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So how does a population where family protection been made illegal arm themselves? A: Improvise

You see the predators do so already. They use molotov cocktails, sling acid, run down folks with vehicles, gen up pressure cooker bombs, ignite forests, make shivs, & even sling shit.
Small town in Mexico caught a paedo...
- and exercised deterrence
When arms were banned -- martial arts developed.
Special Forces are taught to use whatever's available.

It's astonishing how fragile cities & civilization have become.

On major blackout, the national emergency plan is to keep big cities going -- at the expense of small cities.
Cyber protections are even more fragile.

The ongoing rash of major breaches, like OPM, CableGate, DNC, etc. aren't due to outsiders. They're comped by insiders.

And the systems hardware & encryption have been intentionally crippled.

I'll always blame the globalists🌐!
Of course, the same thing applies in reverse -- when tech giants succumb to #PowerCorrupts.

#Veritas, #Assange, even #PanamaPapers turned the tables. Though quashed & squelched.

The philosophical duty to stand against & counter power is easily available.

Kierkegaard, Barth, Jacques Ellul, Eller...
- recognize the ultimate failure of unchecked technology
- set against a backdrop of the transience (and doom) of this world
- and the need to demolish & renew even the heavens
Where your treasure is, that's where your heart is.

And the god of this world is mammon, the love of money.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!!! (EO: State of Emergency, Asset Seizures)
They are bereft, beloved! The enemies' webs can not clothe them.

"the whole earth" ( globs🌐) -- shall be "consumed"Image result for isaiah/59-6
You've heard the GIGO principal. And Murphy's Law(s).

You may not know that giving the greedy more than they can digest is sound Biblical counsel.

I'll spare you the details -- about quails, coats, & cloaks!
There is a 7th Ministry which Christ Executes.

It's not given to the Church, (directly, elders should recognize).

But it is given to The Authorities, to do their duties Honorably!
In the exercise of the Ministry of Vengeance.

Not in the least -- to be a terror to the wicked!
That's Romans 1, Isaiah 59:17... The Revelation, The Flood, The White Throne Judgment, and The Lake of Fire. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of The Living God -- who is also Captain of The Hosts (armies, human, angels, animals & data). He is The Word made flesh/DNA!
Christ read from Isaiah (in Luke 4 re: Isaiah 61)
About his ministries -- His anointings as Messiah -- The 7 Spirits of God.

You say, but only 6. So sad you'd miss the Testimony of Old & New Testament.

Such as Eph. 6 & Isaiah 59 - 7 Fold Manifested

The point is Vengeance (#7)
Put on the Whole Armor, truly, don't forget item #7 -- The Cloak of Zeal.

We honor our officers, enforcers, & warriors who rightly execute vengeance.

They answer to the Most High who commands them! And judges them.

Those who put themselves above the law -- have no protection.
There are those of us in this world that know our citizenship is beyond in New Jerusalem. The only tried & true church is there already, that greater cloud of witnesses, drawn from all generations. Jerusalem above is FREE -- who is mother of us all. #PowerCorrupts nations & cults
That means the big religions of this world are corrupt. All of them. Including apostate christianity.

The nations likewise. Empires from every generation. That were, are not, yet remain -- underground.
You need not worry that [P] or "prophet" be exposed.
History & archaelogy eventually unmasks or confirms.
(Like an 8th century "holy book" & "holy city" of Petra)

Some strange beast slouching toward earthly Jerusalem.
Their center could never hold. Such angst for billions....
See what weeping & wailing comes from skewering mere secular idols.

The #sjw's & #msm's raise such caterwaulers. Bitching & complaining.

"There shall be wailing & gnashing of teeth." Woe! Not Blessings!!

The price to pay for abortion is legacies aborted.
Nor do they understand what it means to fall into an apocalyptic pattern.
(like Waco)

Systems go high order, non-linear, screech, when feedback loops are undamped.

In data terms, they flood. Network routes are weighted to prevent that. But the routers are rigged. Oops!
Backchannels, human or AI, bypass such protections.

The DOJ & FBI went backchannel during the last admin.
Their conceits were that "diplomacy requires" such.

Such social & cyber stoogery comes at a cost.

All their towers must fall. No curse comes causeless.
You may have noted (or groked) that wise system design has circuit breakers.

In terms of The Revelation, those are the 7 Thunders.

And it was wise to conceal them -- to prevent feedback loops.

Technological hazards like genetic engineering, AI, h+... have breakers.
If you judge yourselves -- you'd need not be judged.

That likewise applies to social excesses.
Social media & search engines are full of it.

Open borders, open marriage, open lifestyles, open data...
--- are unchecked ... which is how those such as Soros subvert
No great mystery on how to topple Babylon or Rome...
- go underground
- subvert the fair market
- with the black market

But folks still get paid, openly, or under the table.
Busting the bosses, slum lords, colonia patrones, corrupt politicians -- takes less than ousting masses.
No boss, no pay, no place to stay...
- no me moleste mosquitoes
- Why don't you go home!

Muchas Gracias!

• • •

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Aug 13, 2018
Fast Forward past #fakenews & political distractions.

Given widely known realization that FVEY heads (to Top Tiers) sanctioned subversion of US election; what protections should be set?

- Break Relations like SA vs Can
- Ban gov officials
- Demand extraditions
- Sanctions
- etc
Specifically against FVEY:
- UK
- Canada
- Australia
- New Zealand
- (US perps prosecuted)

As necessary close borders & trade. Halt security & defense pacts.

.@vp #Gitmo #FiatJustitia
This explains the delays at DOJ. No doubt it would be easier to deal with after mid-terms, Koreas, Iran... but the facts are becoming blatant.

When did the heads* of FVEY nations know? & When did each give go ahead to rig US elections?

.@vp @potus @USAWatchdog
#TopTier *elites
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Jun 16, 2018
@RealEyeTheSpy TKVM!

-HH was the darling of Paki security (ISI) including Bhutto
- in '80-81 he'd just started out as a reporter -- in Pakistan (supposedly)
- when BO was at Columbia
- HH could have been an "ISI" spook in NYC during that time, to find & start grooming a manchurian
@RealEyeTheSpy HH has a groomer background...
- and made a reputation
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May 14, 2018
Wanna bet also a heavy Dem donor? Given audience at The Whitehouse and no prison time! (HRC style 2 tier justice)

Much like Assad Qamar of Ocala, FL (no longer top scammer it seems)…
Lotsa property forfeited!

#MeToo issues too!!…
Interesting site, compares docs...…
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May 3, 2018
Which country? Long front license plates.
Hong Kong
apple store yt...
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