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trying again threaded!
1/ Thoughts on the Swiss Re #Food4Thought18 conference led by BMJ it appears the epidemiologists, traditional guidelines supporters and LCHF community all appear to agree that there is no longer any justification to single out Saturated Fat as a bad fat
2/ With new pressure to begin reducing sugar from processed foods Food &Beverage industry needs to be very careful in product reformulation .
3/ There are no RCT's to support wholesale replacement of sugar with artificial sugars or Omega 6 seed oils in the human diet. ( as there were not to support the original switch from traditional animal fats in the first place)
4/ Processed food must comprise something. The scientific community needs to focus on what else must be done to confirm the removal of "saturated fat " from the front of food labelling traffic lights so that industry can formulate tasty satiating natural oil products
5/Without this we may be in danger of making the problem worse with yet more additives and seed oils as consumers turn away from sugary / starch refined products .
6/ A balanced Om 3 to Om6 ratio also appears to have general acceptance so we do not want new products that increase Om 6 concentration further .
7/ RCT's indicates that carbohydrates create a dose dependent insulin / blood sugar response in diabetics.
(I used this one to choose my 11% carbs diet)

8/ ACCORD in 2008 confirmed pharmacological interventions for T2 are not effective in the long term in reducing all cause mortality. The intervention to aggressively control blood sugars was stopped due to increasing mortality in the intervention group .
9/ it appears to be common ground that all diabetics ( esp T2 ) will benefit from reduced consumption of sugar and starches. how about a new paradigm for treating T2 diabetes ? It is primarily a food related illness with following steps to resolve
10/ All patients to be told that T2 diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate intolerance ( all common ground and medical wisdom for 100 years). All Patients to be given HOPE that if they succeed at their chosen dietary strategy then they may achieve REVERSAL THROUGH NUTRITION
11/ 1ST reduce sugar & starches THEN depending on pref/obesity levels adopt (VLC) Very low calorie ( short term) , ketogenic diet, low carbohydrate, calorie restricted diet and/ or Intermittment fasting. Diet described as "well formulated xx diet " if nutritionally complete.
12/ Goal to effectively reduce pancreatic and liver fat as demonstrated by falling Hba1C.
New patients advised to switch to a 2nd diet type if no progress before medication is issued. Only on failure to reduce hba1c significantly at say 6 months add medication.
13/ hba1c under 6.0% to be classed as e.g. " Reversal through nutrition" with continued access to check ups to ensure dietary compliance and confirm absence of progressive illnesses
14/ above protocol or similar could commence reversing diabetes through nutrition now. New patients retain right to choose which Diet but they are firmly informed that best treatment is through nutrition not medication and that is why medication is being deferred.
15/ I was diagnosed as "severe" diabetic, Hba1c 10.3% I halved my blood glucose within one week No durgs & achieved Reversal through Nutrition in 6 months and have remained in that state ever since (current hba1C 5.3%). In my case by following a well formulated ketogenic diet
16 / as far as I am aware even if not publicised the possibility of using restricted carbohydrate dietary patterns exists in most guidelines worldwide
17/ Even if not included Dietary guidelines are usually intended to describe healthy individuals not the treatment of those with a disease.
18/ what is HOPE? Hope is no matter how dreadful you feel today ( and trust me at 10.3% hba1C I did feel dreadful ) you will feel normal ,maybe even experiencing health you didn't know could exist.
19 / HOPE is playing with your kids/ grandkids, riding your bike , sightseeing, enjoying life in a thousand ways and for millions of T2 diabetics can be achieved with T2 Reversal through Nutrition.
20/ Because I found out on the day I was diagnosed that #T2ReversalThroughNutrition could be possible I did not spend even one single day in despair . Other patients deserve to clearlt know that too.
21 /when GP's reach for the pills as a first response to diagnosis they do their patients a disservice because you cannot accompany life long medication for an incurable illness with HOPE.
22/ instead of reaching for that prescription pad direct your patients to @Diabetescouk and @DietDoctor1 And help them find out how to achieve #T2ReversalThroughNutrition
23/ it doesn't matter if your patient is vegan, vegetarian, omnivore or carnivore, those websites can start your patient's journey in recovering their own optimal health through #T2ReveralThroughNutrition
24/ In 1912 we knew feed grain & skimmed milk fattened hogs .
in 1915 Joselyn institute recommended #lchf diet for diabetes
In 1917 diabetes #lchf cook books…
In 1951 diet for obesity is #LCHF

WTF has "SCIENCE" been doing for 40 yrs?
25/Ruminants eat saturated fat that they converted from grass in a complex production process, thus grass has zero effect on their blood sugars or insulin. Humans make sat fat whenever they get an opportunity to store excess food.
Humans eat ruminants. Remove sat fat warnings.
26/ Humans eat instant ramen noodles dried in seed oils .. WHY ????…
27/ Perhaps beause we have been following a religiously inspired plant based agenda for years…
28/ Perhaps because there has been far too much influence from a limited number of scientists?
29/ Perhaps because those scientists have allowed themselves to become too involved in the Food & Beverage Industries? Who funds THI ? Barilla & Oldways
What is Oldways - the food industry. What changed ? Sat Fat to Seed Oil.

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