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Breaking: Beatdowns at the Patriot Prayer and counterprotest in downtown Portland. Intense video
That man, whose face was busted open when I got here, was wearing a Rasheed Wallace jersey
Antifascists came out on top in that last exchange. I just got here to the rally/protests so I’m getting caught up. Sorry! #PatriotPrayer
Some guy just shouted out “the nazis are losing”
Another fight at the patriot prayer rally. Pepper spray deployed.
At this point the cops start pushing back; a milk jug is thrown
From what I observed a black-clad protester was seen attempting to produce something from a backpack and police pounced. Unclear if this is an arrest
This man was arrested by DHS police and taken into the federal building. Shouting “I’m compliant”
Another wild brawl at 5th by city hall. This stuff is craaaaazy. Violent as all hell
This could be the most violent Patriot Prayer rally to date. Eh at some point during that first exchange someone accidentally hit me in the back with a stick. I’d like to see video
At this point, if this is a fight and we are keeping score, it’s one round a piece. All tied up. Patriot Prayer group marched back to *checks map* by Lownsdale park
Black-clad protesters throwing things toward far-right Patriot Prayer protesters
Taking an L :-/
After a brief pause back at Schrunk Plaza Patriot Prayer rally is marching again through Portland
WATCH: Man gets cornered by Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys and is hit a few times before being led to police.
ANOTHER FIGHT. More pepper spray
RE: guy who was led to police after being cornered; A Proud Boy told me that he pulled a knife and attempted to take their cameras.
“Tiny,” for whom this event is supposed to bid farewell as he returns to American Samoa, says after the events of today he is coming back to Portland
Another incident, I think this dude got hosed with a fire extinguisher??
This Proud Boy tries to reason with the black-clad protesters, says he wants his voice to be heard and that he’s tired of the m80 (fireworks) and pepper spray
(Every so often a loud “BANG” will occur, fyi)
Scene from downtown Portland. Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, and “Tiny” at the front of this march.
Tiny is giving a speech and just declared today as a victory for his right-wing friends and followers
Looks like it’s over. People about to head toward cars
Core group saying that their staying for a bit, formulating some sort of “exit plan,” which means I’ll be down here for a while I think
While we are waiting for the next flare up: follow me on instagram @itsmikebivins, and send money via PayPal to itsmikebivins@gmail.com, Venmo:itsmikebivins
This fellow on the “patriot side”with the US flag tie, Caleb, says he was hit in the back of the head with a club-like object and pepper sprayed about a dozen times
Patriot Prayer bussed people in for this protest today
I’m with the Patriot group, antifascists appear to be following about 2 downtown blocks behind
Big man
Antifascists throwing rocks at exiting right wingers, this dude has a huge rock
I just saw Tiny tear down a small tree 😬
VIDEO: Rocks flying. Really dangerous down here right now
Protesters on the Waterfront right now
Still very active, protesters fighting on the waterfront near the festivities. solid punches 😬
And some right wingers make it to getaway vehicles and antifa gives chase. Patriot Prayer & Proud boys supporters fire pepper spray out the window and antifascists throw rocks
Video from earlier: Passing bicyclist comes to someone’s defense after he says he saw someone from th Patriot Prayer/ Proud Boys group hit someone
Once the “Patriots” made their dramatic yet slow getaway (those downtown traffic lights will get ya every time) I heard a loud cry of “Alerta, alerta, antifascista” from inside the Yamhill Pub.
Some miscellaneous pics from today’s particularly violent Patriot Prayer rally in downtown Portland
Many of you are wondering exactly what the hell all the fighting was about. This @wweek piece will give you a good rundown of the latest showdown between Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys & those who think both groups are fascists. Look for 1 of my beatdown vids: wweek.com/news/courts/20…
“The communists outnumber us, but guess what, we got guns” - this was shortly before the guy in the MAGA hat & Metallica shirt delivered that haymaker under the scaffolding. Looked like he was cutting a pro-wrestling-style promo via Facebook live or some such

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Aug 18, 2018
Standby for transmission from the Emerald City, where I’m gonna cover the latest protest organized by Joey Gibson & friends. Supposedly this one is gonna be heavy on 3 percenter militia ppl. We’ll see soon.
#AllOutAugust #Seattle #PatriotPrayer #ProudBoys
I’m here in Seattle at the rally, and people are open-carrying guns although that’s not unusual. Several dozen militia-types at a Seattle City Hall for this rally and march. Lots of 3 perfected patches.
Cops have been brought in from other cities to assist @SeattlePD with the event. And there’s a big ‘ol bus parked around the corner, and it’s special of course.
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Aug 4, 2018
So I’m now in downtown Portland covering the Patriot Prayer rally and counterprotest. There’s a cop slowly driving a cruiser around the grass, stopping at times. A barricade system has been setup north of the Salmon Springs Fountain, just waiting for the crowd. #DefendPDX
Wouldn’t hurt to have a boat in the water in case someone goes over the waterfront’s railing and into the Willamette river 🤷‍♂️
#DefendPDX #AllOutPDX #Portland
Meanwhile: Police around the corner outside of central precinct, some are putting on riot gear for the upcoming Patriot Prayer event/counterprotest. There’s the police vehicles w the bumpers that the police will ride around on, too.
#DefendPDX #AllOutPDX
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Jun 30, 2018
Must be the Patriot Prayer rally and counter-demonstrations. This person dressed as Pepe told me they made this costume yesterday for less than $20.
Follow along here for my coverage from downtown Portland. #DefendPDX is the hashtag
DHS has the block around Schrunk Plaza shutdown. Gonna be a B walking around down here until the march starts.
If you want into the Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer rally you’ll have to enter Schrunk from the south
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Jun 28, 2018
Ok I’m back at the protest, and there are some new bodies on the front line. ACLU legal observers now also on the scene. #OccupyICEPDX
Among this group of protesters who are now sitting in front of the police line is a person knitting. #OccupyICEPDX
The feds bring high-powered rifles, Portland brings a knitter. #OccupyICEPDX
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Jun 25, 2018
So the feds gave the #OccupyICEPDX camp the order to clear out or face arrest.
Remember how the US flag was removed from the roof of the Portland ICE building? A new flag was added. This new flag says “refugees welcome.”
View of the entrance to the #OccupyICEPDX camp.
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Sep 10, 2017
I'm at Waterfront Park for the start of today's Patriot Prayer-related activities & police have the park sectioned off for different groups
Provided people show up. I talked to a cop and he said they're just gonna ask people to split up based on antifa, neutral or "patriot"
There's a patriot prayer side, neutral middle and an antifa side, to boil it down
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