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May 16, 2018, 12 tweets

The new @OPCW report on #Saraqib is the usual quackery: Talking of 2 Chlorine cylinders (not even "bombs") attack despite AGAIN not having been there and not having chain of custody. opcw.org/fileadmin/OPCW…

"open-source information"

As usual, friendly neighborhood crypto-jihadis of @SyriaCivilDef & @sams_usa provided contact to "interviewees". We remember how that panned out in #Douma...

As usual, "barrel bombs" are calmly dropped by helicopters (despite possession & usage of MANPADS against SAA jets) and proficiently target free fields where the toxic influence of Chlorine is lowest because it easily spreads/dilutes.

Look, they've learned from the PR fail that was "sandal guy" after #KhanSheikoun.

Funny enough, one of the designated laboratories found a lot of "Sarin" breakdown products while the other did not.

Also, puzzlingly, the report states adamantly that no explosion was heard by "witnesses". How do you explain finding TNT in provided samples then?

In addition, recall Chemistry 101. Should Cl2 react with humidity in soil, an increase in Cl- ions is to be expected. But where does excess K+ come from? Almost like somebody poured KCl on the ground?

Another startling inconsistency is Cl- content in wipes from the inside of cylinders (red) and how it mismatches with soil contamination (green).

reconciles that with the usage of fertilizer. But I have doubts the area was even used agriculturally. Pics show only grass and abundance of ammonia/potassium varies. Who'd use fertilizer unevenly on a lawn in an anyway dry region?

You could argue that Cylinder 1 just wasn't as damaged so maybe more Chlorine remained in there but this is contrasted by Samplers being able to grasp inside with ease. Also Impact 1 is supposedly closer to basement w/ victims.

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