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I'm roaring with the laughter of recognition.
Delightful review of #JordanPeterson's lecture on "Identity Politics and the Marxist Lie of White Privilege." Which I watched when it came out. It was hilarious. But not nearly as hilarious as this review! 1/
LOL "I was saddened to learn of Peterson’s tragic sexual pathology: he is unable to achieve orgasm except when thinking of women as sharing a robotic hive-mind, biologically programmed to find specific traits attractive. He can’t go more than a few pages without relapsing." 2/
"Nor do I want to think about his hideous vision of the world, where lobster-men square off against each other so the female will ‘identify the top guy quickly, become irresistibly attracted’ and ‘disrobe, shedding her shell, making herself soft, vulnerable, ready to mate’." 3/
These are quotes from the intro, and are about *12 Rules for Life.* Here are choice parts from the review of the lecture on Marxism and white privilege. 4/
"Peterson is oblivious to the social circumstances that allow him to be congratulated for his untutored babblings, where a different sort of person would be rightfully sneered off the stage; his lecture is a lesson on privilege alright, though not in the way he thinks it is." 5/
#JordanPeterson exposed as an inept Googler of famous quotes!
1848. It's a VERY BIG year. If you want to sound informed about European history and philosophy, don't get 1848 wrong.

"Let’s not pass by the fact that #JordanPeterson doesn’t know when the Communist Manifesto was written. He says ‘1880 or 1890, whenever Marx wrote it.’" 7/
The Communist Manifesto: "Marx and Engels published it in 1848: a year that nobody remotely familiar with modern European history is likely to overlook. Marx was, of course, dead by 1883."

Oh, can't pass up this simple yet beautiful Derrida joke (which #JordanPeterson is unlikely to get because he hasn't read Derrida):

"A spectre is haunting Peterson’s commentary on postmodernism — the spectre of bullshit." 9/
"It is undignified to participate in such colossally transparent intellectual fraud, cheering ‘well caught, sir!’ at a man whose lectures are one long insult to his audience’s intelligence. JP’s acolytes will sooner or later have to choose between their pride & their dignity."10/
There's much more detail about Peterson's misreadings (to the degree that he's actually read stuff) and blatant misconceptions in this piece. Go read it! 11/

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Jun 26, 2018
Yeah, so from having listened to criminal lawyers discuss the calling of expert witnesses, I can tell you, you don't want to call someone to provide expert testimony on something they have not ever examined. What a bad decision. 1/
"'Dr. Peterson has no experience' assessing 'the reliability of confessions,'Justice Greenberg wrote in his ruling. 'In fact, he acknowledges that he has never seen a police confession and did not view the video of the confession in this case.'” 2/
I cannot even imagine the amount of hubris one needs to decided to go in front of a CRIMINAL COURT and claim one has the ability to assess false confessions made during police interrogations when one HASN'T EVER SEEN A REAL CONFESSION MADE IN A POLICE INTERROGATION. 3/
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Jun 18, 2018
@lifeb4man @rasmansa I'm gonna chime in here and say that "critical thinking" is a context-dependent concept. What an instructor in geography calls "critical thinking" is not at all the same process with the same components as what an instructor in literature studies calls by the same name. 1/
@lifeb4man @rasmansa In fact, you'd find different takes on "critical thinking" between different branches of the same discipline. Feel like you've understood what "critical thinking" means and how it should look in the final paper for your literary theory class? 2/
@lifeb4man @rasmansa Now take it to "Chaucer and the Middle Ages" course and see if it works the same way! It won't. Because to think critically in one field/subdiscipline highly depends on what materials one works with, what current methods are, and what questions the field is grappling with. 3/
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May 10, 2018
Here's my theory: he doesn't care much for or doesn't think much about the role that political deliberation plays in a democratic society. Research can only every inform political decision-making, not replace it. Research conversations also have forms of deliberation built in.
Instead, he wants HIS take on research (and by Jove we know exactly how flawed that take is) to be what makes political decisions. E.g., in his reading of some of the research, evolutionary biology dictates human hierarchies. That's it. He just needs to say it loud & we're done.
So, he thinks his reading of the research settles it, and we need not pay attention to what other researchers are saying. Don't listen to them. Talk over them. Why not nix those fields who disagree with him altogether, because he says they're wrong. Not much argument needed.
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Apr 26, 2018
An open letter/thread to @UWaterloo president Feridun Hamdullahpur; in response to his statement on the cancellation of LSOI's Faith Goldy event due to raised security fee of $28,500. 1/
In your statement you say: "We cannot shrink away from ideas that we do not like. We must hear them, understand where they are coming from and fight them passionately if we disagree with them. But, we must hear them. We cannot change minds and learn without first listening." 2/
Who is this "we"? None of the antifascist academics I've been working with in the public forum that is Twitter are shying away from any of Goldy's ideas. If anything, we've been bringing them to light, complete with critical commentary. 3/
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Apr 23, 2018
Reading the #Laurier draft statement on freedom of expression. Some thoughts. 1/
Full statement is here: wlu.ca/about/values-v…

The statement mentions "thought" multiple times, incl as "critical thought" and "diversity of thought." But "knowledge" and its production not so much. Yet, I would say, the central goal of a university is knowledge production. 2/
The draft statement says, for instance, that @Laurier as an institution is "committed to advancing intellectual excellence rooted in diversity of thought and opinion in an inclusive learning environment." Let's ponder that for a bit. 3/
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