i just looked myself and this IS Andy Spade‘s Instagram account.. Freemasonry.. Luciferianism.. Pedophilia.. and that mask.. everything about Kate’s “suicide” is now suspect.. it does appear likely Andy is a member of the Cabal.. makes you wonder.. what does @DavidSpade know? 🤔
Andy Spade was spotted leaving his NYC apartment this morning wearing a yellow backpack and a CHILDREN’S mouse mask!.. there are RED FLAGS all over the place with this guy.. something very dark is going on here.. “SYMBOLISM WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL” #KateSpade
these photos are from an ad campaign promoting Kate Spade’s collaboration with the Gap.. featuring children with one eye covered.. the classic Illuminati symbolism.. the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper.. #KateSpade
here we have Andy Spade being interviewed about his company @jackspadeny and views on the art world.. referencing JEFF KOONS!.. artist and board member of @ICMEC_official who has worked with Marina Abramovic and who MANY researchers have proved.. is DEEPLY connected to PIZZAGATE
speaking of PIZZAGATE.. turns out Andy Spade seems to REALLY love pizza.. 🤔 #KateSpade
the fashion and art worlds have direct involvement with the Cabal, Human Trafficking and Pedogate..there is enough circumstantial evidence to indicate that there is MUCH more to the story of Kate Spade’s life AND death..maybe we need to “Ask Daddy” or @HillaryClinton #KateSpade
if you’re wondering how involved the fashion world is with the Illuminati.. see this clip from Zoolander 2.. these are the kinds of SICK people that Kate and Andy Spade socialized with.. unfortunately.. it’s all true..

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
.@david_wilcock on the Secret History of the Cabal and their Inevitable Defeat - Part 1: “this Cabal has at it’s core, believe it or not, a Luciferian belief system” #GreatAwakening #QAnon
.@david_wilcock on the Secret History of the Cabal and their Inevitable Defeat - Part 2: “a group of people came here from somewhere else with advanced technology and they did, in fact, set up control systems here on Earth” #GreatAwakening #QAnon
.@david_wilcock on the Secret History of the Cabal and their Inevitable Defeat - Part 3: “they are the descendants of an extraterrestrial race that came here with elongated skulls, which have shown up all over the world” #GreatAwakening #FullDisclosure #Mars #Cabal #QAnon
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Sep 20, 2018
high-level Illuminati members believe that not only will they face justice at Tribunals.. but once put to death they will reincarnate and return as more powerful beings to rule in their New World Order.. their Reptilian controllers told them this complete lie #QAnon
deception and betrayal are fundamental aspects of those on the path of service-to-self..what we would recognize as evil..these Illuminati members..according to the Law of One..can continue to follow that path up to the 5th density..and no further..but they won’t be doing it here
there is a force in the universe that is unable to see the fundamental reality underneath it all..which is LOVE..when you understand the impact of this planet moving into a higher density of energy..positively polarized..you realize that NONE of these negative entities can remain
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Sep 1, 2018
my interest ultimately isn’t in the illuminati but beyond that.. the bigger picture.. evolution of consciousness.. waking up.. reconnecting with the Source.. seeing through the illusion that we’re in.. being a part of this positive transformation that we are on the verge of
the sun and the planets are heating up exactly as @david_wilcock explains it.. it’s not just an increasing of physical energy.. it’s also pushing us to go through a process of waking up spiritually.. it’s fair to say we’re in the “dark night of the soul” chapter of the story
when we get through the “dark night” is when the prophecies on earth can fully manifest.. we are going from the 3rd density to the 4th density.. 7 in total.. Wilcock ties together all of the scientific work that was suppressed into a unified provable theory of what’s occuring
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May 23, 2018
🚨@david_wilcock UPDATE on the Alliance vs Cabal, Disclosure, and QAnon (Part 1) "it’s a coup over the Deep State by essentially the military of the US and many other countries” #AllianceVsCabal #QAnon #Endgame
🚨@david_wilcock UPDATE on the Alliance vs Cabal, Disclosure, and QAnon (Part 2) "what was really going on there with John F. Kennedy..was it only him?..no..there was obviously a team behind him” #AllianceVsCabal #QAnon #Endgame
🚨@david_wilcock UPDATE on the Alliance vs Cabal, Disclosure, and QAnon (Part 3) “the Alliance..in this case part of the US military..had tricked out Bohemian Grove..the Oval Office..everywhere you can imagine..with hidden cameras and microphones” #AllianceVsCabal #QAnon #Endgame
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Apr 9, 2018
NXIVM’s cult leader actress Allison Mack follows Marina Abramovic on Twitter.. the arrest of Keith Raniere.. the first of the unsealed indictments.. is just the beginning.. #NoCoincidences #Luciferians #Cabal #Gitmo #QAnon
it's a safe bet to say.. there is a sealed indictment for this guy.. #DanSchneider #Pedogate #Gitmo #QAnon
it wasn't just Sara and Clare Bronfman that had involvement with the NXIVM cult.. their FATHER Edgar Bronfman Sr.. who was essentially the head of the Illuminati in Canada.. WAS A "CLIENT" #NoCoincidences #Luciferians #Cabal #QAnon
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Apr 7, 2018
🚨QAnon BIG DROP..Q links to a picture on Rachel Chandler's Instagram which was deleted after Q posted it..we appear to have an image of surveillance cameras on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Island..look carefully at Channel 10..IT LOOKS LIKE A ROOM FULL OF CHILDREN! #QAnon #PEDOGATE
"We haven't started the drops re: human trafficking/sacrifices [yet][worst]. Those [good] who know cannot sleep. Those [good] who know cannot find peace. Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountable." - Q from January 22, 2018 #QAnon #PEDOGATE
"Phones were allowed in. These people are stupid." - Q from April 3.. and Q followed up by making note of the missing letter in the post.. 'H'.. if all Q was trying to do was correct the grammar it would've been lower case.. does a capital 'H' imply HILLARY? #QAnon #PEDOGATE
Read 20 tweets

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