Thread on history Jauhar in India!
1. Historical documented famous Jauhars. Jauhars - Hindu custom of mass self-immolation by women in parts of Indian subcontinent to avoid capture, enslavement & rape by invaders, when facing certain defeat during a war. #MughalWomenAtrocities
2. Reasons to commit Jauhar?
2A. Saving Rajput women Pride - Rajput women like the Rajput men had huge sense of pride, self-respect & honor despising thought of living under control of anyone else. Thus, these women embraced death rather than tolerating dishonorable positions.
2B. Saving chastity of women - Most Muslim kings used to capture wives, daughters & other women in palace throw them in harem, where these women had to suffer sexual exploitation. It was a huge blow to chastity of these women, which was worse than death.
2C. Prevent enslavement - Victorious kings always enslave people on losing side. The high sense of honor prevented Rajput men & women to accept subordination opting self-sacrifice than enslavement. Rajput women jumped in fire committed mass self-sacrifice in strong walls of fort,
3 What is Saka Pratha?
3A. As women committed Jauhar, men prepared for their self-sacrifice. In Rajputs tradition, men would never surrender but fight till last breath. This ritual of men facing enemy, even though they knew there was no returning was known as Saka.
3B. Saka was performed a day after women & children performed Jauhar. Early in morning, men would cleanse their bodies taking a bath.
3C. After this, they would wear clothes, dyed in saffron color. This color has huge significance in Hindu mythology.
3D. They would scoop some of ash from Jauhar kund that engulfed women previous night & rub this ash on their foreheads as sign of respect for deceased.
3E. Tulsi tree is a holy symbol of Hindus. Each man would place a leaf of this inside their mouth, done to dead bodies usually.
3F. Lastly, they would mount their horses & once entrance of the fort was flung open, they would go out & crash on their enemies with every bit of force. Seeking fight unto death!
#SanatanHistory #MughalWomenAtrocities #MughalsNotHeroes
4A. Jauhar type suicide of Agalassoi: Alexander the Great
Rajputs were not the first race to opt for self-sacrificing rituals. Agalassoi tribe defeated by Alexander did it first to protect honor of women! Mass self-immolation by Agalassoi tribe of northwest India is documented!
4B. Book 6 of The Anabasis of Alexander, written in 2nd century CE by Arrian, on military history of Alexander the Great documents this. Between 336-323 BCE. Arrian mentions Alexander's army conquered enslaved people of northwest Indian subcontinent. #MughalsNotHeroes
4C. During war that killed many in Macedonian-Agalossoi armies, civilians feared defeat. Some 20,000 men, women, children of Agalossoi town burnt town & self in it!
5A Jauhar of Sindh: Muhammad Bin Qasim
In 712, Muhammed Bin Qasim & army attacked western regions Indian subcontinent kingdoms. He laid siege to the capital of Dahir, then Hindu king in a part of Sindh.
#SanatanHistory #MughalWomenAtrocities #MughalsNotHeroes
5B. After Dahir was killed, his queen coordinated the defense of capital many months. As the food supplies ran out, she and the women of the capital refused to surrender, lit pyres and committed Jauhar.
#SanatanHistory #MughalWomenAtrocities #MughalsNotHeroes
6. Jauhar of Kampili: Muhammad Bin Tughluq
Hindu women of defeated Kampili kingdom, Northern Karnataka to Delhi Sultanate Muhammad bin Tughluq armies commit Jauhar 1327. Vijayanagara Empire rose from ashes in 1336 CE challenging Tughluq dynasty-Delhi Sultanate next 2 centuries.
7 Jauhar of Chanderi: Babur
King Medini Rao, Chanderi, Northern Madhya Pradesh early 16th century helped Rana Sanga in Khanwa Battle vs Babur's Mughal armies, Babur subdued his fort January 1528 CE. Women-children commit Jauhar-Men saffron garmented walked Saka ritual 29 January
8A. Jauhar of Rathambore: Alauddin Khilji
Alauddin Khilji caused most untimely death of Hindu women in India. He attacked Rajput Ranthambore fort during 1301 to end rule of Hammira. The Rajput king was successful in doing some damage in the ranks of this army.
8B. Then Alauddin Khilji led his forces forced king to leave fort. When armies marched out, they knew they would be killed indefinitely. The only way for the royal & ordinary women to safeguard their honor was to settle for Jauhar, which they did gracefully.
9A Jauhar of Jaisalmer: Alauddin Khilji
Bhatnair, Tanot & Jaisalmer, capitals of Bhati Rajputs, witnessed scene of Jauhar thrice, last time men did not have enough time to build pyre hence slit the throats of women. Hence considered half Jauhar.
9B In the time of Maharawal Jait Singh, Alauddin Khilji besieged the fort of Jaisalmer, and after seven months, 24,000 women committed Jauhar.
#SanatanHistory #MughalWomenAtrocities #MughalsNotHeroes
10 - 1st Jauhar Chittor: Alauddin Khilji
Chittorgarh's 1st Jauhar occurred 1303 CE siege of Chittor fort. It became a subject of legendary Rajasthani poems, with Rani Padmini. She & other Rajput women commuted Jauhar to avoid being captured by Alauddin Khilji of Delhi Sultanate.
11A - 2nd Jauhar of Chittor: Bahadur Shah
Rana Sanga died 1528 CE post Khanwa battle, widow Queen Karnavati took over Mewar-Chittor. Gujarat's Bahadur Shah besieged kingdom, Rani committed Jauhar with other women March 8, 1535, Rajput army committed Saka. #SanatanHistory
11B Karnavati sought assistance of Humayun, son of Babur, her late husband's foe, by sending him a rakhi & a request for his help as a brother. Humayun started for Chittor but reached too late. Some say he never came. This is second of the three Jauhars performed at Chittor!
12A - 3rd Jauhar of Chittor: Akbar
Mughal Emperor Akbar army besieged Chittor fort September 1567. Hindu women committed Jauhar in spring 1568 CE, next morning, thousands of Rajput men walked the Saka ritual. Mughal army killed all the Rajputs who walked out the fort.
12B Abu'l-Fazl ibn Mubarak, who was not an immediate witness, gave a hearsay account of event as seen by Akbar & army. Abu'l-Fazl blamed rajput men, saying women were victims of Rajput men & unwilling participants, These Rajputs came out walking to die, throwing away their lives.
13A Three Jauhars of Raisen: Humayun
Raisen in Madhya Pradesh was repeatedly attacked by Mughals in early 16th century. In 1528, 1st Jauhar led by Queen Chanderi. After Mughal army left, kingdom refused to accept orders from Delhi leading to a long siege of Raisen fort!
13B With all supplies exhausted in fort, Rani Durgavati & 700 Raisen women committed 2nd Jauhar in 1532, men led by Lakshman Tuar committed Saka. This refusal to submit to Mughal rule repeated, in 1543 the 3rd Jauhar was led by Queen Ratnavali.
#SanatanHistory #MughalsNotHeroes
14A Jauhar of Bundelkhand: Aurangzeb
Aurangzeb with 3 army battalions besieged Bundela in Madhya Pradesh December 1634 CE. Women committed Jauhar as fort fell. Aurangzeb's army entered the fort.
#SanatanHistory #MughalWomenAtrocities #MughalsNotHeroes
14B Those who failed to complete the ritual & survived the Jauhar in progress were forced into the harem, men were forced to convert to Islam, those who refused were executed brutally.
#SanatanHistory #MughalWomenAtrocities #MughalsNotHeroes
15. In Modern times Yazdi-Kurdish women are documented to doing suicides in large numbers in a modern day type of Jauhar [not necessary by fire] to avoid the pain of beings ex slaves of ISIS in Iraq & Syria.
#MughalWomenAtrocities #MughalsNotHeroes…
🏹🚩A matter of great shame rapist, women sex slave trading, unethical, immoral, women abusing brutal Mughals are glorified by biased Hinduphobe Leftist-fake Liberal Historians in name of 'Secularism' the victim queens mocked for not accepting rape-sex slavery in free will!🚩🏹
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#MughalWomenAtrocities #MughalsNotHeroes
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जिनके हलाला से बदले सलवार साथ शोहर !
क्या समझेंगे आत्मसम्मान का जौहर!
बदले चंद सिक्को के लिए जिन्होने अपना धर्म....
क्या जाने मंडी से घर का फर्क, आत्मसम्मान और शर्म?
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