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Jun 11, 2018 45 tweets 13 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
About #June12 noise making and the likes:
My response when a friend asked for my view on her facebook page....
Izza thread jaree...Comma read
Please nobody should abuse my late father here o, I didn't come to your page to comment: All this sudden noise and write up to show that "Buhari was playing politics"......
When did it become a crime for politicians to play politics? Were they not voted in to play politics?
Will it be wrong to develop our roads, infrastructure, free education, return oil blocks to the State instead of individuals? What is this noise all about? GEJ was voted for by the South West in 2011, the same SW voted for PMB in 2015, what is all this noise about SW going 4 PMB?
Obasanjo, the direct beneficiary of #June12 is from the same State with MKO, why didn't he play politics and declare June 12?
Jonathan had opportunity for 5 years to do same, he rather gave Abacha from the North posthumous honor, pardoned Ex-convict from the West, Alams from the South...What do you call that? Is that politics or chemistry?
16yrs opportunity to acknowledge #June12 they refused to use the #PoliticalUndertone...
So are you expecting PMB to use Biological or Chemical undertone to take such decision? Why are you guys fixated about those supporting PMB, is it not a choice and must you dictate to others?
You brought up religious sentiments prio to 2015 election, yet blamed PMB for being d religious bigot..
GEJ was running from one Church to another, Sambo openly told them in the North that they must not vote for PMB because Osinbajo is a Pastor of a big Church..Who is THE bigot?
I mean, who was running from one religious organisation to another in 2015 because of politics? Pastor Bosun came up with that sudden apostasy, wrapped up Jonathan PDP politics in the name of "wake up call" message.
I'm happy that I'm still here. I asked him when most of you were analyzing that heretic message that "Jonathan is fulfilling prophecy".....
I asked a simple question: "Which prophecy is Jonathan"?
Pastor Bosun went ahead to say "even if the Islamic party (APC) presents a Christian Governor in Lagos, you must not vote for him, you must vote for the other party(PDP)......Wait, who was using religion?
Obasanjo removed Senate Presidents at will, removed any opposing voice, removed Fayose for a small insult, removed Ladoja with thugs in Ibadan....Who are you calling "DICTATOR"? BUHARI.........
Obasanjo withheld Lagos State fund for 3 years, not minding how Lagosians would eat, Yaradua got there and released the fund..
Obasanjo removed Senate Presidents at will, removed any opposing voice, removed Fayose for a small insult, removed Ladoja with thugs in Ibadan...
NASS members were abusing PMB openly, messing up everything at will, Fayose has been abusing PMB for 4 years now..
not a single State in Nigeria has been denied their constitutional rights because of politics till date: Paris fund, bail out, FAAC etc..But who is the DICTATOR? PMB
Jonathan ensured that NASS opposition members were locked out including Tambuwa the Speaker of the house. They had to climb gate to gain access.....
Jonathan empowered OPCs in Lagos and they were destroying anything in Ikorodu to Ojota that looked like opposition party. Ogar of DSS was used to invade APC secretariat, Journalist arrested and Newspapers seized, we forgot all these....
Ekiti was militarized, Fayose was given power from Aso rock to order Military guys at will. Fayemi the incumbent at that moment was rendered powerless that he was shouting when Police was used by PDP & a guy was shot...All these videos and pictures are still here..GOOGLE it.
Jonathan met FX+ECA at $62 billion+. He DEPLETED it to less than $30 Billion in 5 years. Jonathan sold crude oil for 5 years at an average of $100 per barrel of 2.2 million daily (2010-2014). Did he add a DIME to Nigeria purse in 5 years? NO.
PMB the ILLITERATE sold oil at an average of $50 of less than 700,000 barrel at some points because of militancy, yet had moved that FX to $47 Billion in 3yrs. Don't say how much did he borrow if you don't even have the figure borrowed btw 2010-2015 without adding a dime to FX.
Jide Omokore, Aluko and oil goddess Alinson made an oil deal of N1 trillion and chose not to remit to Nigeria under GEJ. Did anyone raise eyebrow? You liked EVIL DOERS.
INTEL of Atiku refused to remit to NPA, not until last year that "ordinary" Hadiza the NPA boss challenged INTEL and insisted the funds must be remitted....#TheOwnersOfNigeriaPLC are now crying.
A Christian Professor had been leading JAMB all through Obasanjo to Jonathan yet for 40 years of JAMB, only N52 Million was remitted to FG....A Muslim Professor who was appointed just in two years of handling JAMB remitted over N15 Billion......FIFTEEN BILLION o....#Religion?
So who is following after righteousness? For five years of Okonjo Iweala was paying over 45,000 ghost workers unabated, yet just within 3 years, "ordinary" Kemi Adeosun removed such nonsense...I ask again who is more effective? #BigCertificate?
Ordinary Abuja metro lane took 11 years from OBJ period that he INITIATED it...Ordinary intra-city metro lane o, but Buhari that finished it within 3 years is the failure abi? "Which project did Buhari INITIATE and COMPLETE in 3 years yen-yen-yen"...
Mention any major project INITIATED & COMPLETED in 3 years of Obasanjo, or Yaradua or Jonathan...So on what parameters are you using to judge 3 years of Buhari INITIATING AND COMPLETING? Even PDP can't finish their own secretariat let alone that which belong to NIGERIA...#LOOTED.
Lagos-Ibadan since OBJ till GEJ can't be finished, but in 3 years of PMB, ask those who ply that road & those who go for Holy ghost camp monthly the difference in pace of work. Wait even Otuoke road in Bayelsa had to wait till PMB now start to do the road..But who is the failure?
Emm, "Almajiri School in the North abi....WHERE exactly are these Schools SITUATED in the North? OK, show us the picture. Emm, 2nd Niger Bridge? Lol, they completed it on the MAP, yet Fashola is on it PHYSICALLY now.
Did Buhari fail on security issue in Benue? YES. Did others before him fail on the same security issue in Benue? YESSS...So where did you get all these noise of "Fulani President" is helping herdsmen? His failure on that has nothing to do with his tribe..TAKE NOTE.
Who was the President during Jos crisis, herdsmen killing people in Zamfara in 2013, Odi massacre, Kaduna crisis? You think death suddenly started because PMB is a Fulani? That he failed on dt is one thing, but YOU making a narrative of "Fulani President" & herdsmen power is DULL
Januar 1, 2018 in Port Harcourt, Christians were coming from Church, cultists from the South South killed their own people....
You know why there was no serious noise by CAN and you? You can't link it to Buhari herdsmen Fulani....
The same WIKE that did not drop a million to support the families of those bereaved in his constituency went to Benue State to donate N20 Milliion and you hailed him. Una funny like kilode...
Kidnapping of School children in Lagos,
Badoo issue in Lagos...Crisis in Kaduna...WHo did you call on? Ambode the Governor of Lagos and Elrufai of Kaduna.....
But when crisis happened in River State and Benue who did you shout about? Buhari the herdsmen FULANI.
Your Bishops & Pastors & Imams that made Aso Rock their abode between 2010-2015 for prayers, what did they negotiate for the body of Christ or common citizens? Yes, they got their jets, they got waivers & Universities all PERSONAL...Nothing for US ALL, their religious followers!
.....Now that the tap to fuel their jets and lifestyles had stopped, all they tell you from the pulpit is "LIES and Prophe-lying"....Your anointed ones keep saying ANNOYING THINGS, yet you can't query their lies?
Wait, I remember again your problem with Buhari fighting corruption selectively. So mention ONE name among those in EFCC case without a case to defend. If your hero had fought corruption with one leg, by now shebi it’s the second leg Buhari will be fighting. So????
So what is your problem with the corrupt facing the music? Oh, how about blabla.If PMB did not catch them, somebody else will. Stop crying in defence of the corrupt being asked to face the music. If your uncle is corrupt, tell him to face it, stop shouting how about other thieves
I know you lost your job because GEJ lost out, your job with Patience was terminated. But stop using your personal loss as a yardstick for Buhari’s achievement. Several young Nigerians were SCAMMED by Boro collecting money from them, in the process killing many young Nigerians.
Jonathan can’t even sack Boro for scamming & killing Nigerians in the process of job scam. So what do you want the families of those who died when Jonathan scammed them of Jobs do? Stop crying and face life.
For your information, all those lies about "hidden agenda" can only fly on you because they know you are biblically illiterate. I even saw somebody hailing Fani Kayode for being the voice for the Church...Haaaaaa, abomination....Fani Kayode & Church in the same sentence?
Abeg make I stop, come dey collect your abuses in packs...After all your abuse, na Buhari I go still vote for 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
If you know like am, show me ya candidate first....END
Abba Morox
The Northerner you don't like is is PMB, Northerners who share their LOOT with you are OK.
The Muslim you don't like is PMB, other Muslims who share LOOT with you are OK
The old man you don't want in AsoRock is PMB, campaigning for Atiku at 70+ & you like Trump at 70+...SORRY!
#June12 is bringing permanent healing to the hearts of people...It is more than MKO
#June12 is raising and awakening the hearts of patriots
again...@MBuhari this message from @HafsatKIND is representing all of us....If this fight must take you like MKO, let it be a sacrifice for MY GENERATION. You were preserved for a time like this. #DoIt
Hellooo @MBuhari
by acknowledging #June12 you have just awaken the #NewArmyOfNigerians and you are destined to lead this army against #TheLandLordsOfNigeria #TheOwnersOfNigeriaPLC
This is your destiny...
You can't hold back..
This change MUST be REAL, tangible and VISIBLE!

• • •

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Sep 27, 2018
1 Kings 19:15
When you get there, anoint Hazael king over Aram. 16 Also, anoint Jehu son of Nimshi king over Israel, & anoint Elisha son of Shaphat from Abel Meholah to succeed you as prophet.
17 Jehu will put to death any who escape the sword of Hazael...
Malachi 7:7
"For the lips of a priest should keep knowledge, And people should seek the law from his mouth; For he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts.
There is nothing wrong IF Church leadership encourages people to support a GOOD LEADER to emerge...
Right from Campus days, we have always been discouraging serious Christians folks to dissociate themselves from politics. At the end of the day, we turn around to complain about "people in authority"....What exactly do you expect when you discourage yours?
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Sep 15, 2018
Now that Kemi Adeosun has resigned, at least we can check certain issues up as touching the forged exemption letter issued to her.
To start with, stop hyperventilating, there's nothing in @nysc_ng certificate of Exemption letter to be forged deliberately by her.
#FakeDocuments 👇
If you have lived here in Nigeria, the possibility that you are likely to have been a victim of #FakeDocuments is of high probability. So breaking your head on a long thread to "show" that Kemi Adeosun was "fraudulent" just showed your character of hypocrisy.
Victims abound here!
Studying abroad by Kemi Adeosun was enough for her to enjoy her life & practice ANYWHERE. So that alone should tell you that the issue of NYSC certificate exemption letter was just an unfortunate incidence that can't be deliberate.
Have you paid fully for fake docs here before?
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Aug 30, 2018
When your educated illiterates mention N22 trillion gbese by Buhari in 3 years, don't argue, ask them to show you the data from DMO........
Don't waste your time with their wailing, help a destitute in need of practical education🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
.@Nairametrics had long apologized and tweeted correctly but your "PHD-folders" cannot correct their error.....Na so dem pass for School. #CopyAndPaste
At least @Nairametrics took to correction, deleted the tweet and apologized.....Mba, not your Omni-knowest twitter overlords with reversed education...😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Aug 14, 2018
#Thread 👇👇👇
Can the Senate President be removed IF the entire 109 Senators are not complete?
Saraki is GONE if and when @OfficialAPCNg is ready. It will only take 30 minutes without any drama. So don't think removing Saraki will be that dramatic guys..
Don't argue too much on this.
Nigeria had 109 Senators as at the time Saraki was "elected" as Senate President by just 57 Senators. If that was constitutional & seen to have formed a "quorum"
then removing Saraki by 2/3 of the same "quorum" is constitutional...
The other perspective is this:
Does the constitution say that the Senate President MUST come from the Majority party/ruling party?
Simple logic:
Can a Senator from the MINORITY be the Majority leader of the house?
Can a Senator from the Majority party be the Minority leader? 🤔🤔
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Aug 10, 2018
Just a very short thread on #StrengtheningInstitutions in Nigeria:
You have heard this over and over "let us allow strong institution, not strong individuals"...
I put it to you that that fallacy will never work anywhere in the world.
Only Strong men can FIX institutions. 👇👇
Make no mistake, only #StrongMen can build #StrongInstitutions that will eventually run as though AUTOPILOT. #StrongInstitutions don't happen in isolation anywhere in the world....
Gen 2:5 said something very instructive on how God made things to work here on planet earth...👇
Gen 2:5 (NLT)
neither wild plants nor grains were growing on the earth. For the LORD God had not yet sent rain to water the earth, and there were no PEOPLE TO CULTIVATE THE SOIL.

#StrongInstitutions "Soil" will never CULTIVATE itself & become strong suddenly if there's no MAN!
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Aug 8, 2018
I insist that what you watched yesterday was pure #PollywoodScript (1st heard Pollywood from @Mr_JAGs POLLYTICS+NOLLYWOOD=Pollywood).
#TheScript was written by @bukolasaraki
Specially featuring his main man, Daura head of DSS..
Directed by Ben Bruce..
#PollywoodScript thread👇
I tuned in to @channelstv @sunrisedailynow yesterday morning, I noticed that @MaupeO was already grilling both APC & PDP guests in the studio. I was very curious as to why she was really pushing deeper on her logical questions to the guys...
Then a call from Linda from NASS came:
Will continue later, busy for now....
It's all #PollywoodScript 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
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