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May 23, 2018, 55 tweets

1) It seemed obvious from the start that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was being played to lose. What if there was a second investigation designed to approach it from the bottom up?

2) What if there was a 2nd investigation, not into Hillary but into intelligence personnel stealing information that wound up in Hillary’s emails. What if it found a conspiracy to the highest levels of government?

3) In early 2016, it was revealed that Hillary was receiving ‘intelligence reports’ from Sidney Blumenthal as early as 2011. Most related to Libya, and many containing data taken from highly classified US intelligence. observer.com/2016/03/hillar…

4) Andrew McCarthy has identified signals from President Obama to the FBI/DOJ to protect Hillary from prosecution in Spring of 2016. @AndrewCMcCarthy nationalreview.com/2018/01/hillar…

5) John Schindler at the Observer identified many of these same issues publicly in 2015 & 2016. Including the realization that the President Obama had made it clear the DOJ/FBI was going to protect Hillary. @20committee

6) What Schindler also noted was that the NSA was also investigating the information in her emails. Not just an investigation into the server & classified information, but on the acts described in them.

7) Hillary, Huma Abedin, & Cheryl Mills generated some bad blood with the NSA early in her tenure as Secretary of State. Her entire office was a SCIF, but they wanted to avoid checking their ‘personal email’ on the unclassified computer at State. Guess they didn't want evidence!

8) Most of use understand it was to conceal Clinton Foundation & other activity in those emails, including Pay to Play deals. It wouldn’t be good to have an audit trail of providing State Department favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation

9) State released an email from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary because it wasn’t marked Classified. @20Committe immediately noticed that it actually contained very classified information taken from NSA SIGINT interceptions.

10. Between January & March 2016, the NSA confirmed that Sid Blumenthal was sending Hillary information stolen from NSA intelligence. As always, timelines are important.

11) Blumenthal was sending “word-for-word” & an “entire paragraph” lifted from the most classified NSA sources and methods.

12) The source is still unknown at the time, but the NSA had a suspect, also involved in the emails. The late Tyler Drumheller, former CIA official.

13) Tyler Drumheller was also involved in generating & spreading the “Bush Lied” narrative using his position at CIA to influence the 2004 election to help John Kerry against President Bush.

14) The Clinton/Blumenthal emails revealed that Drumheller was passing information to Blumenthal, using current Intelligence Community personnel.

15) The Thompson Timeline has some great information collected on the private spy network. thompsontimeline.com/tag/nsa/

16) This case even involves Blumenthal planting friendly stories in the media.

17) Shindler’s October 2015 story even noted the “gross negligence” issue long before it was written in Comey’s memo then removed. observer.com/2015/10/hillar…

18) In addition to the intelligence compromises, the emails showed corruption of the Libya diplomacy to make a profit off the post-Khadafi Libya.

19) The leaks to Schindler were clearly meant to expose that NSA knew Clinton/Blumnenthal had illegal access to official NSA reporting. And that he was passing it on with less than 24 hours after acquired. observer.com/2016/01/hillar…

20) it included this little breadcrumb, that it “perhaps came from another, non-American intelligence agency”! Could it have been one of our Five Eyes partners?

21} Drumheller’s friends try to spin it off that he is getting information from retired Italian intel agents. Also note there are for profit schemes involved. observer.com/2015/11/just-w…

22) It is impossible to conclude that this did not lead to an intelligence investigation, then a criminal investigation to identify and prosecute those passing on the highly classified NSA information.

23) So between Jan-March of 2016, NSA is investigating the sources providing intelligence to Blumenthal & his sidekick Cody Shearer. But what were they doing during this timeframe? Doing opposition research for Hillary’s campaign.

24) Writing with the help of Russian sources. A @realDonaldTrump dossier so unbelievable that no one will cover it, especially with Blumenthal & Shearer’s fingerprints on it. So what to do? Launder it back into the intelligence system? FBI, State, CIA, MI6, you name it!

25) So the NSA tracking the leaks must have followed them back to their sources, sources that were shut down soon after the Schindler Story. And walked right into the Clinton Oppo Research operation.

26) So on 3/18/16, @20committee Schindler publicly identifies that the NSA is on the trail. Maybe the leak is to warn them off, maybe to flush them out. It probably did both. Discussing the FBI cover up may been to pressure them to prosecute Hillary. observer.com/2016/03/hillar…

27) Either the leaks or the investigation cause reactions to conceal the operation. @thelastrefuge2 has done a great job discussing the FBI granting contractor access to NSA data. DOJ oversight personnel learn that the FBI provided raw FISA information to a group of contractors.

28) They also identified that they did it on purpose, with an interagency agreement with a redacted intel agency. Concealed and thus illegal under the FISA minimization procedures. @TheLastRefuge2 thinks it started in 2015. Blumenthal's access may show it was years earlier.

29) Note the FISA court opinion points out that the FBI has to secure FISA-acquired info, and may not disseminate it in violation of minimization procedures. Meaning that the FBI allowed it to be disseminated. #Intelgate #ObamaGateSpyScandal

30) So this illegal spying program was also leaking NSA raw data. Wanna guess who was receiving it? We don’t know yet but it seems obvious. @thelastrefuge2 has pointed out many details on this spying. If you don’t read everything he writes, you’re wrong! theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/14/und…

31) The FBI discontinued the contractor access on 4/18/16, coincidentally, Glenn Simpson’s wife & friend of Hillary visits the White House. Listed as a guest to conceal what she was doing. HT to Sundance @TheLastRefuge2 theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/11/the…

32) After this meeting, the Clinton Campaign, DNC, & probably Obama for America hire Fusion GPS illegally laundered through Perkins Coie law firm. The product, the Steele Dossier, like the Shearer dossier but with a reliable author. Goal, regain access to NSA data on Trump.

33) Hopefully you know the rest of the story, so I’m going to skip ahead to late Sept. 2016. The DOJ National Security Division has to file for recertification of Minimization Procedures under FISA.

34) The DOJ neglects to inform the FISA court about the illegal access by contractors & illegal agreement between agencies to provide it. This leads the NSA to report the DOJ & FBI to the FISA Court. theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/04/und…

35) It seems apparent that the NSA was watching the illegal spying operation, & their investigation concluded when the DOJ concealed DOJ discovery of it from the FISA Court. Which lead to the court refusing to certify compliance until March 2017. getliberty.org/wp-content/upl…

36) So what would the NSA be legally allowed to do, if it identified stolen NSA data being used as opposition research or used to blackmail US or foreign leaders? Could the NSA attempt to retrieve that stolen & highly classified opposition research? #DNCHack

37) I agree with a lot of Twitter investigators that there were at a minimum two ‘hacks’ of the DNC servers. One in the early spring by a complex adversary & another by an insider with a flashdrive. aol.com/article/news/2…

38) This is only a theory, but what if the first hack, was the NSA retrieving stolen classified information? And maybe evidence of criminal conduct utilizing that information? And the DNC trying to conceal what was really 'stolen'.

39) If it was the NSA, would they try to dismiss the DNC’s cover story that it was the Russians? thenation.com/article/a-new-…

40)) And what was the first thing the hackers went after? DNC opposition research files including those on Trump. They may have targeted both sides of the Swamp. washingtonpost.com/world/national…

41) The data might have been located in several locations, and a FISA warrant could have allowed the NSA to retrieve the data in secrecy.

42) Was someone trying to send Hillary & the DNC a message? observer.com/2016/08/did-ns…

43) A retired NSA official seemed to send a warning shot across Hillary’s bow, hinting the NSA hacked the DNC & had her missing 30,000 emails.

44) So if the NSA started this investigation, where did it go? I suspect it landed on the desk of a DOJ NSD lawyer the NSA trusted. And it would mean that the criminal investigation started before the 2016 election.

45) Who might that DOJ prosecutor be? My guess, Dana Boentes, US Attorney for Eastern District of Virginia, who later took over the NSD & was acting AG for awhile. He was leading the Wikileaks case, which might include the DNC/Clinton issues.

46)The Page/Strzok texts allude to problems with the EDVA & their investigation to get Trump. Apparently Dana Boentes was resisting the FISA application on Page. @Saracarter has done great work on this. . saraacarter.com/new-documents-… lawandcrime.com/high-profile/i…

47) Boentes likely has a major role in the second Clinton email investigation related to spying, corruption, and oppo research. Obama even tried to remove Boentes from the succession plan for the AG’s office during the transition, Trump changed it back.

48) Of course, if Boentes was involve, they would attempt to box in the US Attorney investigating the illegal spying campaign. They would also probably accuse him of being a Trump agent obstruction the collusion investigation. #DanaBoentes

49) I think the why, is that Boentes, was investigating the leaks of NSA material through Sidney Blumenthal. That Obama did not want him in charge of the Trump Russia investigation. Boentes was one of two Obama era prosecutors reappointed by Trump, the other is John Huber of Utah

50) In the fall of 2017, Sessions appointed Huber to begin or take over the investigation of FBI misconduct. While Boentes resigned from the DOJ, becoming the Chief Counsel of the FBI when Comey’s counsel James Baker was forced to resign. #JohnHuber

51) The investigation into the FBI misconduct likely grew out of the Blumenthal/Clinton emails. So the conspirators were under investigation long before they lost power or became aware of it. Which is why the evidence is going to be overwhelming. End thread!

Sorry tagged the wrong Sarah Carter @Saracarterdc

Update: New prosecutor taking over in EDVA. Former prosecutor who joined Sen Grassley's team for investigation, then served as RRs deputy! The pieces are moving into place to force checkmate. #spygate #obamagate

Further update, found this reference that the Blumenthal email had probably triggered an investigation under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act so another bread crumb to pick up the trail. freebeacon.com/politics/clint…

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