the wrong way.
The wrong apllied asthma spray has a long tradition in odd CW attacks. Since Higgins tries to prove the present incident by alleged old incidences, here is an example:

No matter if the staged attack was timed or not, at least one Jaysh al Islam photographer was in the house without protection, was in the hospital without decontamination, was at the house in the morning without symptoms, and had a farewell party with other activists days later.

Higgis wrote his thread to point you at his new mastepiece that lacks any plausibility but "Assad did it before". K. Roth (HRW) promotes it as "physical" while violating all involved physics (time, gravity, force...) and had chosen a picture that contradicts the entire story.

Sorry the above Higgins tweed is not the right one. Here is what he wrote as 2nd tweet:

No kartharsis but some final advice by Higgins:

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