"It is for everyone who questions the medicalisation of childhood feelings, the invasive and life-changing treatment of minors and the aggressive tactics of transgender and LGBT organisations to promote and normalise this medical experiment"

"It is for lesbian and gay adults who fear for this generation of gay and lesbian children and adolescents encouraged to see themselves as ‘trans’ and straight."

trans people can be gay, lesbian, and bi. gender influences sexuality, it doesn't cancel it out.

here, they dismiss surveys and studies relating to trans people and suicide.

did you notice they try debunking the numbers with "we believe" several times?

the only thing that's solid is that trans people need more statistical documentation, as in
transgender people should be the focus of large scale surveys and studies often, if only to document communal changes over time. there are anywhere from 3-6 million of us in the US alone.

however, the NCTE 2015 survey results released in 2016 were ignored by TransgenderTrend.
National Center for Transgender Equality is a US-based org. the 2015 survey results include this...
40% is fairly close to the RARE study's 48% and very close to Cambridge's 45%. mind you there were around 28,000 responses to NTCE's survey.
I've labeled the cute sticky note style pointers by letter for ease.

A) 8 calls a day to a helpline isn't a big deal. this neither states that each phone call was from different callers, nor does it state that all 8 came from 11-year-olds. 8
B) there is no such thing as "rapid onset gender dysphoria" or "ROGD" beyond being a transphobic buzzword.

transgender identities don't pop up overnight. if a child seems to develop a trans identify quickly, it's usually because the parent hasn't actually been paying attention
and they missed the cues. and sometimes children are afraid their parents may hate or harm them. that's not an irrational fear. it does cause trans children to pretend to be cis--

sidenote: cisgender is when a person's gender identity matches their biologic & anatomic sex
-- until they either reach adulthood, learn to dismiss the fear, or stop being fearful. at which point, it may seem sudden. it's not.

C) detransitioners are an under surveyed & studied group. the citation links to a tumblr blog post, which mentions 203 participants, oddly...
the survey itself says 100.

wherein transgender trend says on their own site, that trans suicide statistics can't be trusted because those sample sizes are too small, they must also conclude that a survey of just 100 people, advertised solely by tumblr tags, is untrustworthy.
D) 70% of the referrals in one year. transgender trend says on their own site that 90% of transitioners were "male" adults. what they mean is transwomen. i digress; concept of gender isn't stagnant, and statistics from the 1960's hardly have relevant precision today
it is disingenuous to compare 1960's stats to nearly 60 years later because "transsexual" wasn't a publicly used term until 1966. "transgender" was rarely used until the early 1990's.

the citation only links to a letter by dr. james barrett, which lists no citations of its own
E) 1000% increase of referrals doesn't mean 1000% increase of trans youths. moreover, it was over 6 years. since 2012
• there have been trans actors with speaking roles.
• the DSMV reclassified GID as gender dysphoria, reducing stigma
• talk shows interviewed trans people.
thus, people who may question their gender identity may find less shame.

which is why they contact gender clinicians.

F) according to IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program's 2014 clinical review, puberty blockers alone do not affect fertility. as for trans people that
receive hormone treatments, fertility can remain for 6 -12 months after starting. however, there are many trans people that don't become infertile from hormone replacement.

Matt Rice, Thomas Beatie, and Kayden Coleman are all trans and have given birth.

there's more:
detransitioning women often have fully restored fertility.

there are fertility treatments to assist in cases where fertility isn't fully restored.

there is also adoption. many kids are looking for a home and a family. there's no shame in adoption.
medical treatments are always invasive. from blood tests to 8-hour life-saving exploratory surgery, it's all invasive.

the idea that transitioning is all invasive and increasingly so, is a misrepresentation.

not all trans people complete every single procedure associated...
with affirming their gender. there are even trans people who will stop with long term hormone treatments and no surgical intervention. there are many reasons for this, all deeply personal.

this doesn't make any transgender person any more or less trans, it's not invalidating.
G) there is no long-term study on children receiving hormone replacement therapy because first, children don't start those treatments. typically doctors wait for the patient to start puberty before thinking about prescribing hormones. some children may start puberty blockers...
around 11-12, but this tends to be uncommon.

you might interpret G to mean youths in general, and include teenagers as children. that's pretty fair, there's not a lot of information on teenagers having long term usage of many medications.

individually though, trans teens..
are monitored closely and tested frequently to maintain health and prevent organ damage and/or failure. there are specific limits doctors must follow, and endocrinology is a delicate balance.

obviously, treating individuals isn't the same as a large scale study
which I question, would Transgender Trend hire an independent university to produce a study that could take 10-15 years or more? would they partner with Trans Rights Activists to fund it?

i would assume no. why?
here's Transgender Trend's founder

and her tweets, as displayed on bing as of today. (unrelated: i use bing bc i like reward point programs)

all of her education shown comes from art and sculpture institutions, although this is not the full
résumé. but then, this is only one of her three linkedin profiles

i'm not going to log in to see the rest because i'm not interested in her beyond this, as her views are appalling and she clearly uses hate speech (and also, i don't remember my password)
when you empower an group whose leader has regressive views, you also empower that leader.

you cannot separate stephanie from her position at the podium.
in any case, as it relates to point G, there is data for long term hormone treatments on approximately 2,000 transgender adults from a study done in Chicago, Illinois in 2014.

in short, transgender patients fare better than expected.

H) gender non-conformity isn't necessarily related to being transgender.

tomboyish girls are perfectly happy being girls, and they identify as girls.

feminine boys are happy with being boys, and they identify as boys.

there are intersex children that are happy being intersex
later, children may begin to mature and find attraction to whichever genders over time. it may not reflect their apparent masculinity or femininity.

there are many men that are extremely masculine, and they're gay. there are women that are extremely feminine, & they're lesbian
many girls that seem boyish may have close brothers, and many boys that seem girly may just have close sisters.

and further, the concept of non-conformity doesn't challenge transness. as the idea of gender conformity exists, ascribed gendered traits are not unchanging.
just as pink was once viewed as a masculine color, and cultures that worshipped chubby fertility goddesses, challenging social understanding and categorization of gender is dynamic. and therefore assuming that gender non-conformity is simply a sign of being gay is likely
to be outdated again in a decade or two.

remember, once upon a time, men wore heels, kohl eyeliner, and flowing dress-like robes, women wore dresses dyed with arsenic, and pants-wearing women were sinful.
I) this 80% statistic is mentioned on numerous extremist, homophobic, transphobic Christian 'news' sites and is only cited from one source: Jesse Singal's What’s Missing From the Conversation About Transgender Kids.

the problem is, singal went on to correct the misinterpretation
and almost no one paid attention. only @dailydot
writer Ana Valens noticed, because she has integrity.
her article is here: dailydot.com/irl/jesse-sing…

if you're real thorough and curious, the original article is archived: archive.is/ipBNW

and jesse is right here on twitter
which is exactly where he addresses this.

everyone needs to learn to be like @jessesingal and admit when they shit the bed. bless.

do i wish this was realized sooner? sure, but it happens. that's why newspapers punish retractions.
will Transgender Trend correct their resources to reflect this? will they pass out retraction pages to people who have already received their packet?

that would be wholesome.
J) there's so much to say.

mental health problems can include issues of coping with loss to PTSD.

in the NCTE study i linked to earlier, they included statistics on bullying, harassment, and discrimination. it's well known that peer violence ushers in instability, which...
relates to the worldwide suicide epidemic. bullying can instill depression in a child that showed no signs of depression.

is it shocking that transgender students get harassed in an environment where trans people are consistently the butt of the joke? where #TransCult is tweeted
without anyone batting an eye?

K) i'm not autistic, but i do know a couple of autistic people that are transgender, and a couple others that are non-binary.

there's a lot of people that are autistic, and that's ok.

but the "six times" seems almost hyperbolic, as if to
say that transgenderism and autistim are inherently related. it seems like an underhanded way to connect with anti-vax parents.

no one knows what causes transness. no one knows what causes autism. both are things that just happen, and being upset about them solves nothing.
so maybe there is a link, but maybe there isn't. that's why we love scientists, and why we don't CAPITAL, UNDERLINE improbable statements as if they were verifiable fact.

let me just zoom in on that dramatic 6x while Transgender Trend continues to use autistic people as props.
sidenote: autistic people and special interests are awesome, and if you don't think so, get the fuck out of my face.
* D references the late 1960's, screenshot

(this is an addition to my earlier tweet here: )
* correction to this tweet: that I referred to the United States-based organization National Center for Transgender Equality as "NTCE" instead of NCTE.
* correction to this tweet: . publish, not punish
* addition to

i forgot to mention how incredibly tactless "social contagion" is here.

"social contagion," "emotional contagion," and "behavioral contagion" are synonyms defined as the phenomenon of imitative/copycat behavior, as related to emotions.
the misuse of a sparingly used psychology term is an attempt to mystify and shame transgender people who are simply questioning where their discomfort stems from.

the specific use of "contagion" is a particularly insidious way to imply that trans must be a virus or disease.
ok, it's late and i'm going to get some rest for real this time.

i will be continuing on this topic in another thread as this one is already quite long. i'll link to it here, of course.

tune in tomorrow night! same bat time, same bat channel!

• • •

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