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1. #QAnon: Last night Kim Jong Un visited Gardens by the Bay Waterfront Park & Marina Bay Sands Hotel. #Q's 10 May drop (#72) had photo of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

"How was this known?
You are watching a 'plan' being set in motion.
Enjoy the show.
2. #QAnon calls attention to the prev pic's timestamp, 10:26:18 (EST).

"Everything shown has meaning.
You are watching a 'scripted' movie.
3. #QAnon asks:

"Does Kim look nervous prior to the 'BIG' meeting w/ POTUS? (or)
Did they already meet long ago?
Is he preparing at his hotel w/ his advisors ahead of time?
Or, is he out enjoying the 'FREEDOM' he never had in the past?
4. #QAnon: isn't the North Korea Deal already done?
Is it not already safe?

The President "moves up departure - why?
The World is Safer.
IRAN developments…
5. #QAnon

IG Horowitz recommends charges.
US Atty Huber prosecutes.

6. #QAnon: Holding off on the issuance of the signed EO (to release all) will allow first for the completion of HRC email investigation, to ensure inclusion of declassification & release of docs in the EO, & preclude accusations of partisanship. #Q…
7. #QAnon on scam to launder money, fund terrorism, & enrich players: Iran, like NK, used as perpetual nuclear world threat by Cabal.

"IRAN deal had nothing to do with nukes.
Hussein pallets of cash.
Hussein secret auth to convert USD.
More coming.
No MSM coverage.
8. #QAnon to "Joint-Treason" Operators: The London pics shared in previous drops were part of intercepts from #Spygate ops. Last chance. #FVEY #MI6
"The time is now.
9. #QAnon responds "Good" to an anon pointing out that @POTUS'd already told us that #SpyGate /#crossfirehurricane counter-intel against the Trump campaign went back as far as Dec 2015, re: #Strzok-Page texts from then. They're in London during Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park #Q
10. #QAnon: Winter Wonderland occurs in Dec in London in Hyde Park. #Q's May 20 pic of [2] people apparently provides the timeframe with NSA's traffic cam surveillance of Page and Strzok's "Joint-Treason" #SpyGate Operation #crossfirehurricane with #MI6 in London, Dec 2015.
11. #QAnon puts Rosenstein the #[[[triple killbox]]]#!
"Why is he in Canada?", #Q asks.
Q speaks to "what is already known (and can be proven)."
12. #QAnon: Rosenstein's obstructing Grassley's access to FBI agent who interviewed Flynn. DOJ says Rosenstein is "visiting 'a foreign nation', one of America’s key intelligence partners." Hint: Those responsible for spying (FVEY) are at meeting.
13. #QAnon posts "The Punisher" logo with a file name of "RR". #Q's got Rosenstein in the cross-hairs, evidently.
14. #QAnon intentionally exposed his password that ended with "-23" 23 days prior to President Trump arriving in Singapore for today's historic summit. #Clown anon makes ridiculous claim that day -23's not newsworthy. 😄💯
15. At this moment, KJU is in w @POTUS. It is the 12th in Singapore, but still the 11th here in US. #Q confirms correct interpretation of "-23", suggesting that JA part was disinfo to "discredit knowing will not materialize". #QAnon suggests a 2nd meaning for -23 as well.
16. #QAnon's asked of @JulianAssange's status. Ops are attacking free press w subpoena at Twitter for DMs from JA, Wiki, R Stone, K Dotcom, C Fairbanks & Gateway Pundit, others on SR's brother's 'defamation' suit.

"The 'server' brings down the house.
17. We still do not have evidence for the murder of #SethRich. Let us pray for justice soon.
18. #QAnon suggested -23 has a second meaning, and dropped a strong hint:

"Dash v Minus?

It looks like, thanks to anon, Q's referring to Article 23 ("dash 23") which indicates that "any person may convene a general court-martial".
19. Most recent prior #QAnon thread is here:…
20. @threadreaderapp please unroll current #QAnon thread here:
21. #QAnon's hinted that @POTUS & #KJU had secretly met last November on President's Trump's Asia trip. Interesting to note that there have been no missile tests in 7 mos, test mountain's imploded, and NK has blown up already their missile test sites. #Q…

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Oct 8, 2018
1. #QAnon North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear testing site, located inside a mountain near the border with China, has been the site of all 6 of the country's nuclear tests. The dismantling of the facility began in May, but till now observers have not been allowed in to verify. #Q
3. #QAnon: All lovey-dovey says #TrollRex. Being with {Rosenstein] on the plane "will be very nice". Reporter, "Do you have any plans to fire [RR]"? "No, I don't." #Q
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Oct 7, 2018
1. #QAnon:
"There is a price we will not pay." "There is a point beyond which they must not advance."
"We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth.."
2. #QAnon One of Hillary campaign's top lawyers, former DOJ atty, Michael Sussman, provided DNC election #SpyGate "Russian hacking" prop directly to FBI's top lawyer, J Baker. Yet, FBI told us they didn't know it was from DNC & kept FISA judges ignorant of same in court. #Q
3. #QAnon: Baker, FBI's top lawyer's directly under Comey secretly receiving frm Sussman 1 of Clinton campaign's top lawyers DNC CrowdStrike "analysis" that a thumb-drive-speed trxfer of DNC e-mails's a "Russian hack", so to spy on Trump campaign.#Q
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Oct 6, 2018
1. #QAnon Justice K now sits on the Highest Court in the Land!! What a great day!! Law & Order & the U.S. Constitution have now been safeguarded.
It was our last chance to peacefully save it. Just think if HRC'd won & we had SC appointments w a 'Corrupt' tilt, e.g., L Lynch. #Q
2. #QAnon again points to this video that makes more wonderfully optimistic sense every time I see it!! #Q
3. #QAnon Now comes the real PAIN, the real TRUTH.
They want US divided by race, religion, culture. class, and political affiliation, because, divided we are weak.
But together we are strong!
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Oct 5, 2018
1. #QAnon "Sen. Murkowski, R-Alaska, 1 of 4 undecided key senators, voted against advancing Kavanaugh in a procedural vote. That doesn't necessarily mean those senators will vote same way in a final vote, the timing of which has yet to be announced."… #Q
2. #QAnon "A picture is worth a thousand words.
See evil in the face of Feinstein?
See fear & emotion in the face of Murkowski?"
Rush called this "Alien vs Sigourney Weaver" Feinstein has leverage on Murkowski, but phones are always listening.

"A phone was present.
3. #QAnon FISA DECLASsification'll reveal US coup attempt. Loretta Lynch'd Veselnitskaya enter country to set up #SpyGate #RussiaHoax. FISAs approved for Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page, Flynn'll show how UK & Aus (& NZ?) assisted. #Q…
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Oct 3, 2018
1. #QAnon Sessions with Huber. In Utah.
What a wonderful day!
3. #QAnon My oh my!
Is it a coincidence that Sessions is meeting Huber the day prior to being subpoenaed to bring Congress the #SpyGate docs, the same day as the "POTUS_ALERT"?
What sealed Grand Jury indictment info must 1st be vetted?…📁
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Oct 3, 2018
1. #QAnon deleted it (which is very unusual).

"Symbolism will be their downfall."
2. This next consecutive #QAnon drop was also, curiously, deleted from….…📁
3. #QAnon This is VERY important! Register someone(s) now. Take them with you to VOTE!!
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