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May 11, 2018, 9 tweets

can you tell me what this means? this doc? sec.gov/Archives/edgar…

#COSINT @20committee @thespybrief is Rostelecomm the parent of Russia Today? sec.gov/Archives/edgar…

I have a specific reason for asking. @MrFelt_ as follows:

I tracked the lat/long of an IP I am studying to this address, 32 Nizhegorodskaya Str, Moscow. That's what came up.


A data center and a research institute.

A little further digging reveals that this is Yandex. Gosh, so interesting.
they used a front "Media Service Plus LLC", as you can see, it's at the same physical building as Rostelecomm, per the link at the top of this thread; and registered ntx .ru.

Bear with me just a wee bit more. NTX,ru is registered dNS yandex,net. virustotal.com/en/domain/ntx.…. That itself is yandex,ru virustotal.com/en/domain/yand… and its first ever resolution is here: (plus fascinating who is on . net)

Yandex,net virustotal.com/en/domain/yand… was on this ip virustotal.com/en/ip-address/… during 2015 through 2018. Note: the @csiscanada addy on the top and Twitter,yandex,ru

Also note all the @Ukraine search IPs here. Yandex used its search to target and kill Ukranian citizens by IP tracking them.

Lastly, whatever safenames in Bucks is, it's a Yandex front, and although this image is a tangent to the above line of inquiry, so ignore, I have to say the Ruskies have all the balls in the world when it comes to jokes look at the name @gchq @nsagov @Pinche_Pi @counterchekist

end thread EOF #COSINT ^

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