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May 4, 2018, 29 tweets

1. #QAnon:


"Come and take it" ("Molon labe") - President Donald J Trump, May 4th, 2018


2. #QAnon has a new secure board, anons:

3. #QAnon's "Pre_staging" for his new secure board.

President Trump in Dallas today "Come and take it!" 1835. NEVER surrender! Born free! #Q

4. #QAnon drops: James Baker, top adviser to former FBI Director James Comey was FIRED April 21st. Reports today that he has "resigned" are false. He was removed in January and FIRED last month. #Q

5. #QAnon: Lisa Page, a top adviser to Andrew McCabe is now FIRED; reports today that she resigned are false. Importantly: Her testimony has been received! Tracking? Yes. #Q… #Q

6. #QAnon Mike Kortan, #Comey's FBI Assistant Director for Public Affairs was FIRED, but is cooperating under the 'resigned' title since Feb. #Q…

7. #QAnon: Josh Campbell, Fmr. Special FBI Assistant to James Comey was "FIRED" with DOJ as a target. Josh Campbell is yet another #DeepStateCabal intelligence officer working now as a #FakeNewsCNN correspondent.

8. #QAnon: David Laufman was FIRED/FORCEd out in Feb, as ex-Chief of DOJ’s Counterintelligence & Export Control Section responsible for National Security in connection with the #CrookedHillary investigation (or lack thereof). #Q…

9. #QAnon: John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General – Head of DOJ’s National Security Division was FIRED/FORCEd out 3 weeks before DJT's election. He oversaw NSA's surveillance program, as part of their Russia probe. #Q…

10. #QAnon: Sally Yates, of course, 86'ed. She was instrumental in unmasking, and the plot to frame Flynn, & pit him falsely against Pence. #Q

11. #QAnon: Mary McCord, Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCEd out “to pursue new career opportunities.” #Q…

12. #QAnon: Bruce Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General has been demoted twice but still employed while a cooperating witness [though his power's been removed]. We recall it was his wife Nellie who was working with Fusion GPS to set up President Trump. #Q…

13. #QAnon: Rachel Brand, Associate Attorney General and the No. 3 official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein - FIRED/FORCEd out in Feb, after nine months on the job…

14. #QAnon: Cross reference DOJ/FBI clean-out against many House/Senate resignations/final term announcements & huge list CEO departures.

15. #QAnon asks us to "Re-read his drops." On Jan 19, 2018, #Q dropped on HUSSEIN's CABINET / STAFF using private email addresses, asking for
what the purpose? He listed 13 people. On Apr 21, 2018, he confirmed, again, 13, reiterating the first 2 + Hussein. #Q

16. Interestingly on that same day, Jan 19th, #QAnon also mentioned the "private email addresses" being used for the 4am talking points delivery for our daily fake news to MSM via paid contractors. #Q

17. But, of course, it is probably, just as #QAnon likes to say, just a "Coincidence?" that he happened to use the phrase "private email addresses" in both messages on Jan 19th. There's probably no significance of that Jan 19th day. #Q

18. On Apr 26, 2018 when some new Strzok-Page texts were released, #QAnon dropped that new intel was also revealed: draft e-mails in shared Gmail account, a well-worn online attempt to keep comms secret, but

"We have it all.
The right people have the information.

19. The info that #QAnon refers to, inclusive of the private comms between Strzok and Page, now we learn, the FBI, of course, is trying to block. #Q…

20. Anyways, the important thing to note is that #QAnon cites both [R] & [EG] in the context of these shared secret Gmail comms along with "Many shared users [foreign & domestic]" with "variable access" using "codes". #Q refers to SS code names [R] & [EG].…

21. #QAnon asked us to "Define Evergreen." Evergreen is not only the Secret Service code name for Hillary Clinton, it is also a "private email address" of Hillary Clinton. #Q……

22. #QAnon asks us to "Define Evergreen." Evergreen has occult, Pagan, Druid meanings of everlasting life. Webster notes Evergreen to "remain functional thru more than one season; universally and continually relevant : not limited in applicability to a particular event/date" #Q

23. In the past, after a @POTUS' administration is no longer in office, after losing an election, or surpassing term, once the season the People had granted them had passed, they would behave accordingly. Not 44's. #QAnon #Q

24. #QAnon asks us about today, about John Kerry & Iran, impressing on us an important context for future news: Why are Hussein & JK still traveling worldwide to meet with foreign heads of State, some of whom are our enemies? They no longer govern/rep US!…

25. #QAnon: Why are Hill & Bill doing the same, flying under the radar, managing to keep it unreported - why? #Q #Evergreen

26. #QAnon: Why did Kerry pretend to be representing the United States in meeting with the Palestinians to tell them to not cooperate with our President, indicating to them that he'd information that President Trump'd not be our president for "long"? #Q…

27. #QAnon: Much thanks to the anon that put #Q's posts together well in this graphic:

28. The prior #QAnon thread is this one:…

29. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here

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