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I'm on a plane, so might as well do this. Feeling helpless about the family separations at the border? Guess what, there are many people & organizations who need your help & electeds who need to do more. Things you can do to help parents & kids at the border thread below. 1/
Let's start w/ Texas: One organization that could use your help is @netargv - who are they? Well, they are some of the best story-tellers of the border region, however, they are also kind souls taking donations for families sleeping outside of ports of entry in extreme heat 2/
Here's @netargv's fundraiser to help volunteers who go to Mexico to assist these families outside. My friend @lorellapraeli went down there last week & met a family who had been outside for 17 days. They need Diapers, Underwear, Bras, Baby wipes, etc.…
But if you think border voices and what's happening in the region are important to be amplified during this time, please consider donating to @netargv generally at:… - let's stay in the RGV for a bit.... /4
Reason why "the RGV sector" is so important is that the volume of prosecutions of parents being separated in McAllen a& Brownsville is quite high in comparison to other places. Brownsville is also ground zero on the attack on #DACA - & when there are multiple fights you need /5
Organized local power to build accountability & organizing around these systems & services. 1 of the most powerful & inspirational organizations I've worked w/ in my lifetime is @LUPE_rgv - if you want to help people power grow in this region donate here:…
& of course we can create more accountability if immigrant-supporting civil rights impact litigators have the resources they need to try to intervene in this process in as many ways as possible. One TX based organization doing amazing work is @TXCivilRights - in the last 2 wks 7/
The Texas Civil Rights Project has been able to try to bring some oversight into the separations/prosecutions in the Rio Grande Valley - they've put out stories of parents who have been separated & have been reporting the volume of separations. They need help to cover more 8/
...proceedings in more courthouses so that litigators trying to stop this have a better sense as to what is happening as this process lacks transparency across the board. You can help @TXCivilRights do more by supporting them here (also follow them) 9/
Once parents are separated and prosecuted some move back over into DHS custody and get moved around to other detention centers. This is where having more lawyers who work inside detention centers to help figure out how to get these parents back w/ their kids is important 10/
One organization that works with parents in detention centers in Texas is @RAICESTEXAS - they have a bond fund to help reunited families and fight their cases from the outside. You can support that bond fund here:… 11/
Okay let's pivot to state & local advocacy a bit - because enforcement is increasing and the system is being jammed in different ways, including the admin's 0 tolerance policy, there just aren't enough lawyers to advocate on behalf of individuals & families facing deportation 12/
What u actually can do is run campaigns in your cities, counties & states demanding your government(s) fund legal services for people going through the deportation process. Many cities & states have invested in this over the last few yrs, so this isn't a pie in the sky thing 12/
It's like the general concept of access to counsel, and due process, & trying to be a good locality that doesn't want to just give a green light to the increased enforcement of this admin. Winning these campaigns can help get more lawyers in more detention centers. 13/
And let's pivot to Congress - while these bills don't necessarily provide vehicles for easy passage, they help create momentum for concrete policy ideas where pieces of the language in these bills can be inserted into other negotiations like appropriations, etc. Main thing 14/
Okay sorry plane was landing, So, Bill #1: Fair Day In Court for Kids Act! Please see if your 2 senators are on it! If not, get them on? How do you know if they’re on? I got you:…
Here’s a fact sheet, but basically 85% of kids not represented by counsel are deported....because kids should have lawyers and 3 yr olds shouldn’t advocate asylum law in court houses, but read more here:…
Okay next bill to make sure your 2 Senators and house member are on: The Help Separated Children Act - this is sponsored by Smith in he Senate and Roybal Allard in the House, here is a list of who is on it so far:…
Next bill - hot off the presses yesterday from Senator Feinstein - the Keep Families Together Act, this would define when children can be separated from their parents - here is more, make sure both your Senators are on it:…
& then very wonky, but a very defined group of people to influence is to financially starve the beast that is causing this harm in the appropriations process. Rep. Jayapal led a call this week to stop the finding of the operations doing this:
Decisions like this are negotiated within the Homeland Security subcommittees of both chambers who negotiate how much funding goes into those bills. Here are their rosters so you know who to call....
Everything I said in Texas is needed basically everywhere else right now, so check out plug in your zip code find out what orgs are near you & help by volunteering there!
Sorry I’m back one more really important tangible TX thing - you can raid your closet & supplie cabinets and send the below items to Catholic Charities RGV’s shelter for refugees. People arrive with nothing this place helps clean, feed, clothe them. Items they need:
My friend @tramontela just sent me this - for those who are interested in helping the children & families separated by the recent raid in Sandusky Ohio, here are a bunch of tangible ways to help those families in middle America:…
And if you want to do one thing today to help a military family from being separated please call the Miami ICE office for my friend Alejandra today (with a kind & loving & respectful voice) - this link gives instructions, takes 1 minute
If folks want to help get the final 3 signatures on the discharge petition to force a vote to #protectdreamers someone just sent me which helps focus on who to call today & ask to sign!
Hi Pals - I'm on another plane, and posted some additional ways to help in a thread here - happy helping! #FamiliesBelongTogether :

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Sep 6, 2018
Scanning through Flores reg - will highlight pieces in this thread below. PG 2: "Most prominently, the rule would create an alternative to the existing licensed program requirement for family residential centers, so that ICE may use appropriate facilities to detain family units"
This part is basically them arguing that they need a licensing workaround to be able to build more jails that house moms and kids. You know, like the ones where that 3 year old recently died after leaving the conditions there. #FamiliesBelongTogether
Just highlighting this "her" here, as a reminder that our DHS Sec is @SecNielsen and she is seeking to build more prisons for kids and still hasn't been held accountable for ripping children from their parents in the first place. #FamiliesBelongTogether
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Aug 24, 2018
Important thread below about a horrific human rights tragedy happening that no one is paying attention about, PLEASE PLEASE read through it: 👇🏽#ForBlackMauritanians
Mauritanians fled to the United States in the 90’s 00’s seeking asylum. Many were granted the ability to lawfully stay here due to the live-endangering risk of return, but many others missed the 1 year deadline due to not understanding our legal system, getting bad advice, etc 2/
Because things are so bad for black Mauritanians and it would be dangerous to send them back, ICE put those without status under orders of supervision to stay here but check in with the govt regularly. Well, now we have a new ICE with new rules 3/
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Aug 15, 2018
DACA litigation update thread - it's not really news, but helps give continued context, so DOJ just filed in the DC litigation. As a reminder, the DC litigation is the one that a couple weeks ago went above & beyond the 9th & 2nd Circuit injunctions & told the govt. to....1/
not only keep renewals going, but to restart the ability for NEW DACA applications to be filed. This would be like teenagers who are 15 and wanting to get work authorization, driver's licenses, etc. Anyway - this was a big victory led by Microsoft, Princeton, NAACP, etc. 2/
plane wifi sucks, I may be another 20 min on the rest of this sorry lol.....but basically the govt. argues that they'll have harm by having to manage mailboxes and that would be against the public interest. I generally think teenagers raised in America not having access to 3/
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Jul 11, 2018
Some of the logistics involved in helping a reunited family upon reunification:

The place of reunification (of the ones that happened yesterday) is based on wherever the govt sent the child when they took the child from that parent at the Southern border (anywhere in US)

Remember when we said kids were being sent everywhere without their parents, well they were. So now that they are under the government's oversight as they pursue their asylum claims, where they are reunified is not where this family likely ends up. 2/
So once someone is reunited, it's kinda like we don't care where we put you in jail or took your child to this is where you end up while you pursue your claims. Go forth & figure it out. It's the NGO community that is doing what it can to be supportive after that moment 3/
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Jul 9, 2018
When the govt starts to pat itself on the back for reuniting small babies on Tuesday please remember the following:

1. The only reason they’re doing this is because the litigators at the ACLU got a court order mandating it.


2. They’ve openly admitted to not being able to fully account for where the parents of the 4&under kids. And so they’ll only be helping an estimate 50% of those 2/
3. As in they’ve likely deported parents of nonverbal infants who ya know can’t say their names to caseworkers n such 3/
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Jul 2, 2018
Call/email these people & ask them to stop this:

County Judge — Hon. Aurelio "Keter" Guerra
Office (956) 689-3393

County Commissioner Precinct 1 — Hon. Eliberto "Beto" Guerra Office (956) 689-4214
County Commissioner Precinct 2 — Hon. Oscar Deluna
Office (956) 689-4214

County Commissioner Precinct 3 — Hon. Henry De La Paz
Office (956) 689-4214
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