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Leverage. Trump has it. All of it. Mueller has none. This is why Trump can bide his time. Time isn't Mueller's friend. Tick, tock. Once the launching of the Mueller op itself is determined to have been illegal, game over. The dominoes have already started falling.
That last one will come as a shock only to those glued to CNN. And MSNBC. And the broadcast nets. And to Carlos Slim's mouthpiece, the failing NYT. They haven't been paying very close attention.
Mueller is but a federal employee. Trump's employee. Part of the executive branch. Which Trump runs. Mueller is not an INDEPENDENT COUNSEL. He's a special counsel. Crucial distinction. Mueller was appointed. Trump was elected. Mueller's appointment is under a cloud.
Part of DOJ's OIG mandate, unbeknownst to many in the legacy media, is to examine whether Mueller's appointment violated department rules governing such appointments. The evidence will show those rules were recklessly disregarded. At that point, game over.
The Horowitz-Huber tag team has a necessarily broad mandate. The list of abuses under the previous administration is long. The wrongdoing, systemic. Illegal political surveillance/wiretapping. Spies. Conspiracy & obstruction of criminal probes. Campaign finance violations.
Criminal mishandling of classified information. #UraniumOne (Mueller implicated). Hezbollah drug-running coverup (Sessions leading that probe). Criminal unmaskings. Use of NSA's info stream by outside contractors without the proper security clearances (Fusion GPS). I could go on
Fusion GPS. Remember this is the group that hired retired British spy, Christopher Steele. To gather manufactured dirt on Trump. Manufactured by what source? The Russian government. The Kremlin, no less.
There can be a little doubt the Russians would love to take Trump down. Destabilize the American political system. Trump has been the Russians' worst nightmare. Their Syrian puppet, bombed. Killing Russian mercenaries in Syria by the hundreds.
Arming Anti-Russian Ukrainian freedom fighters. Expelled Russian spies. US asserting global energy dominance. And he gave Putin's Iranian mullah pals a good ass-kick by withdrawing from Obama's crown jewel, the Iranian "deal" fiasco.
Trump's "nice words about Putin" was one of history's cleverest head fakes. Trump knew what the Russians were up to. All along. Now they're paying the price. The Russians pine for the Obama years. The Russians have always loved the Democrats. And why not? Dems are useful idiots.
In every sense and at every level, Obama was the leader the Russians had always dreamed of. He notched up major wins for Russian foreign policy. Routinely. Eagerly. Remember #UraniumOne?
Obama could not have been more pro-Russia had he been manufactured from blueprint by Putin himself. They played him like a fiddle. They can't play Trump that way. So the Russians want him out. The #resistance is, wittingly or not, helping to advance Putin's goals.
But the effort was doomed from the jump. Trump isn't going anywhere. Indeed, his numbers are climbing, the economy is roaring and his skillful and nimble handling of foreign policy in general and the #NoKo issue in particular has prompted talk of a Nobel Peace Prize.
Let that sink in. While the media and the "experts" are deep in the weeds concerning the modality, logistics and timing of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the fact is President Trump is about to achieve what would've been considered unimaginable just months ago.
He is at the cusp of ending the Korean War. This is the game changer. Let's not kid ourselves. Had Hillary won, none of this would be happening. Ending the Korean War has been considered, until now, wishful thinking. Unattainable. Pure fantasy.
For decades, US fools for presidents fell for the crock that Pyongyang was running its own show and, for the sake of "peace", would let successive Nork dictators run rings around them.
Trump knew it was strategic deception. Having raised the tactic to an art form himself. Trump knows the road to peace on Korea's peninsula runs through Beijing.
The 'fire and fury' rhetoric, regional alliance forging, military encirclement, strangling sanctions and threat of tariffs on China got China to rethink strategy. Suddenly, China's belligerent rocket-launching little puppet morphed into John Lennon.
But, as in the aforementioned Mueller op, everything ultimately comes down to leverage. China realized that if peace broke out on the Korean Peninsula, there goes their leverage. So Beijing and Pyongyang went into regroup mode.
Problem for Beijing is that Trump isn't Bill Clinton, baby Bush or Obama. Trump knows Kim's the middleman for the boys calling the shots in Beijing. So he canceled the meeting. Reminder to Beijing that the jig is up. And that Trump isn't willing to settle for just any "deal."
Ultimately, it took an outsider like Trump to finally lift the curtain on the racket China had going.  Pyongyang as leverage. The continuing stalemate worked so long as China had a willing dupe in the White House. But Trump's nobody's pawn.
Trump's summit cancellation put the ball back in Beijing's court. Deal now or see how the side holding all the cards can tighten the screws and ratchet up the pressure even further. They blinked. The summit is back on. With Trump in a stronger negotiating position than before.
China's #NoKo nuclear "crisis" ruse no longer works now that Trump has so thoroughly unmasked it as role-playing and is - himself - using it as bargaining leverage against Xi Jinping.
Trump doesn't get played. No one plays the Reykjavik card better than Trump. And he played it brilliantly. China and #NoKo have been placed in response mode. On the offensive, Trump is again setting the terms.
Xi and Kim had no choice but to deal with the #StableGenius. It's happening. Watch as the master deal maker schools the world in the Art of the Deal. And does the "unthinkable": brings the Korean War to an end. #MAGA, baby. #KAG2020

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