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May 16, 2018, 21 tweets

1. #QAnon: Senate Intel w Brennan, Clapper, & Rogers now on Intel Comm Assessmnt (ICA) of Russians in election . Comey a no-show. ADM Rogers'd refused 2endorse ICA. Strzok (PS) wrote it. Cleaning out FBI/DOJ 1st then CIA/State. Nunes/Gowdy future roles? #Q…

2. #QAnon suggests we "follow the pen." @POTUS's already written orders to release all. Today Rep Jordan tweeted the request to auth release of DOJ docs. Visible letters in #Q's May 10 pic of pen with filename "DOJNUNESRELEASE" will match WH release order.

3. #QAnon affirms that 90 days before 2016 election, #Strzok's visit to London on #Comey's orders for "#CrossfireHurricane" was for Strzok to collude with UK's Secret Intel Svc (SIS, ie, MI6) to subvert US election via collusion with foreign nations.…

4. #QAnon An anon noted "New eyes joining the fight Q" to which Q assured us those actively trying to discredit will fail:

"Those with an agenda to silence will fail.
Pain coming.

5. #QAnon gives us ABCs of US history: Special Intel Svc was covert FBI branch that transformed into CIA. British Secret Intel Svc is MI6. FVEY allows UK to monitor US & vice versa. SIS under Brennan not good. But Pompeo cleaned house & under Haspel SIS now hopefully...#Q

6. #QAnon clarifies to those mistakenly trying to match #Q's May 10 pen pic to Jordan's memo. The President's unreleased Exec Order has already been written on WH letterhead. President Trump's May 2 tweet was foretelling this.
"It must be requested 'officially' first, correct?"

7. #QAnon: "FREEDOM" Caucus was formed in 2015, & Jordan chaired it thru 2017 as "a 'smaller, more cohesive, agile and active' group of conservative Congressmen". Rep Meadows currently chairs it. Note: #Q said the map's been "planned for 3 years". There are no coincidences.

8. #QAnon reminds us that there is more than meets the eye with the #MuellerInvestigation. "Can the investigation officially/publicly drop POTUS from review & continue? Why'd the #Podesta Group close shop? Confused?
SC targeting whom?
Questions reveal answers.
Time will tell.

9. #QAnon beckons us to the great spirit of President Reagan who wrought our destiny: then, a last best hope of man on earth- saved our children for the time being from "a thousand years of darkness" - winning the cold war. Now, we fight a closer evil! #Q

10. #QAnon:

"You have a choice.
Do what is right.

11. #QAnon responds to an anon's repost of #Q's Jan 14, 2018 comment on



(People packed out to the Washington monument Jan 20, 2017) (notwithstanding #FakeNewsCNN)

12. #QAnon. #GinaHaspel knows! She has an impressive history from Operations and not a political appointee. London. SIS good. Gina knows. #Q

13. #QAnon confirms 100% authenticity to an anon finding today's unsealing order of Anthony Weiner's search and seizure warrant. #Q affirms strategy for legal professionals to search pacer to pull up any and all unsealed indictments in any given federal court.

14. #QAnon finds an anon impressive in noting the connection between today's unsealing of Anthony Weiner's search and seizure order and NY AG Schneiderman being now gone with a proper judge in place (U.S. District Judge Denise Cote). #Q

15. #QAnon now sorts out confusion over his "pickle" reference a few days ago. #Q

16. #QAnon. So the pickle factory's the c_a and the story about Strzok and Brennan working together to collude against P0TUS is true. Comey ships PS to UK to plant docs. Fake #CrossFireHurricane name given to imply legendary heroism, as attempt to defuse, but #MOAB gunna blow. #Q

17. Well, well, #Q. What a revolting development!…?

#QAnon. 💯

18. Latest thread to prior #QAnon link is here:…

19. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here:

20. Text messages between Strzok & Page refer to "CH" consistent with reference to #CrossfireHurricane. Although the discussion on the codename has it redacted, it fits the context and timeline.

21. #QAnon The timing of NYT cover for #CrossfireHurricane means only a few, very high up could've leaked it. Very few people knew about spying on 2016 Trump campaign, which means the leakers for this story come from a relatively small pool of people.…

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