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On this day in 1637, colonists in Connecticut massacred an entire village of Pequot Native Americans, killing 500 women, children & elderly, burning the village to the ground & firing on anyone who attempted to flee the blaze. #MysticMassacre
The massacre was an example of early American colonists’ willingness to wage ‘total warfare’ against Native Americans, making no distinction between civilians and soldiers. Most of the Pequot warriors were away when their village was massacred & the victims were mainly civilians.
During the “Pequot war”, US colonists massacred two more Pequot villages. Most of the surviving Pequot were sold into slavery and some were dispersed as captives to the victorious tribes assisting the colonists.
As a result of the war, colonist authorities believed they exterminated the Pequot tribe, ending residence to colonists theft of land. The Pequot numbers were so diminished that they could hardly be considered a tribe.

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Aug 22, 2018
On this day in 2008, the US massacred 90 Afghan civilians (mostly women & children) gathering for a memorial service in the village of Azizabad. The US conducted continued air strikes on the village for 3 full hours; killing 60 children as they slept in their homes.
The US immediately lied about the massacre, insisting that the strike killed only Taliban members; however, a video was released by a doctor in Azizabad, which depicted dozens of civilian bodies (including numerous children) being prepared for burial.…
The US attack included a drone strike & a barrage of howitzer fire from an AC 130 gunship, which killed children aged 3 months to 16 years old; all killed as they slept. “It was a heartbreaking scene,” said Mohammad Iqbal Safi, head of the Afghan parliamentary defense committee.
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Aug 20, 2018
On this day in 1998, Bill Clinton committed a major act of terrorism by ordering a cruise missile attack on Sudan’s Al Shifa factory, which produced 90% of the country’s pharmaceuticals. The factory's destruction resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands from treatable diseases
The US claimed the pharmaceutical faculty produced WMDs & was connected to Osama bin Laden, but neither was true. When it became clear the plant only produced medicine, the US blocked a UN inquiry into the incident. The US has never apologized or paid compensation for the attack.
In 1998, Sudan was heavily sanctioned & poor, thus it was unable to import replacement drugs to compensate for the destroyed Al Shifa plant, which provided vital medicines at an inexpensive price. In Sudan, the incident is widely described as an act of terror.
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Aug 19, 2018
On this day in 1953, the CIA/MI6 overthrew Iran’s democratic government in a violent coup after Iran's P.M. Mohammad Mosaddegh nationalized its oil, kicking out Britain’s oil company. The coup killed 100s & set off a vicious crackdown, ending all political dissent in Iran.
The coup led to Mosaddegh’s arrest & 3 years in solitary confinement. His political party was outlawed & student leaders, politicians, military officers close to him were executed. Iran’s communist party (Tudeh party) saw over 4,100 of its members arrested & many executed.
The CIA used riots & terror on Iran to foment chaos & create the conditions for the coup, while Britain used economic strangulation of a sea embargo to stop Iran from exporting its oil. Britain also froze Iran’s access to its money held in Britain.
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Aug 4, 2018
This week in 1832, the US military massacred hundreds of starving Native Americans attempting to surrender near Bad Axe creek, Wisconsin. US military opened fire, killing over 300 (mostly women & children) & many more drowned attempting to escape across the Mississippi River.
The US military committed the massacre after the group of Native Americans, led by the warrior Black Hawk, had attempted to to surrender to the US military 3 separate times. But every time the US military opened fire on Black Hawk’s men.
The US military was interested in destroying Black Hawk’s people to make the area safe for white settlers & wasn't interested in the attempts of surrender.
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Aug 3, 2018
This week in 1915, US Marines invaded Haiti beginning a brutal 19 year occupation, which killed 15,000 & returned slavery to the island. The Americans looted Haiti’s wealth, stole 100,000s of acres of land & secured harsh control over the country for US business interests.
The US created chain gangs to build roads & other construction projects & built military camps throughout the country. In 1920, Herbert Seligman wrote in The Nation that Haitians were shot on sight by US Marines & “machine guns have been turned on crowds of unarmed natives.”
The brutal occupation led to an insurgency & US Marines took a picture of the killed Haitian rebel, Charlemagne Peralte, who they strung up naked in a loin cloth. This photo was dropped from planes across the country as a warning to those resisting US occupation.
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Jul 26, 2018
On this day in 1950, the US military massacred 400 civilian refugees (mostly women & children) using air strikes & machine gun fire over multiple days at No Gun Ri, South Korea. To this day, the US refuses to admit a massacre occurred & has never apologized.
During the massacre--which occurred during the Korean War--US planes flew over columns of refugees and fired on them. Then US soldiers on the ground opened fire w/ machine guns as the group fled for cover.
Recalling the massacre, Yang Hae-chan, a 10-year-old boy in 1950, said US planes returned repeatedly… "chaos broke out among the refugees. We ran around wildly trying to get away.”
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