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Melania Trump is FLOTUS, an extremely public position.

1st Ladies maintain & provide a detailed daily schedule of activities, times & locations

Melania hasn't been seen since the early hrs of May 10.

May 25, Trump pointed to a window, claiming Melania was there. She was not.
Melania was last seen during the early morning hrs of May 10, when she was present, welcoming home the Americans.

Her medical condition described by the WH does not match the length of her hospital stay

Then this May 25 surreal scene of Trump pointing:

Below are some images that should give us an indication of how the schedules of First Ladies have been routinely treated over the years.

The schedules of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton & Laura Bush are all publicly available, indexed & boxed for easy reference

Melania Trump?
Random thoughts:

1) the elephant in the room effect has infected a press inept @ dealing w the bizarre chaotic Trumps

2) @FLOTUS is married to a man with a history of domestic abuse

3) how does this end

4) if this was your neighbor, you would call 911
The most important lesson from this is:

"1) the elephant in the room effect has infected a press inept @ dealing w the bizarre chaotic Trumps"

Trump lies to the press about a national security communication.

Listen for the collective press response:

The takeaway from this thread is not about Melania Trump.
By the way, what's my speculation regarding Melania Trump?

Combination of 3 things:

1) she had a minor medical condition & relished her time away from all things Trump so - more;

2) mental exhaustion;

3) refusal to do anything connected to Trump, anti-handholding next level
The takeaway from the Melania scene at Trump's reality TV spectacle White House?

The press is not equipped to deal w Trump. He is intentionally sabotaging the ability of the public to determine fact from fiction.

He pointed at an empty window, lied about the letter.

Press ⬇️
59% of the public misinformed on a simple black-and-white fact.

Reputable news sources are doing something wrong.

One fix? @nytimes please move Trump's lies to frontpage headlines w clear tone & detail.

Trump intentionally sabotages truth.

When Trump lies, call him out right then.

"You just said that the letter was nice & interesting. Now you claim you didn't read it. Why should anyone believe you on anything?"

"There are 20 of us looking, Melania is not in the window. Why are you lying?"

The purpose of calling out Trump immediately when he tells a lie in front of the press?

1) tells Trump he will not get away with it w/o aggressive pushback;

2) tells public, you are not crazy, Trump lied;

3) gives everyone permission to acknowledge it;

4) provides a record.
Circling back around to the beginning of this thread, should the press report the details of Melania Trump's absence from the public eye?

@FLOTUS just came out w her #BeBest initiative. We provide her an office & a staff with salaries totalling $486,700.

Where is the boss?
Donald Trump and Melania Trump are not qualified & are not capable of adequately performing the duties required.

They live bizarre, chaotic lives of lies, corruption, spectacle and drama.

Unstable individually, as a couple and family.

They are unfit for service.

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
Tim Gionet's a Trump supporter. His family operates Russian Encouragement Ministries

He's 1 of the "fine people" Trump & Republicans defend while they call citizens like us a mob because we don't want another lying sexual predator in a position of power

This is a photo of Trump signing Gionet's arm. Photo & additional information, like his access to GOP convention…
Video recorded by phone of Trump supporter Tim Gionet shows some of the "counter protestors" in Charlottesville from prospective of Nazis

See the people, like us, protesting against Nazis?

According to Republicans ... we're the problem, we're the mob

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Oct 7, 2018
Heather Heyer was killed in this spot by violent racists on Aug 12, 2017 when Nazi Trump supporters, many of them armed, swarmed Charlottesville

Trump, "they were very nice people."

Raising our voices about another lying GOP sexual predator? A mob


Trump & Republicans. Jeff Flake, Mark Rubio ... "both sides”

It's a lie.

Speaking out & taking to the streets, raising our voices and demanding respect for women, that children be released from cages, that facts matter ... that is civilized.


Still shots of the people protesting Nazis, racists & white supremacists in Charlottesville From the camera of Trump supporter Tim Gionet.

Showing up and shouting loud for decency? That's not a mob ...

This is what democracy looks like

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Oct 3, 2018
It's staggering that women Senators like @DebFischerNE of Nebraska just ignore the evidence on Kavanaugh. This is not how a Senator should react🙈🙉

A sworn affidavit accuses him of drugging women w Quaaludes & alcohol

Next tweet, the yearbook offers leads for the FBI
Kavanaugh friends with references to "Killer Qs" in their yearbook entries with some slight variations.

Only Urgo mentions 151 with killer Qs.

There is an allegation girls were incapacitated by a punch spiked w grain alcohol & drugs, perhaps Quaaludes
To hear @DebFischerNE be so uppity & dismissive ...

There is one reason she ran for the Senate - to reduce her own taxes.

She does one part of a Senator's job. She poses for photos.

I don't get these fake, rich, zombies like Fischer. She doesn't even seem human

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Oct 3, 2018
"I have watched John Kennedy talk on television about missiles in Cuba. I saw Lyndon Johnson look Richard Russell squarely in the eye & say, "We shall overcome." I saw Nixon resign & Gerald Ford tell the Congress that our long national nightmare was over"…
"I saw Jimmy Carter talk about malaise & Ronald Reagan talk about a shining city on a hill. I saw George H.W. Bush deliver the eulogy for the Soviet bloc & Bill Clinton comfort the survivors of Timothy McVeigh's madness in Oklahoma City."
"I saw George W. Bush struggle of make sense of it all on September 11, 2001, and I saw Barack Obama sing 'Amazing Grace' in the wounded sanctuary of Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina" - @CharlesPPierce
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Oct 3, 2018
Kavanaugh repeatedly lied. He signed a letter to his friends about their beach week rental: “FFFFF, Bart"

He was asked several times about the name Bart. He was under oath & lied every time. Here is one example w his own letter next to his perjury
Kavanaugh was asked at least 4 times about being referred to as "Bart."

From the hearing transcript:

LEAHY: I’m trying to get a straight answer from you under oath. Are you Bart Kavanaugh that he’s referring to, yes or no? That’s it...

KAVANAUGH: You’d have to ask him.
Bart Kavanaugh's 2 page letter about beach week
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Oct 3, 2018
Benjamin Daley, long-sleeve white shirt; Michael Miselis, backward red cap; Thomas Gillen, goggles around neck & Cole White, white shirt/ sunglasses, right; charged & arrested in connection w 2017 Charlottesville racist / GOP rally…
Unite the Right in Charlottesville was organized to attract Trump supporters & Republicans who are Nazis, white supremacists & racists

It worked. A Trump supporter murdered Heather & several Nazis have been charged & convicted of assault at the event
Charlottesville suspect's mother: I thought he was going to a Trump rally
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