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May 17, 2018, 8 tweets

Yesterday @POTUS said that #Immigrants trying to enter the US are #animals, not people.

Let's look at who he's talking about.

#Trump will separate children from parents to discourage #Immigrants, even those legally requesting amnesty. goo.gl/1qLtoL 1/6 #sanctuary

Not people? So it's okay to separate children from their parents indefinitely?

Does that @CBP officer look proud of his job? 2/6 #dehumanization #RacismInAmerica #SanctuaryCities #sanctuary

This mother and son look like #people to me.

For some reason the @CBP officers don't seem to want to be in the picture. 3/6 #prisonreform

Four #Dreamers traveled to the ALREADY EXISTING wall in Nogales, AZ to meet with their mothers on the other side in Nogales, Mexico. They hadn't seen each other in years.
📰Article: goo.gl/q2J2kh
4/6 #keepfamiliestogether

So if they aren't people, they have no #HumanRights and can be imprisoned indefinitely?

These are #minors who were caught crossing the border illegally.
📰goo.gl/xmkYRj 5/6 #detainmentcamps #internmentcamps

If they aren't people, then losing 1,500 of their little ones isn't a problem.

For some reason the Pizza Gate nut jobs don't care about these kids, or whether they are victims of #humantrafficking.

Please unroll.

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