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#TrumpKim #SingaporeSummit

1/ see Kim Jong-il (former NK Dictator) father of Kim Jong-un (NK Dictator)
2/ Here is his official propaganda portrait

notice the flowers and remember
3/ This is Obama's official Presidential Portrait. Seriously, this is not a joke or fake. This is his official portrait.

note the flowers and remember
4/ What does the flower represent?

Deflowering = Pedophilia = Pedogate

How does this connect to #SingaporeSummit?
5/ Both sides are in favor of cutting the ties that have been harboring North Korea for human trafficking and slavery throughout the world, resulting in all elites trading in children as one of their assets
6/ How does this connect to Hillary Clinton?

Obama was using Hillary's Email Server.
7/ How did they destroy their evidence and obstruct justice?

Bleachbit, acid wash, hammers.
8/ Who recently just did this?

On Friday I reported on @PolkCoSheriff a "wife" who destroyed her husbands child pornography is acid and hammers.
9/ The Clinton Foundation was trafficking children and Hillary Clinton used the State Department to rape Haiti, destroy Libya, destabilize Egypt and use babies and slaves from North Korea.
10/ Kim's father likely abused Kim if it proves true that he was connected to the child sex trafficking ring that Bill Clinton and Obama were both part of.
11/ If that is the case, then this positions the United States to end the New World Order / Pedogate by declaring the abuse of the trade deficit to be a matter of national security, and seal the deal with Kim, how does he defeat Trump/Russia?

12/ How? Clearly some of us (cough 😼🤡😼) were wrong about JA involvement in these negotiations.
13/ If #Pedogate is the link between Trump's success on #NuclearSummit and ending the Deep State, how does he legally go after the Special Counsel?
14/ If Assange is going to enter the scene relatively soon, it will probably be over web conference where he makes a public statement about Seth Rich being the source.
15/ From that, Trump's legal team can counter sue the DNC lawsuit (against Wikileaks, Russia and Trump) for the DNC server to confirm their witness testimony.
16/ What's on the server?
17/ Global pedophilia blackmail collection of compromised members of this Cabal.

High level people. High level people.
18/ These people are raping babies and toddlers with tools, animals, and very old politicians while having an expiration of roughly 2 years after entering this trafficking network.
19/ This is the card I have a feeling that Trump is playing here. Thoughts?

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Sep 22, 2018
you are witnessing the Democrat playbook live in action against judge Kavanaugh
knowing what you know now does it conflict with the idea that these people are involved in child sex trafficking?
The hammer is about to drop down on them and the president for what is being sent right now is incredibly important that we must honor and respect our all do right process of innocence before guilty verdict.
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Sep 19, 2018
I was mentally abused by Marge Thibideau, the detention teacher from kindergarten through 8th grade. 9 years of my life I was a victim of excessive mental, physical, and sexual bullying from other students. Marge would aggressively lie about my behavior in order to suspend me.
Her children were of the children who bullied me growing up and who also associated with those who bullied me growing up. I considered suicide in High School because my youth was so sabotaged by Marge Thibideau's psychotic abuse towards me by not willing to hear the victim speak.
The school administrators protected Marge Thibideau and were aggressive towards recommending I be institutionalized for behavior problems in a near prison Government experiment system. I was a Romanian orphan who was given an opportunity quite rare in life.
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Sep 18, 2018
Let me explain something to you:

1/ Watch this segment between 5:27 and 9:03.
2/ Open the transcript. Notice something funny?
3/ YouTube's automated transcribing service, the one that's used to censor and suppress truth... the one I report on all the time for BOGUS copyright claims like this one:

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Sep 18, 2018
#FullDisclosure is coming folks! ET Disclosure is imminent, we are just making up for lost time by doing this properly and in order. 100K year old civilizations contradicts the "theory" (aka fake news) that modern day humans started as early as 6,000 years ago and before just ...
lived in caves and did not have any form of higher intelligence. Evolution theory has been used to back up this claim due to the developmental delay capable of expressing a difference between chimp/bonobo DNA and human DNA. In fact our actual lineage is a line of humans that are
technically "extraterrestrial aliens" because our level of intelligence is UNKNOWN elsewhere on the planet, in terms of acknowledged life forms. We are so vastly superior that it defies logic to assume that our evolution somehow grew exponentially from natural causes
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Sep 17, 2018
The feedback on this thread has been incredible. I would like to share my thoughts with your feedback...
1/ Coffee in its natural organic form consumed in moderation is not harmful to your health. Consuming coffee that has been sprayed with pesticides and are being manipulated in the manufacturing process to increase the natural levels of caffeine, is obviously going to cause an...
2/ .. effect of some kind, with respect to health. Including, in my opinion, allergies, getting the shits, twitching, headaches, depression, withdrawal symptoms, etc.. I personally have experience all of that... including getting the shits. Fact of the matter is, I like coffee.
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Sep 8, 2018
The fatal flaw of voting for any Democrat is you're just putting one nail at a time in your own coffin when you vote.
The fatal flaw of voting for any Republican is your blinding faith in the good of humanity will cloud your judgement to see their intentions.
The only solution is to be intelligent about how you learn who to vote for. Aside from what lying politicians say, deliverable results and track records are important to know about and be educated about. Once you know the facts, go with your gut instinct on who is best for you.
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