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1. Last month the House Oversight Committee held part 2 of hearings on “Challenges to the Freedom of Speech on College Campuses” (1st hearing was last July). I couldn’t find a transcript of the testimony so I’ve transcribed some of it.
2. This thread will annotate some of the testimony with sources and commentary re: what happened at Evergreen & Middlebury last spring. If you’d like to watch from the beginning, the session begins at 10:28.…
3. Testimony of Dr. Allison Stanger (Professor of International Politics and Economics, @Middlebury) before the House Oversight Committee @ 28:38.……

4. The Hannah Arendt quote is from a 1974 interview with Roger Errera which was published by The New York Review of Books in 1978.…

(Incredibly there’s video online though unfortunately it has French voiceover.)
5. Allison Stanger’s written testimony differs slightly from her spoken testimony and is worth a read.…
6. Dr. Stanger came to national attention in March 2017 when she was moderating a discussion with Charles Murray that was sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute Club, a student group.

Middlebury’s official responses + video of talk:…
7. The talk was disrupted, causing them to flee to a secret private location to livestream the conversation but protesters found them there.

When they attempted to leave the campus afterwards, they were physically assaulted.

8. Dr. Stanger said in her written testimony that she is still suffering from injuries she received that day.

For more, see @conor64’s excellent coverage:
9. Testimony of @BretWeinstein (Professor in Exile, formerly Evergreen State College) before the House Oversight Committee @ 37:51.

10. @BretWeinstein came to national attention just a few months later in May 2017 when students at Evergreen State College filmed a protest against him whose footage went viral once uploaded.
11. @BretWeinstein: “The protesters had no apparent interest in the very dialogue they seemed to invite.”

This is a common tactic of a certain type of authoritarian protester. Saw this when I covered the #KimonoWednesdays protest at the MFA in July 2015.…
12. What @BretWeinstein is describing is when POC label other POC as race traitors for defending white people.
13. This too is a common tactic used by POC who have appointed themselves custodians of moral truths to discredit any POC who go off script and express ideas deemed unsavory.
14. Once a white person has been accused of racism, it is verboten for any POC to defend them, regardless of reality.
15. The video for this has to be seen to be believed.
18. @BretWeinstein on what police chief Stacy Brown said to him about his safety following the protest at his classroom: “She was worried for my safety and helpless to protect me, as the president had ordered her force to stand down.”
19. Here’s a memo from Chief Stacy Brown to President George Bridges re: mobilizing outside law enforcement resources for the planned protest two days after the protest at @BretWeinstein ’s classroom. He did not accept her recommendation.

20. Here are police logs from 5/26/17, the day Evergreen students took over the Library Building, barricaded the doors, and wouldn’t allow people to leave.

21. @BretWeinstein: “Am I alleging a conspiracy? No. What I have seen functions much more like a cult in which the purpose is only understood by the leaders and the rest have been seduced into a carefully architected fiction.”
22. @AliceDreger knows all about this…
23. … as does @quinnnorton
24. When @AliceDreger spoke with student protesters at Wellesley, she learned that they had been provided carefully crafted fictions about who she is and what she advocates. This is what activist propaganda looks like.
25. During the question portion @BretWeinstein gives his definition of a safe space, as distinct from the current popular definition @ 1:35:30 (question from Rep. Jim Jordan @ 1:35:20).

26. Some closing remarks from @McCormickProf (Robert P. George, Professor of Politics, @Princeton) @ 2:15:29.…

27. @McCormickProf & his colleague @CornelWest made waves when they released an open letter on freedom of thought & expression following the Middlebury incident.
28. Both hearings were interesting so if you’re wonky and have the time they’re worth watching in full.

Part I is available here. Former Evergreen provost & VP for academic affairs @mzclergyletter’s testimony begins @ 39:55.……
29. @mzclergyletter (Dr. Michael Zimmerman) has four blog posts about the Evergreen protests here:…
30. I missed that the pdf of @BretWeinstein’s written testimony is now up on the House Oversight Committee’s website. It’s slightly longer than his oral testimony which I transcribed in tweet #2.…
31. Also note that I left out testimony from some speakers and there was a lot going on in the Q&A.

You can find all the written testimony here (pdfs):…

If you want to watch:
10:28 - Hearing begins
27:10 - Testimony
56:10 - Questions

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
1. I just saw the footage that’s being spread around from a protest in Portland on Saturday that people are claiming shows antifa directing traffic and yelling a drivers who won’t comply.
2. I spent 5 minutes Googling and reading news articles to find out that the protesters seem to have been part of a protest following a fatal police shooting on 9/30/18 in which some claim the man was unarmed. Police say he was armed.…
3. One of the videos going around doesn’t show that the elderly white driver who was chased down the street did so after driving through a crowd of protesters with one directly in front of his car.

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Sep 29, 2018
1. Kept my friend company in line at the #HelloKitty Cafe Truck East today. It’s basically a store on wheels.
2. My friend got in line around 9:45. We still had to wait more than an hour to get to the front. When we left the line was to the end of the building. #HelloKitty
3. Finally made it to Southern Kin for brunch. My eggs were over-poached but I would go back. My friend said the biscuits & gravy were delicious. Eggs Benedict came with cheddar grits.
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Sep 27, 2018
1. A friend was on a jury that tried to convict people who may or may not have been guilty (a doctor and nurse practitioner). She was the lone hold out that resulted in a hung jury despite tremendous pressure from fellow jurors to change her vote.
2. But she’s a mathematician and highly analytical and said the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were guilty of the charges. At a 2nd trial they were acquitted. If my friend had been more susceptible to peer pressure they would be in jail.
3. She told me it completely changed her view of our “justice” system. Jurors engaged in vote trading and changed their votes because they were tired of being in court and wanted to go home to their families, jobs, or go on vacation.
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Sep 20, 2018
1. I saw an old tweet from a white feminist today that said something to the effect that she was totally willing for “some” men who haven’t done anything to go down in pursuit of dismantling the patriarchy.
2. I am not linking or screencapping since I want to discuss this idea, not encourage harassment of her. She is far from the first/last/only feminist to express this idea.
3. I often wonder—would these women be willing to sacrifice their:

male friends, neighbors & coworkers

to the cause?
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Sep 20, 2018
1. A bunch of people have asked me if I’ve taken a look at the Data & Society report, “Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube”.…
2. People familiar with the work of some of the YouTubers included in the infographic are calling foul, as are some of the “influencers" who have been included.
3. I saw the infographic floating around last night and at a quick glance thought it was so bad that I didn’t bother to look at the report, but I did see a tweet from someone replying to Tim Pool that he had been on a show Tim was claiming he hadn’t been on.
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Sep 20, 2018
1. Poll has closed! Thanks to everyone who voted & participated in the discussion. I found it really interesting. I'm actually a little surprised by how close the yes & no results are.
2. Of the people I heard from it seemed like there were some who felt that belief in ghosts was incompatible with reason & skepticism and therefore incompatible with atheism, which should have skepticism at its root.
3. Others seemed to feel that belief in a higher power(s) was separable from belief in something supernatural or whatever you want to think of the phenomenon of ghosts as. Ghosts have not been definitely proven not to exist so they’re still something of an unknown realm for some.
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