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May 21, 2018, 33 tweets

1. Quite a statement coming from the "failing NYT": "Efforts by a hostile foreign power to influence an American presidential election — with or without the assistance or knowledge of the winning candidate — may well be a scandal “bigger than Watergate!” #CrossfireHurricane

2. In the UK, at a Cambridge University “Race To Change The World” conference, July 11-12, 2016, with Madeleine Albright at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities (CRASSH), #StefanHalper approached Carter Page.…

3. "To be clear, #CarterPage has always been open about the fact that he has never met Donald Trump." But the former FBI intel operator, Naval Academy graduate with background in Navy intel'd somehow been desgnated a Trump campaign adviser just a few months earlier.

4. So, Professor #StefanHalper "took the opportunity to strike up a conversation" with Page who'd ostensibly been "named"(?) as a Trump campaign "foreign policy adviser".

5. But Professor #Halper'd more than academic interest in US politics — he was a longtime UK/US intel asset. And, in 2016, began working as campaign spy for the Obama FBI as it set the "#Russia" cover, for what would later be dubbed "#CrossfireHurricane".…

6. Page told Big League Politics that he was under constant surveillance, just like #Papadopoulos. Clarice Feldman reports for American Thinker: This may explain, in large part, reluctance of DOJ to reveal what it knows publicly. #FiveEyes exposure.

7. #Papadopoulos’ communications were also wiretapped in real time, as far back as Apr 18, 2016, as the “Affidavit of Criminal Complaint”, filed in July 2017 by FBI, unwittingly shows.……

8. BLP notes that #StefanHalper was no slouch in #DeepState campaign spy-ops. "#Halper'd conducted an op to collect inside information on Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy in 1980 campaign, a charge he strongly denies. But, if true, he certainly had long experience in such matters."

9. With evidence to suggest that #Stefan had very senior level expertise in the clever art of #DeepState opposition campaign spying, it is no wonder that the attempts from #DeepState #Clowns to cover-up, with cries of "Danger!". Cries of "wolf" methinks.…

10. Insofar as #Halper was a former advisor to three Republican presidents, he had perfect cover, but, make no mistake, on November 3, 2016, he publicly stated that Hillary would be "the best option".… #QAnon #Q

11. Page & Papadopoulos're but 2 of 3 Trump advisers who #Halper roped in. "In late summer, the professor met with Trump campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis for coffee in Northern Va, offering to 'provide foreign-policy expertise' to the Trump effort." -NYT. Foreign expertise indeed.

12. "Northern Va"? What on earth would our UK Cambridge professor #Halper be doing in "Northern Virginia"? What's in "Northern Va"?

13. WaPo writes that "the professor has provided information to the FBI and the CIA both before and AFTER special counsel Mueller III’s appointment in May 2017." (caps mine).

14. When the professor "reached out" to Sam Clovis, “He said he wanted to be 'helpful' to the campaign” & lend his experience", Clovis' atty Toensing said.
#Halper asked Clovis "to meet again but Clovis was too busy. The professor NEVER mentioned his contacts w other Trump aides"

15. On Sep 2, 2016, Professor #Halpert 'reached out' to #Papadopoulos, offering $3,000 (of whose $?) to write a paper about "oil fields off the coast of Turkey, Israel and Cyprus", says WaPo, a long-standing practice of spys to develop a patsy by first offering the target money.

16. But Halper was not a lone wolf. Joseph #Mifsud, claimed member of the #ClintonFoundation and donor also approached Papadopoulos, and then there's Alexander #Downer, whose tip from Pap's drunk ramblings supposedly prompted the #Russia probe, is also connected to the #CF.

17. But #Halper's at the bottom of the totem pole. Surely, Obama loyalists'll paint the Halper op as a one-off. But Halper’s spying is just the tip of the greatest political espionage scandals in American history, the tip of the iceberg, or, as #QAnon termed, the D5 avalanche. #Q

18. Link to my prior thread (#QAnon) is here:…

19. @threadreaderapp please unroll my latest thread here:
(#QAnon D5 #Q)

20. As #QAnon had told us this is not about "R vs D", this is about saving America. We know that McCain received the #FakeDossier via David Kramer back in November of 2016, and handed it over to the FBI.…

21. #QAnon'd told us about "UK:US: We know that during that time, McCain met with Sir Andrew Wood (former UK diplomat) to receive the #DodgyDossier.…

22. #QAnon'd told us about a level "D5" avalanche to come. Well, last week the Senate Intel Committee released a lot of documents. Included was a full copy of the dossier, including a December 2016 POST-ELECTION memo!!

23. This memo that McCain was passing around AFTER the election included all sorts of phantasmagoric fabrications (lies), including the "intel" that Michael Cohen, in Prague, made cash payments to Russian FSB connected hackers to target the DNC and other connected players!

24. However, MICHAEL COHEN HAS NEVER BEEN TO PRAGUE. It was debunked back after the dossier was released, when Cohen provided his passport, & receipts to prove he wasn't in Prague at the time of this report, or EVER.…

25. So right after the intel community receives this supposedly unsolicited Dec 2016 memo w the tall tale about Cohen in Prague, CrowdStrike, who'd received ~$100K the day after Seth Rich murder, comes out with Russia hack story.……

26. Two weeks later, "the official intel report", now provably false, concluding that Russia hacked DNC, was released. "17 agencies" Even the Coast Guard knew it was so, you see.

27. So it appears, that select IC ops, who'd used the #PhonyDossier already to obtain #FISA warrants, etc, via #FusionGPS and McCain/Kramer, used this bogus pre-inauguration memo as "proof" that hacking was done by Russia, and then someone passed it on to Crowdstrike.

28. Who provided the intelligence to Steele? Why did Brennan go to Moscow in March 2016 for purposes unknown? What did McCain have to do with it?…

29. Hats off to @tracybeanz for her scholarly reporting on much of the new dossier info.

30. When #QAnon spoke of the #D5 Avalanche, he wasn't kidding.

31. #SamClovis reveals tonight that he now believes that #StefanHalper's task in interacting with him, and the others, was to try and develop an audit trail connecting someone in the Trump campaign back to the 30,000 missing Hillary emails! #CrossfireHurricane #QAnon #Q

32. For the #QAnon events paralleling the release of this info, more can be found here:

33. #SpyGate sources are now saying #StefanHalper bled disinfo to Hillary’s #FakeDossier. #Stefan #Halper's paid a total of $411,575 in 2016 & 2017 for US government work that included spying on the Trump campaign.…



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