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To white America, "Family values" only apply to white families.

The bond between white children and white parents is sacrosanct and must be protected at all costs.

The bond between Black and Brown parents and their children is negotiable at BEST.

It has always been this way.
White people have historically separated Black and Brown people from their children with a level of ethical qualm generally reserved for people giving out a litter of kittens.
The side effect of denying the humanity of nonwhite people is that no regard whatsoever has ever been given to the sanctity or importance of those family bonds.

Ripping a wailing Black or Brown child from its mother's arms has always just been business.

Still is.
The simple fact is that in America, the inherent value of nonwhite families is not considered equal, or even comparable to the value of white families.

"They're not REAL families, so the things that would damage my white family are irrelevant here"
White America sees Black and Brown families as inherently broken and dysfunctional.

If a thing is already broken and dysfunctional, how could anyone be faulted for harming it?

It is already a thing deserving no protection.
White America sees Black and Brown families as disposable.

This fact underpins American policy on:

Indigenous rights
Foreign policy
Criminal Justice
Child services
It is because nonwhite families are seen as disposable that white America can rest unconcerned about the unspeakable trauma its actions and policies inflict upon them

And why it can not even care to know it's happening.
Myths about how Black men don't care about their children and how Black women are unfit parents

How lazy immigrant parents just use their kids as anchors or don't really care what happens to them.

They're all justifications for treating these family bonds as junk.
Only white people have real families.

Happy #FathersDay

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Oct 4, 2018
Kavanaugh is using the same playbook that worked for Trump

Pretend that their validity hangs on proof of one big, difficult to prove thing (Rape, Collusion) rather than on the many smaller, easily provable things (Perjury, corruption, temperament, lack of qualification, etc)
The Big Sin sucks all the air out of the room and distracts everyone from the boatload of Smaller Sins.

So if we can't nail them on the Big Sin, they can be excused of all the others and we can pretend that they only came with one questionable issue.
Any focus on The Smaller Sins is then laughed off as trivial in comparison to the Big Sin and is portrayed as petty.

But here's the catch
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Oct 3, 2018
Great. Now POTUS can literally force the whole country listen to his morning rantings.
I'm endlessly curious about what the criteria are for POTUS to use this emergency system.

Also what consequences there are for misuse.
I know it says it's for use by FEMA, but it's literally called "Presidential" which doesn't give me warm fuzzies about the exclusivity of use.
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Sep 30, 2018
Note how people who are trying to mislead you use the same formula

1) State an opponent's reasonable stance "believe women"

2) Add a poison pill to make it unreasonable "without due process"

3) Finish with a conclusion that seems to follow but doesn't "we get lynchings"
Here Candace adds another layer for flavor. Equivocation.

"Due process" IS what is required for the State to deprive one of life, liberty or possessions.

It's NOT a requirement for giving victims the benefit of the doubt.
What Candace wants you to do is convince you that the following is true:

Giving victims the benefit of the doubt = circumventing the court system = authorizing death or imprisonment via vigilante justice.

There's huge gaps at every step.
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Sep 29, 2018
This is the peakiest of peak white savior lady.

Isn't it weird how people don't respond well to random foreigners trying to take their kids to a hotel and then stalking them and accusing them of kidnapping when they refuse?
She decides (as many Americans do) that if a person doesn't speak English, then speaking English with what she thinks is their native accent will make them understand
She also operates under the assumption that if people are living in conditions she personally believes are sub-standard, the she has a right to remove their children from their custody and to consider them hostile for refusing to let her do so.
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Sep 27, 2018
So far it seems that Kavanaugh has some women friends and a suspicious cold.

Staffing your office with only female law clerks isn't quite the dodge against being a sexual abuser that you think it is.

I have to imagine it really does suck to explain to your daughters why people are mad about what daddy did to those nice ladies.

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Sep 24, 2018
I think you misunderstand.

It's not a "rebranding"

Rape and sexual assault are particularly egregious FORMS of consent violations.

Consent violation is a category of action of which those are subsets
It's much in the same way that I am not rebranding poodles by calling them dogs.
Rape is a form of sexual assault.
Sexual assault is a form of consent violation.
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