Hindsight is 20/20. Could be fun to revisit the scene of the crime and take a look, who was present at Trump Tower on the eve of 11/816 (h/t @loonyberg)

One guy says his wife was in Russia 😊

Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, of course.

Matt Mowers, "...national field coordinator and battleground states director: "I think I was there just before 5 A.M. We had a war room set up on the fifth floor—that unfinished floor in Trump Tower that was the original campaign HQ."
"Scottie Nell Hughes, Trump campaign media surrogate: I woke up bright and early. It was 4 A.M. I headed over to Trump Tower. John Fredericks, out of Virginia, had his radio station going there."
"John Fredericks, conservative radio host [out of Virginia]: Ivanka gave us the exclusive opportunity to—we were the only media that was in the Trump campaign headquarters live."
"Doug Deason, son of Dallas billionaire Darwin Deason, a GOP mega-donor: I was with Andy Beal; he's the chairman and CEO of Beal Bank, and he's one of the wealthiest people in the country."

A DALLAS billionaire, interesting...
Doug Deason, cont'd: "...we hung out in Don Jr.'s ofc, and he and Tommy Hicks [son of Dallas businessman Tom Hicks] and Gentry Beach [a Dallas investor and close friend of Don Jr.] and Charlie Kirk [conservative millennial activist] were just, you know, doing radio interviews..."
"Sean Spicer, RNC comms dir: I was over at Fox. I had done an interview at Fox News...and Bill Shine [Fox News co-pres] had come down and said "Do you have a few mins?" I went up to talk to him, and he had gathered..."
Spicer contd "...[Fox News exec] Suzanne Scott, [Fox Biz exec] Brian Jones, RUPERT MURDOCH, You know, and then said, "Hey, can you give us the lay of the land?" We went through the diff states, what we had done, what our apparatus was on the ground, what the internal data showed"
Pastor Darrell Scott [of Ohio], CEO, Nat'l Diversity Coalition for Trump: Keith [longtime Trump bodyguard Keith Schiller] is there. Keith says, "The boss is back, you want to go holler at him?" I say, "Yeah!" So I go up. He was in his ofc, and he was relaxed...."
Pastor Scott REQUIRES DIGGING. I predict, we're going to find, he got some payments from Michael Cohen. ; ) FAKE #BlacksForTrump

"He's got BLUEPRINTS, he's got drawings, he's got checks to sign, he's got paperwork; it was like throwing a fish in water.... "
Pastor Scott cont'd: "And [Trump] looked fresh as a daisy, man. I said to myself, "Hey, if he's not nervous and wound up, why should I be nervous and wound up?...He was like, "Look, what do I have to lose? I'm GAMBLING WITH HOUSE MONEY...."

What an ODD thing to say. 🤔
Trump, still speaking to Pastor Scott:

"...You know what I mean? If I win, great, I want to win; if I lose, what's my default position? The CEO of Trump International."
"Bruce LeVell, exec dir, Nat'l Diversity Coalition for Trump: Melania came in, and Melania was really nice. She was thanking us for HOW WE STAND UP FOR HER HUSBAND on TV and DEFEND the family."

He got paid by Cohen too, you watch ; )

FAKE #BlacksForTrump
"Bruce LeVell: I said hello to Jared, who came in—me and Jared did a dap, you know, "Hey, what's up, how's it going, we're going to do this."

Jared...dap... 😁
Darrell Scott: "I went back down to the 14th floor and see BRAD PARSCALE [digital dir] again. And I say, "Brad, how we looking?" Brad took me into his office, pulled out his computer he had the biggest computer in the world..."
Darrell Scott, contd: and [he, PARSCALE] was going down, showing me stats, here, here, here, here, here, we over-performed, over-performed, over-performed."
Katrina Pierson, Trump campaign nat'l spokescreature: "Brad was just running thru all the scenarios that he had. We need these, we're good here, we're great here, we're going to have to watch this. I remember there was a piece of FL HE WAS WATCHING. I forgot what they called it."
(Katrina Pierson was busted for shoplifting in TX, but hey, we need some, ANY, person of color who is willing to self-immolate themselves on TV for Dump, so we roll on....FAKE #BlacksForTrump)
Matt Sheldon, political publicist (at his ofc in Lower Manhattan): Pastor Scott had sent us a photo, and he was sitting at the desk w/Trump in his ofc, and he was giving like a thumbs-up. And I said, "Darrell, what's going on over there?..."
"...And [Darrell] said, "It's a really relaxed mood over there. The COMPUTER GUYS ARE ALREADY SAYING HE'S GOING TO WIN. [Parscale's] throwing a paper airplane right now across the room."

Kinda interesting....
"John Fredericks: None of the operatives that came from the RNC thought Trump was going to win. Every single one of the RNC operatives thought they were going to lose. I guess NV early voting had come in, [and staffers] were walking around w/their heads down, saying it was over."
Adding in for some context (from above), billionaire Doug Deason, still involved w/Kushner and the Admin (h/t @KiernanKathleen ; ) #SwampDonkeys

Katrina Pierson: "A lot of the staff just seemed really unsure, and I was extremely stressed out about it. The TV said, "Hillary's going to be the president, it's her moment, Trump's numbers are terrible."

BUT, Parscale and the computer guys were cool as cucumbers...
"There were staff—not our orig staff—but there were just staffers there that just had a look on their face, like, like what they were seeing on TV was true. Like, he wasn't going to win, and he's down 10 pts in the polls...."
Katrina Pierson, contd: "...I felt like I was the only one that was knowing he was going to win. I said to myself, "Am I in a bubble? Because it doesn't seem like anybody is as confident as I am."
"Frank Luntz, Republican msg guru (unaffiliated w/the campaign): I was given access to the Fox News exit poll at three mins after five. The numbers had HRC winning WI, PA—states that Trump eventually won. AND IT WASN'T EVEN CLOSE. IT LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS GOING TO WIN BIG."

Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday anchor: "The first big moment was about 5:15, 5:30, when all of the top people at Fox News—the execs, the anchors, the researchers—we all went into this huge conf room and they presented the first wave of exit polls."
"Bret Baier, Fox News chief political anchor: "We were asking questions about diff elements of the exit polls to our decision team, and it was clear that they were saying, "You know, this is not definitive, but IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE CLINTON WILL PULL IT OUT out by...11pm ET." 🙄
Frank Luntz "At 5:01, all the narratives were written: It's supposed to be a really closely guarded secret. Probably a 100 people were aware, because they prep their graphics, they prep all their material. I have a photo Fox News declares HRC ELECTED PRESIDENT."
Luntz still speaking: "[The Trump campaign] saw the numbers, and they knew what I knew, which is that up to this point the exit polling had never been this wrong, so the assumption was that she was going to win."
Chris Wallace: "I spoke to Pres...in an interview I did w/him in Dec, a mo later, and he said that going into election night, and after his people had read the exit polls, they thought he was going to lose, too. He thought he was going to lose. That was just the accepted wisdom."
BORIS EPHSTYN, campaign sr adviser: "The first numbers started coming in, and then there was this effort org'd to have the pres and I think Don Jr. and Ivanka and Eric call into local stations...."
Boris, continues: "...So they [the Trumpkins] made calls into local stations in some of the battleground states. It was something that I think made some difference."

"Shalabh "Shalli" Kumar, industrialist and Republican mega-donor: Most people [at the Hilton] were concerned because one of the channels had started to broadcast the results of the exit polls. So the mood was not positive, let's say."

Ah, Mr #HindusForTrump, there he is!
My God, what a motley-crew:

Charles Johnson, alt-right activist: "I went first to the Hilton around five-ish, six-ish, and then I was like, "Oh man, it's pretty dead, it's pretty boring. Fuck it, let's go to the PROUD BOYS thing," which was downtown. So we said, "All right."
Charles Johnson contd: "I saw Martin Shkreli there, and I was like, "Martin, I think you're going to go to jail. I don't want to be mean to you." He was kind of indignant, like, "No, man." I was like, "I hope you're having a good time, because you're going to prison..."
Johnson contd: " I wasn't trying to be a dick about it. And then Gavin [McGinnes] came by and I was like, "Hey, he's going to jail," and he was like, "Don't say that!"
Boris Epshteyn: "Around 7, I walked over [to the Hilton]. First returns were already coming out. We were down in FL. And I went over and did a couple of [TV] hits, and I remember looking up at the screen in the Hilton while doing that..."
Boris: "...and seeing FL ping-ponging. When I saw it ping-ponging, I gained a lot of confidence, because it meant that the panhandle was coming our way."

They're saying, last min, "radio and TV hits" pulled it out. OK....
"By early evening, returns in East Coast battleground states are trickling in—and looking surprisingly strong for Trump."
"Sean Spicer: A group of us gathered on the fifth floor of Trump Tower in what could be described as basically an oversized utility room. [Bill] Stepien's going through key counties, FL in particular..."
Spicer contd: "...Broward, Miami Dade, southern FL. What's in, what's not. I would say that at least through 7:30, 8 o'clock, it was a very cautiously optimistic view."
"Matt Mowers: [Deputy campaign mgr Dave] Bossie, Jared was in and out, Reince [Priebus, chairman of the RNC] was in and out, Chris Christie came by for a while..."
Matt Mowers cont'd: "...[Bill] Stepien was in there, [deputy nat'l political dir] Justin Clark was in there. Then again, it was myself, [battleground states directors] Wells Griffith, Brian Jack."
"Sean Spicer: When we started to see a combo of VA and NC and PA, everything was going in the right direction, even VA, which, according to all the public polls and punditry, we were supposed to get killed on. It kept getting closer."
"Matt Mowers: At one point, FL looked like it was going to be really close. And then Don McGahn, Stepien, Mike Roman [head of the campaign's "election protection" effort] were all [wondering] whether we were going to have to take the plane to FL to prep for a possible recount."
Mowers contd: "At one point they asked me if I was able to hop onto a plane that night if we had to send a crew down. And once FL broke, we were considering a whole bunch of other recounts in other areas and different places..."
"....At one point, I was about to have a flight booked to NH. I think it was a 7 A.M. flight—the earliest for NH the next day."
While Trump's staff mulls over the early results, Trump monitors them from his residence at the top of Trump Tower.
Kellyanne Conway: "[Trump] was calling...and at about 8:30 or 9..I said, "I think it's a good time for you to come down...We're having pizza and we're just hanging out and..."
Kellyanne contd: "...watching the returns and they're going to start calling states for you [Trump] —and they're going to start coming in quick succession for both of you."
"Sean Spicer: So he called Ivanka and had some kind of convo w/her about where everyone was and what everyone was doing. And she said, "Hey, we're down on 5," and the pres said, "Okay, well, I'm going to 14, meet me there." And so everybody decamped from 5 and went to 14..."
Spicer contd: " and Stepien moved his op up to there as well—takes the projector and whatever else, moves it up into a little alcove on 14."
Matt Mowers: "BOB MERCER was there at the time. He was around for a lot. Rebekah [Mercer] was there for it. Of course, Bannon would be rolling through as well."
Kellyanne Conway: So [Trump] walked in, and everybody says...he's here." And then all his family started filing in.

W/little fanfare, Trump strolls to a section of the war rm normally reserved for the campaign's comm staffers. There, he parks himself in front of a wall of TVs."
Epshteyn: "I got back to the Tower, and there were def more people on 14 than we were used to. The pres was in the front, the First Lady was next to him, the VP was next to him, his family was next to them. The president was like, "Hey, Boris is here!"

(The pic we've all seen.)
"Armstrong Williams, biz mgr for Ben Carson: We went over to Fifth Avenue, where the security was just unbelievable. But fortunately they were very kind to us and they let the driver get to the front of the bldg. We go through the security and we get on this elevator..."
Williams, contd: "...we go up, and we walk into this room, and I was surprised at how few people were in there. I just thought it would be packed like sardines, and it wasn't."

He REQUIRES DIGGING. Skeletons. FAKE #BlacksForTrump

Williams contd: "...And there was the candidate, his running mate, their wives, Jared, Bannon, everybody—I mean, they were all there. I wouldn't be surprised if there were 65 people in the rm. It was very intimate...."
Williams: "And then the Carsons, myself. PRIEBUS was there. He did a lot of WHISPERING IN BACK ROOMS, I DID NOTICE THAT. A lot of huddling. EXCHANGING NOTES, all that kind of stuff."

Were they worried someone was LISTENING? 🙄
Also, remember what we just found out about CARSON, THIS WEEK 👀 #TheyConspired

Williams continues: I remember walking in and Trump giving me a high-five. I was like, "What?"

I'm intrigued that these two walked in so late. Like, they're not really part of the "clique". Cohen's "diversity coaltion" peeps were there early. Just an observation.
"By 9p the predictions of a HRC cakewalk have vanished—and across the political world, a growing sense of uncertainty sets in about how the night is about to unfold. Over on Sixth Avenue, at the studios of Fox News, the realization is dawning that an upset could be under way."
(I know this thread is long, feel free to mute me lol...)
Bret Baier: "We went on a commercial break, and I remember turning to Chris Wallace on the set and saying, "This doesn't look like where we were! THESE NUMBERS ARE NOT LINING UP W/THE EXIT POLL NUMBERS."
I recall ppl saying, that Trumpers were afraid to admit they voted Trump. 🤔 Do we buy that? I'm asking.
Chris Wallace: "I THINK IT WAS 9:04. I was the first network anchor to go on the air, and I said, "I'm open to the possibility that Trump could be the next pres of the US.." And we had a big crowd outside of the studio at Fox News HQ, and they started cheering."
Bret Baier: "The Ap moved a wire: "Chris Wallace says it could be Trump." And I turned to him and said, "I think that was my idea! During the commercial break."
Frank Luntz (at CBS News headquarters): "You can see such a different look on the faces of the anchors at 7 P.M. on the air, versus what you saw on their faces at 9 P.M."
Charles Johnson: A friend of mine had been right behind Chris Christie, and he was reading Christie's txts—he was like shoulder-surfing him—and he saw a txt from Frank Luntz to Christie being like, "Oh, my God, I can't believe this is happening." (Frank Luntz decline to comment.)
Bret Baier: "I had been txt'g people thru...the night, and at the Trump campaign, our people were saying that at about 9:30 in the evening, there were Trump campaign people coming to them w/cards and their Gmail accounts, saying, "Please keep in touch....WTF?!
Baier: "...Let us know if something opens up," thinking that they were going to lose."

Some people saying they were going to poss win by 9p, other people a half hr later, saying, "keep in touch".

This doesn't add up. Some people so disconnected? Maybe he got his time wrong?
Kellyanne Conway: "It all started to change. I was getting a lot of txts and e-mails, I was showing the president without showing him the sources, from people in the media, print and electronic, saying this is what we're learning now from some of the early returns."
Spicer: "if you can imagine playing the lottery and scratching off the winning number...and scratching off the next one and being like, "Oh, my God, I got one more… But it's happening in real time. Where you're like, "It looks like NC's going to go, OMG! PA's starting to move."
Armstrong Williams: BANNON AND KELLYANNE and those WERE VERY ASSURED, but the pres was very cautious. He was very cautious. We talked. We were standing across from him w/Dr. Carson, and we kept talking back and forth, and I mean, he was very cautious. VERY."

9:30 P.M.—After showing Trump as the underdog for months, The New York Times's Upshot projects he has a 51 percent chance of winning.
Kellyanne Conway: "Nate Cohn [of The New York Times's Upshot] kept changing [his projection], we kept showing [Trump], "Look at The New York Times."

The failing NYTs, NOW they trust it...
Williams: I can tell you, it wasn't until The NYT said there's a 48% chance that Trump's going to win, there's a 60% chance, there's a 70% chance, there's an 80 percent chance—it wasn't until the guy said 90% that the pres broke out in a smile."

Still waiting for a glitch?
"Kellyanne Conway: Of everyone in that room, certainly of the senior team and his family, HE WAS THE ONE MOST GUARDED and least self-congratulatory."

Williams: "[Trump] was very cautious, brother. That is a fact. He was not buying into anything people were saying. He was going to sit there—and he sat in the same place! I don't know if he ever really moved much."
Baier: "I would get up and go talk to our decision desk, and they were saying, you know, there are some surprises here."

Fox decision desk had SURPRISES.
"As 10 P.M. approaches, the victory celebration at the Midtown Hilton begins to gather energy...the alt-right provocateur MILO YIANNAPOULOS, wearing aviators indoors at night, begins lecturing a gaggle of reporters,"
Matt Sheldon: "Jeanine Pirro, Judge Jeanine. She was there, she was in a REALLY GREAT MOOD."

I'll bet, drunk AF...
John Catsimatidis Jr., son of the billionaire grocery magnate: "I remember Laura Ingraham there, Michael Lindell, the My Pillow guy. One of the nicest guys I've ever met.

Michael Lindell, My Pillow inventor: I saw my friend Joe Piscopo. I ran into him right away. Sarah Palin."
"Bruce LeVell: "We were there, Judge Jeanine, and Robert [Trump], just the really core surrogates, Diamond and Silk, Omarosa, Pastor Darrell Scott, my wife and I. Robert was cool."

Remember we showed you where Cubic Zirconia &Polyester's domain server was? FAKE #BlacksForTrump
BTW: Where TF is Omarosa's book? Did Cohen pay her off too? 😁
Doug Deason: There was a main party downstairs, and there was a VIP party upstairs, and then there was a kind of...a dbl VIP or elite VIP or super VIP party in a room off to the side, so I spent most of the time in there."

Trust fund babys, gotta love 'em. Daddy's a billionaire.
Deason: I'd gone out and I'm wandering around the VIP—the regular VIP area—and I looked over and I see DAVID KOCH. And he's kind of wandering around by himself, kind of wandering around, he's looking for that [super VIP] room."

Deason: blah, blah, blah: "...You know, there were literally eight or nine billionaires in that room. CARL ICAHN came in, WILBUR ROSS was there, Harold Hamm (oil/gas $B), Andy Beal (banker/poker $B)."
John Catsimatidis Jr. (dad is Greek billionaire, there's a Nixon in the fam): When the night started to turn around and it looked like Trump was going to win and the markets started tanking, it was at that point that I actually saw Carl Icahn leave..."
Castimatidis Jr: "[Icahn left] the party. Then a Bloomberg article came out the day after saying that he put a BILLION DOLLARS to work when the market had collapsed."
All these BILLIONAIRES walking around that night, and the #MAGA dupes thought he was going to #DrainTheSwamp. 🤣
Sometime around 10p a staffer at Trump Tower is sent to a studio space on the 5th flr to fetch a professional video cam to capture scenes of the historic victory.

Sean Spicer: "We realized we were close to winning. We were like, "Shit, someone get the camera."

Prep'd to LOSE.
Pierson (at the Hilton): "I don't remember if it was NC or OH at first, but after they both came in, I knew it was done. And I turned to my friend...and I said, "Oh, my God. I work for the president of the United States." And she goes, "Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh!"
Frank Luntz: "I went to the taping of Stephen Colbert and Colbert came out and said, "Do we have any indication that what we are seeing now isn't going to end up this way at the end of the night?" And I said, "No."
Luntz contd: "We were supposed to shut off our phones for the taping, and I got txt'd. Colbert had just started. Someone had been interacting w/the exit-poll people, and they told me that THEY HAD A HUGE PERCENTAGE OF REFUSALS..."

🙄🧐🚩🚩🚩 WTF?
Luntz: "—MUCH HIGHER THAN ANYONE HAD EXPECTED, and no one had taken that into acct. THERE WAS A FATAL FLAW IN THE EXIT NUMBER. It was the rejection rate, and they believed the rejection rate was OVERWHELMINGLY DONALD TRUMP VOTERS WHO REFUSED TO PARTCIPATE."
Luntz: "At 11:10 P.M. I realized, nuh-uh, Donald Trump's going to be the next president."

11:35 P.M.—Fox News calls Iowa, Wisconsin for Trump.

I never heard anything about about an, exit polling refusal rate, being MUCH HIGHER THAN EXPECTED. Anyone? 🤔
Matt Mowers: "Once NC, OH, and IA were called, you started to hear that folks in the comms room were erupting in applause/cheers and people were saying, "Are we ready to go to the victory party?"

I just remember Stepien and I looking at e/o and saying, "Guys, we haven't won yet"
"at the moment, WI was called, and that brings us to 269. I said, "Wait...Let me dbl-check something," and I called up our guys in ME and confirm'd that we had at least the Second Congressional Dist....Worse comes to worst, we're going to end up at 270...."
Williams: "I remember someone called, and Jared gave [Trump] the ph, and Trump looked at me and said, "Armstrong, your brother's on the phone!" I said, "My brother? What are you talking about?" And it was Don King calling."

Right, b/c in Dump's mind all blk people are related 🙄
11:55 P.M.—Among the well-wishers and Trump associates eager to join in the celebration is FELIX SATER, a Russian-born entrepreneur and sometime business partner of Trump's, who's helped locate potential real estate deals in the former Soviet Union..."
"From his home on Long Island, SATER orders a late-night ride from a car service. His destination: the invite-only victory party at the Midtown Hilton."

SATER'S drive says, Sater showed him his card, to show him that he was a VIP, and he spoke in RUSSIAN all the way to the Midtown Hilton:

"...he just picked up his phone, and he talked all the way from Long Island to NY. He was talking to somebody in the Russian language."
This is a super-long article, so I am dropping the GQ piece here again, just for ref:

(On the last 3rd now...)

As Election Day gives way to Nov 9, Trump retreats from the 14th flr to his residence—taking w/him his fam and a sm group of aides including...BANNON, MILLER, CONWAY, and CHRISTIE...."
"...By now, [Trump] is expecting to receive a concession call from Clinton, and he needs to review and adjust the address he plans to deliver soon to the nation."

Epshteyn: Around midnight maybe is when the pres went up to the residence w/family and a few of the sr staff."
"Conway: "we go up to the residence, and then he's working on his acceptance speech, and he changed a lot of it. It was already in his own voice, but taking a good fresh look at it and realizing he was going to be the next pres of the U.S., HE CHANGED ALOT OF IT."

Conway: "Where [Trump] said, "I'm going to be the president of all Americans, including those who do not support me, and there are a few of you." He added that."

Well that bit went out the window!
Matt Mowers: "Now the prob was after WI was called, no one wanted to call anything else for a while. PA was still too close. But we knew we had ME at that point. So it was around midnight that it was tentative, but it was kind of like, "Holy shit. We might have won this thing."
ERIK PRINCE: Dave Bossie comes out and yells: "Hey, if you wanna see the next pres give an acceptance speech, get over to the Hilton!" So that was a moment that kind of broke up the crowd and people started scooting over to the Hilton..."
"A.J. Delgado: I broke down just in the middle of the street...just crying like a little girl just b/c of the amount of work and the amt of emotion that had gone into stumping for this candidate for a yr, to realize that it did all pay off.

Sad. She kinda got screwed.
Driver: "I dropped [Sater] off at the Hilton hotel on Sixth Avenue and 54th Street. He called the hotel, and he made a room reservation so he can stay over that night."
A person familiar w/Sater's movements that night confirms that he attends the party...he even gives an interview to one of the many TV news crews roaming the event.
"It's not clear if that footage ever airs. (Sater declined to comment for this story, citing the advice of counsel. The WH did not answer e-mailed questions about the status of Trump's relationship w/Sater at the time of the election.)"

I'll bet!
Pausing for now, eyes a bit buggy.

I will tweet the part about the guy whose wife was in Russia though, first. He's new to me: Matt Sheldon...
Matt Sheldon: "My wife was in RUSSIA, so I remember speaking on the phone. I guess the people in Russia were very happy; they wanted Trump to win. I remember her family was very happy. It was probably three in the morning where we were."
I think THIS is Matthew Sheldon - dude with the Russian wife? Milo's publicist on election night?

More on Sheldon: "Matthew Sheldon, an assoc at the PR firm AMW PR who was accompanying Milo, struck a more welcoming note after initially denouncing reporters who covered Trump by yelling, “You blew it. The corrupt media couldn’t change this election.”

"AMWPR head Adam Weiss tells us, “I’m disappointed that some of the left-wing activists have such little respect for freedom of speech that they choose to attack a publicist [who] was doing his job.”

There's still some juicy stuff that's left to be laid down here - comments from Erik Prince - yet I will most likely finish tomorrow.

Here's the link back to the orig GQ piece, if you want to continue:

Inside Donald Trump's Election Night War Room

In the meantime, feel free to comment about anything relevant, that jumps out at you; I often miss stuff! 😊
Possible reason Parscale was so confident: they already pulled it off 5 mos earlier (6/16); #Brexit was the dry run, and it worked:

Cambridge Analytica helped 'cheat' Brexit vote and US election, claims whistleblower

Recall, tRUmp was in Scotland for #Brexit. Remember that tweet (6/24/16)? Yeah, he def didn't write it: #Scot24

• • •

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Lanny Davis repping Ukraine interests. So no conflict w/Cohen:

1/17: The Ukraine peace plan was hand-delivered to Flynn's office by Michael Cohen. Plan pushed by Cohen, Artemenko and Sater. An opposition bloc leader, Artemenko was nurtured by Manafort:

When I say Ukraine interests above, I mean the pro-Russia Ukraine faction.
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