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Please stop saying “this is not who we are.”

America ripped African babies from their enslaved parents, ripped Native Americans babies from their murdered ancestors, & threw Japanese American babies into Concentration Camps.

Denying history is the best way to ensure it repeats.
Please start saying, "This is not how we should be"—then prove it:
•Support candidates who support human equality
•Fund orgs working to uphold justice
•SPEAK UP when you see injustice

We change tomorrow by owning yesterday & changing ourselves today.
History Repeats:
•WW2—1.2M White Germans excused, while under the same criteria Japanese sent to Concentration Camps
•Today—100K Undoc Canadians excused, while under the same criteria Undoc Latinos sent to Concentration Camps

This isn't about the Law—It's about White Supremacy

• • •

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Sep 20, 2018
I write this thread on the current debate on how to stop sexual abuse of women. Men must own & stop this epidemic.

And as a Muslim I believe Islam offers a comprehensive teaching that—if men follow—can end that sexual abuse. (We also discuss in our next @ReSightIslam episode)
Quick FYI. I hope men read this thread. Women already know this stuff.

And yes, I understand the reality that some men suffer rape from women. I’m not dismissing that. Right now I’m focusing on the epidemic of sexual abuse committed by men against women & girls.

One more FYI—I’m talking about what Islam teaches—not what ignorant theocracies like Iran or KSA "teach." If you’ve listened to my podcast or read my books, you know I’ve lambasted such nations for oppressing women. Okay, let's get started. Guys, pay attention.

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Sep 17, 2018
I have to share this short story:

Last night I'd just gotten home from an exhausting 4 day biz trip. I'd barely slept. And b/c I'm training for a half marathon, I was exhausted from an intense set of workouts.

I opened my bag to take out my laptop—but it was gone. GONE.😳

Y'all have heard me use the phrase #JihadOfThePen.

My laptop is my weapon of choice to combat ignorance, extremism, bigotry, & write my par excellence dad jokes.

And now, it was gone. Poof. Vanished. At first I thought—maybe it's just in my car, so I checked...but...

No luck. The laptop wasn't in my car.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'd taken out my laptop mid-flight to work on a paper on the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Indonesia—and the flight attended asked me to stow it away for takeoff.

I had that sinking feeling

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Sep 8, 2018
Right now, over 40,000 Muslims from ~100 nations are holding a massive 3-day Islamic peace conference in Germany
•It’s open to ALL people
•I’m willing to bet this tweet is the first you heard
•Share w/ppl who think us Muslims don’t exemplify our faith with love
So #JalsaGermany just concluded with 41,000+ Muslims from 90+ nations. Here are some gems media largely missed, that I feel compelled to share with you.

1. The Khalifa called out the anti-Muslim & anti-Islam animus behind Europe’s immigration concerns.
The Khalifa condemned those Muslims who engage in any form of abuse of women, verbal, sexual abuse, or domestic violence

He leaves no excuse for such reprehensible behavior & reminded everyone that Islam has mandated exceptionally strong punishments for rapists
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Aug 19, 2018
In a now deleted post @MrJoelGreenberg—elected tax collector for Seminole Co, Florida—posted antiMuslim links & taunts Muslims to answer

“Name just one society in the developed world that has benefitted in ANY WAY from more Muslims”

Take notes Joel—class is in session

Muslims invented Coffee. Let's be honest, this is likely the most important contribution by any people to humanity. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts—how many jobs exist due to coffee?…

To any fair person, the thread could stop here—but we just getting started

1200 years before US Constitution—Muslims introduced secular governance & religion/state separation via the Charter of Medina.

It protected:
•Equality for all people
•Condemned anti-Semitism
•Universal religious freedom
See @ReSightIslam Episode 2…
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Aug 10, 2018
•Do y'all understand these are American bombs, American planes, & American military support that just bombed a school bus carrying children?
•Do you understand if Daesh did this it would be rightly called terrorism?

This is horrific & unjust. It is terrorism. It must stop.
Humanitarian groups report that the American backed airstrikes killed 50 children, many under the age of 15, and injured 77 more.

50 children massacred by U.S. Tax dollars. FIFTY CHILDREN.

Please tell me how this is NOT terrorism?

Where is the accountability?

God have mercy.
Think about this

In Yemen:
•UNICEF reports at least 1.5 Million kids are malnourished, 370K severely
•USA backed bombing just executed 50 school kids
•Meanwhile—USA is banning Yemeni refugees from escaping this horror

This depraved US policy is cruelty beyond comprehension
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Aug 7, 2018
Today I returned home after a week in London. Customs & Border Protection "randomly selected" me even after I passed passport check

They threatened me w/intimidation tactis & claims I was breaking the law. It was all garbage & among the worst experiences I've ever had

Thread /1
Dulles was super busy. I clear passport control & head for the exit.

CPB: Hi sir can I check your passport?
Me: Fine [hands over my passport]

CPB: Where'd you travel?
Me: UK

CPB: Sir you've been randomly selected. Follow me
Me: 😑 [I follow her. I'm the *only* one selected]
She asks me the same questions I was just asked:

CPB: Have you handled livestock?
Me: No

CPB: Are you smuggling fruits or vegetables
Me: No

CPB: Place your luggage on the X-Ray belt & pick them up on the other side

Me: [Complies as instructed & walks to other side]
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