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May 20, 2018, 14 tweets

1. #QAnon The President of the United States tweets today that if FBI/DOJ were infiltrating a campaign to benefit another campaign, the only way to get conclusive answers is to release or review docs House Intel (&, Senate Judiciary) requested. BIG CLUE! #DrainTheSwamp! #Q

2. #QAnon responds to an anon's reposting of the President's important tweet:

"They thought it was coming yesterday.
They were wrong.
Follow the pen.


3. #QAnon:

"They thought it was coming yesterday."

4. To #QAnon's statement, one anon responds to #Q's drop with an interesting formulation.

5. When #QAnon dropped his response to the President's tweet, he, evidently purposely, revealed his prior password - "Now comes the pain in -- -23"
#Q. At first, revealing his pw sent some anons into a stir until they realized it was another Q-comm...

6. To #QAnon's drop, an anon notes more evidence of foreknowledge when #Q entered the trip code, that the PAIN would be delivered "—-23!!!" #Q tells us to watch news on that day. He confirms new code security with /CM/BO/ admins ("Code Monkey" admin, & /qresearch/ Board Owner).

7. #QAnon's "that day" "—-23!!!". #Q

Wednesday is the 23rd of May.
June 12 is 23 days from now (NK summit).

8. After #QAnon gives above drop attached to the President's tweet to "Follow the pen", #Q then drops a pic named "FTP.jpg". Q seems clearly to be telling us that @POTUS's signed for "release or review of documents that the House Intel" & Senate Judiciary want.

9. I looked at #QAnon's Follow The Pen pic to convince myself whether that scratch is consistent with President Trump's signature. It is.

10. #QAnon posts the drop with the exposed password in the read-only /patriotsfight/ board confirming it was legit. #Q

So - release of FBI/DoJ investigation docs requested by Rep Jordan, Meadows, & DeSantis signed! #DeepState expected it yesterday (#FalseFlag attacks).

11. To #QAnon's point, the jacket #Pagourtzis wore to massacre's adorned w Communist Party hammer & sickle, Naitional Socialist German Worker’s Party Iron Cross, & knights templar's Baphomet for evil.
They thought it coming yesterday.
Need for symbolism'll be their downfall

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