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1) President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un marks an opportunity for the world that only comes about every generation or so – the opportunity to completely change the direction of world events.

2) The last time this occurred was in 1986 when President Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachev. America and the USSR were at extremely heightened tensions.
3) Before that it was when President Eisenhauer and Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev met in 1959 only to have the U2 spy plane incident a few months later negate any thawing of the Cold War.
4) By the first part of the 1980s the hopes of Détente in the 1970s had fallen on the harsh reality of the diametrically opposing views of Freedom and Communism.
5) Early in his presidency, Reagan had called out the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire” and famously stated Communism would wind up on the “ash heap of history”.
6) To say these were provocative words would be an understatement. The political class of both parties of the early 1980s were aghast at the “cowboyism” of Reagan and declared over and over that he would get us into a nuclear war.
7) Reagan never apologized for his characterization of the USSR or of Communism. Instead, he kept the pressure up by deploying intermediate range Pershing II missiles in Europe despite the extremely vocal and large Nuclear Freeze protests.
8) That sounds very familiar to us in 2018, doesn’t it?
9) Trump has characterized North Korea very harshly, he has not apologized and he is keeping the pressure campaign going full speed against them.
10) But it takes two to tango. Gorbachev realized that if the Soviet Union was to survive, it would have to attempt to change the way it worked both inside and outside its borders.
11) Of course, he did not intend for the Soviet Union to ultimately break up but he knew that their position in 1986 was not good and they would devolve into either internal revolution or external military excursions which would only end badly for everyone.
12) Kim Jong Un, likewise, is in a position that he knows is untenable unless he changes. The pressure campaign has cost Kim dearly, he has finally met someone in Trump who calls North Korea’s bluff about invading South Korea and someone who he respects.
13) Additionally, there are indications that Kim has positioned himself to work with a freer hand in his country much like Gorbachev had in the USSR in the mid-80s.
14) Reagan and Gorbachev initiated a series of events that ended the 45 year Cold War – something the intellectual elite thought impossible especially for an “amiable dunce” like Reagan.
15) Trump and Kim stand at the threshold of removing nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula, ending a 68 year war and possibly setting up Korean unification – something today’s intellectual elite think is impossible for an idiot like Trump.
16) The comparisons between Reagan/Gorbachev and Trump/Kim are striking, are they not?
17) One cannot know the future but one can see patterns from history. This summit between Trump and Kim is positioned to have tremendous results.
18) The peace with North Korea would eliminate it as a huge destabilizing force in the world today. It would also take away power from both China and Russia who use North Korea as a proxy for their geopolitical efforts against America.
19) Iran’s ruling Mullahs would be further isolated and their end could come far more quickly. American prestige and power will be immensely increased allowing Israel and Saudi Arabia more ability to influence events inside Iran.
20) Our traditional allies, who have been very quick to treat Trump with disdain, will be hard pressed to continue to do so. This will only make it easier for us to obtain better deals with them and the rest of the world.
21) At home, Trump will show those who are not irrationally against him that he is indeed a very capable and successful leader even if some do not “like” the way he does things further improving his job approval numbers.
22) Whether these results happen immediately or they take a while is immaterial. It took 3 years for the Berlin Wall to fall after Reagan and Gorbachev’s first meeting.
23) However, I have a feeling things will happen much faster this year.

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