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Quick Thoughts on the MYE OIG Report...

As readers of this account are aware, I struggle with brevity which makes me Twitterly-challenged. So me saying I'm going to give "quick thoughts" on a 500+ page monster of a report is hilarious - but I'm going to try!
My original plan was to wait until the weekend to make any real statement about the report - just to allow myself time to absorb it rather than rushing twitter with my first impressions...

But since all of Twitter seems to look like this right now...
... I figured it wouldn't hurt to try to drop some quick impressions. Especially since my first read seems to be quite different than what I'm seeing scattered throughout the Twitter-sphere.
I will be back with a much more thorough and detailed analysis in the coming days, but for now here are my headline impressions:
* This reads like three entirely separate reports: The Executive Summary and Conclusion sections have little relation to the body of the report itself. My gut tells me that's because the Summary and Conclusion were mangled by RR and the DOJ during their pass on Horowitz's draft.
* There's a lot more that's been redacted than might appear. Besides the two indexes, there's also weird formatting in some sections that looks as if whole sections were copied and pasted from other documents into this one, or things were removed.
That could be just editing/uploading issues, could be a sign that there was more DOJ editing than they want it to appear.
Note: DOJ editing doesn't necessarily mean they're pulling a fast one, it could be moves to protect the integrity of ongoing investigations and grand juries. It's too early to know for sure, but all the evidence before today suggest it's likely if not probable.
* The body of the report covers a lot of stuff long known and covered by both sides of the media aisles (expected). But there are a lot of new bombshells in this report including...
... the newly discovered "No. No" text, evidence that Clinton's servers were penetrated by (not possibly penetrated by) foreign agents, evidence Obama and Comey both were using private emails to discuss government matters...
... confirmation of an ongoing (and damning) leak investigation, and abundant evidence of bias from leaders of the FBI and DOJ - many of whom were also key players in Crossfire Hurricane.
The body is filled with these bombs. These findings were formerly speculations but now backed by evidence. Evidence that fits perfectly into the larger picture we've been building for over a year and a half - and evidence Huber and Sessions can use to bring charges.
In the end, we are seeing a lot of people on both sides throwing up their arms, either in victory or disgust. Don't fall into that trap.

I say, hold the line. Preferably with a drink in hand.
There's a lot here, and even more that doesn't add up.

More to say soon.

ADDENDUM: (told ya'll I struggle with brevity...)

I've been getting a lot of questions about the issue of bias, and the report's conclusion that there wasn't any evidence of bias, so I'm going to add on to this thread...
First, read this excellent thread by @KimStrassel
Allow me to add some additional musings to the above...

First, I'll repeat (for emphasis) the OIG's job is not to assign motive or pronounce judgment either way. His job is to present facts to the DOJ and Congress, nothing more. Doing more would be improper.
That's why Huber's role is important to keep in mind. Huber and Sessions can make those calls and have the ability to bring charges. Huber was appointed by Sessions in secret - and worked for months before Sessions let anyone know about it.
Huber has a grand jury empaneled, far outside DC, that's been working for several months. None of that would not be going on if there was not a larger indictment/prosecution process planned.
That's why the body of the report is much more important than the Summary or Conclusion sections - even though everyone else is more focused on them.

The body of the report contains facts - including a bunch of long speculated, now backed by (more) evidence, facts.
Huber and Horowitz have been working together in secret for months - without a filter between them. The whole report, especially the conclusions and summary sections, were edited and approved by RR and the DOJ before the report's release.
But those sections - the summary and conclusions - have no real impact on what Huber can do with the evidence contained in the body.
So, the FBI gets a "clean bill of health" with this report in the eyes of some. Others are outraged. Either way everyone's engaged in the topic.

Meanwhile the cases are being built against the actual people who broke the law in the background rather than entire institutions.
The goal has never been to burn down the FBI or DOJ. Both are needed - not only to have a functioning country, but if you're planning on prosecuting the offenders you need a functioning Department of Justice to bring the ball over the goal line.
Now we are going to get a flurry of Congressional hearings (Horowitz is Monday to start it off), more subpoenas and testimony - drawing attention to the facts found in the body of the report as both partisan sides try to claim victory in the news cycle.
All the while, Horowitz and Huber continue their work, as we prepare for the FISA report to hit later this summer...
I understand the doubt. I understand the panic.

But remember to breathe.

Remember we are in a (dis)information war - and that means the #FudgeRule should be in full effect especially after a report this size, and this important, drops.

/END (?)

• • •

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Two notes about this...
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@RepGoodlatte opening statement = 🔥

Peter Strzok's face while listening to it =
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Idiocy is all they have left.
Nadler is now just outright lying, claiming Trump has "tried to fire Mueller" several times. 😂
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